Blantyre International University students get High Court injunction against NCHE

Blantyre International University (BIU) Students Union has  obtained a High Court injunction that is restraining  the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and BIU from interfering with programmes the university is offering until the courts make a further order, Nyasa Times has learned.

 BIU students to continue learning all suspended programmes

BIU students went to seek court relief after NCHE announced its decision not to accredit the university, citing an unsatisfactory teaching and learning environment.

NCHE said the institution’s programmes required reviewing to ensure comparability with similar programmes nationally and internationally.

But BIU students engaged ptivate-practise lawyer Yasin Domasi has since to seek a court injunction.

The terms of the injunction granted on  December 28 2016 obtained from the High Court in Blantyre say: “The BIU should continue teaching all the suspended programmes.”

The High Court has also ordered NCHE not to interfere with the process by deregistering, publishing or announcing that the programmes are not accredited until a further notice of the court.

The three parties are to appear in court for hearing on January 9 2017, sccording to the injunction.

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Malawian private colleges receive everyone who has a fat wallet even if their brain is not well folded. People with 9 points in English and Mathematics are enrolled and then graduate and compete for job places with cream dela cream from UNIMA. And because their corrupt fathers are at the helms of many big organisations they are employed and contribute nothing

Concerned Citizen

He who brought the idea of obtaining an injunction against NCHE might be a very useless person who does not love this country. How could someone be fighting for a half baked education? Our friends in other countries such as Tanzania selection into university whether publiv or private is done by a government agency to ensure quality. My God where is Malawi going? Naonso ma injunction kumangoflasha paliponse. Former Germany ambassador was right to say Malawi is the most litigous country in Africa. Shame ….

Advisory Committee

I think the HCHE can easily challenge this injunction. Please engage a lawyer to challenge this useless senseless and baseless injunction. I agree that the students should ask the BIU management to work out on the recommendation of NCHE rather that go to court for an inunction

If you persist and go on to learn substandard materials who will employ you?may be only your uncles and aunts in your villages

if NCHE is going to accredit university of Malawi, Chancellor College, then I will know that NCHE is only targeting private institutions. The learning and teaching environment at Chancellor College is worse than those of some colleges NCHE has refused to accredit. Students learn while standing even standing outside. Some Lecturers miss their classes to go and teach at the colleges you have refused to accredit. Infact it is lecturers from POLY and CHANCO who teach at BIU. Some of them have even contributed to the develpment of programmes at BIU. If there were any short falls NCHE could have… Read more »

I can only recognise Journalism as the best course that BIU offers but not courses like Law.I have personal respect for journalists who went through BIU.Its even recognized by UN


Shaaah wht a dull bunch of so called university students! Kkkkk. One message to u is; no one will employ u as graduates. U are wasting ur money and time.

Concerned Citizen

Ada Manda if it is true that there are foreign students at BIU then this incident is shameful to our country and educational system.

Malawians cannot leave BIU alone because this is a national interest issue to make sure that universities both public and private produces quality graduates who are key for development.


Hey BIU students!!! You should have taken BIU to task to work on the recommendations rather than fighting NCHE through the courts! With your backing, the University is likely to sit back; wont work on the shortfalls as pointed out by NCHE.


poor students what benefit will you have if you get unaccredited degree in your own country let alone outside. no wonder you don’t match with your friends from public universities. you are very sick, your parents must concerned with your mental capacity, shame on you students why do you defend your management instead of putting pressure on them?

Concerned Citizen
I have read the comments for Chikopa and you have been so emotional in your comments but you are forgetting one thing that is “which employer will employ you with the half baked qualification that has survived through injunction for you to graduate? Are you going to get an injunction against employers or prospective employers? Let me tell you law graduates from BIU are now enrolling for a Diploma in law at chanco instead of going for a masters. What is that? And someone in the name of NCHE is coming in to help you get better education and you… Read more »

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