Atupele says now is time to rebuild UDF, welcomes Stambuli, Mwawa: 2019 roadmap to be made clear

United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi has outlined his political  vision for ‘rebuilding UDF’, emphasising a focus on making the political movement strong again ahead of 2019 Tripartite elections.

Atupele Muluzi welcomes Stambuli back in UDF party
UDF still pulling crowds, this was Ndirande on Sunday

Muluzi, who is Minister of Health and Population in President Peter Mutharika’s Cabinet,  said the party is engaging the members and strengthen before making its stand for 2019 polls.

He could not clearly explain if UDF will have an electoral pact with ruling DPP  which it has a working relationship or if he is going to be the party torchbearer.

“Strenthening UDF is at the centre of our thinking,” said Muluzi as he addressed a mammoth crowd at Nyambadwe Primary  School ground in Blantyre.

Muluzi welcomed back in the UDF  former Cabinet ministers Dr Yusuf Mwansa and Clement  Stambuli who have both dumped People’s Party of former president Joyce Banda.

He said they want to make UDF strong again.

UDF and DPP became bedfellows soon after the 2014 Tripartite Elections when President Peter Mutharika drafted into his first Cabinet the UDF leader, Atupele Muluzi.

As a way of solidifying their working relationship, Muluzi’s party further moved from the opposition to government benches in the 193-member National Assembly.

Only Balaka North legislator Lucius Banda, then UDF leader in Parliament, defied the party’s decision.

But since then, the leaders of the two parties have remained indecisive on whether they will attempt the forthcoming polls individually or as a bloc.

Muluzi said his party will call for national convention to map the roadmap to 2019 polls, saying working with DPP does not mean the UDF is mortigated.

“I only accepted a request by President Peter Mutharika to assist in running the country,” said Muluzi, saying there should be drawing a line with partisan  politics and running of government business.

“You can lose an  election but focus on nation building and making sure people come together. We want civilized politics,” he told crowds.

He stressed that growing UDF membership base must be the party’s “sole priority” ahead of the convention.

“We are hitting the ground running to strengthen the party. And if we can do that we can focus on our  election priorities and for those millions of people that need a UDF government,” he said.

Muluzi, whose father Bakili Muluzi ruled the country between 1994 and 2004 as the first post-independence multi-party Head of State, said UDF was strong and he could not sell it at any cost.

He said: “We have been working with the party members at grassroots since January this year, I have been telling them that we are still together and strong. Working with the DPP does not mean we sold the party. I only accepted a request by President Peter Mutharika to assist in running the country.”

UDF regional governor for South, Macdonald Symon told the rally that Muluzi will be ready to contest 2019 elections with experience of government operations courtesy of President Mutharika’s continue entrusting him with different ministerial positions that has broaden his knowledge in the Executivr.

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4 years ago

I can see as if they are just “Kicks of a Dying Horse” probably.

Imraan Sadick
4 years ago

Atupele Woyeeeeeeeeeee moto kuti buuuuuuuuuuuuu
Zinthu zitani???? Zisinthaaaaaaaaaaa lyolyolyolyo

4 years ago

Mr Mia everybody wants to know how much support you have in the city of BT.Its high time you held a rally in Ndirande or Nyambadwe to prove to the doubting Thomases that you are indeed the Southern region political heavy weight.Hold that political rally NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mbola politics
Mbola politics
4 years ago

The last paragraph puzzles me. Muthalika appoints Atupele in cabinet posts to get exprience so that Muluzi can compete against him. Does this make sense?

4 years ago

By 2018, DPP will have finished like NDA and Republican Party.

4 years ago

You are joking udf your time was gone to lead the country stay there to dpp. That shows you have run out of ideas if you are still in dpp it means you are part and parcel of cash gates sorry mwanaaaa.

4 years ago

All the three are political prostitutes….. Cant trust them

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