Bullets, Wanderers query FAM on Kamuzu Stadium

Two Blantyre based Super League giants Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers have joined hands in disagreeing with Football Association of Malawi’s decision to close Kamuzu Stadium and have asked government to intervene.

Mighty Wanderers secretray Mike Butao : We will play at Kamuzu Stadium

On Wednesday, FAM announced the closure of  the only reliable stadium in Blantyre  citing   not in good condition to host matches.

Out of the 14 stadia  which FAM and Super League of Malawi visited they only certified 12 stadia.

The 12 venues that were certified fit are  Mzuzu Stadium, Chitowe Stadium, Nankhaka Stadium, Silver Stadium, Civo Stadium, Dedza Stadium, Bingu National Stadium, Balaka Stadium, Zomba Stadium, Chilomoni stadium, Mulanje Stadium and Kalulu Stadium.

However, this decision has not gone well with Bullets and Wanderers, who have questioned FAM’s criteria is certifying some of the stadiums leaving out Kamuzu Stadium, which they feel is it better off.

Be Forward Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao told Nyasa Times that  they are  working together with Bullets on this issue.

“We are consulting with our supporters and at the same time we are  working together with bullets on this because the only stadium in Blantyre/southern region can not be closed when there is no alternative,” said Butao.

He said  if it is a case of replacing the artificial  turf at the stadium  that can be done after the first round and before the second round.

“We cannot play only away games in the 2017 season. That already puts Lilongwe teams  at a big advantage. This decision fixes the results in Lilongwe teams favour and puts a huge financial burden on Blantyre teams both in terms of match day revenues lost and extra travel and accommodation costs. Those were not in our budgets,” he said.

-Butao also laughed off sentiments by a certain section of people that its high time Bullets and Wanderers own stadium saying the stadia in Lilongwe were built by government.

“ Lilongwe has four  stadia  and none of these were built by a football club. They were built by the government,” said Butao.

Nyasa Big Bullets general secretary  Albert Chigoga  said it was surprising that  some of the stada that FAM says they are fit leaves a lot to be desired.

“ Kamuzu stadium is  far better condition than the other pitches that have been passed fit like Zomba, Balaka, Dedza and MDC. Our players suffer a lot of injuries on such pitches,” he said.

He added: “So we believe this is meant to kill Blantyre teams and we are  working together with Wanderers  to map the way forward,” he said.

Blantyre has Kamuzu Stadium as the only reliable pitch, while the rest BAT ground, Escom ground are in dilapidated state.

Lilongwe has Bingu National Stadium, Silver Stadium, Civo Stadium and  Nankhaka Stadium.

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7 thoughts on “Bullets, Wanderers query FAM on Kamuzu Stadium”

  1. Petro nyamula says:

    Let’s build up our ideas first together iyi sinkhani yonyodzana koma kumvetsetsana chabe , nkhani ya a farm ndiyomveka bwino that ground is ours as Malawians and endeed need a heavy maintenance koma yabwera nthawi yolakwika choncho mkofunika a farm kuwapempha kuti asintha ganizoli potengera ndimomwe masewera ampira alili panopa komanso adzikumbuka kukonza zinthu ngati izi nthawi ya closed season kuti zisamabweretse mpungwepungwe kumtundu wa amalawi. Bullets ndi wonderas ndi matimu akulu akulu omwe kuyambira kale timawaika pamwamba osati kumwera kokha koma dziko lonse lamalawi choncho osaganidza bwino nkhaniyi itha kubwedzeretsa masewera ampira pansi kumalawi kuno not only kumwera kokha so we are begging farm to change their decision during this period thanks

  2. FAM is 100% correct and right to close Kamuzu Stadium because the artificial turf has outlived its life span apart from that other stands are also a death trap. It is well understood and appreciated that in its present state Kamuzu Stadium has more capacity to accommodate more fans on match days than any other stadiums in the southern region however it is not good and wise enough to take risks to host matches at Kamuzu Stadium in its current state. The artificial turf has outlived its life span thereby posing a risk to players. Some open stands are a death trap and toilets in the open stands are not usable. They were blocked many years ago. It is difficult to understand the reasoning by Albert Chigoga and Mike Butao insisting that Nomads and Bullets should continue using the stadium. whose interest are the two fighting for? It is the players and fans that will be affected. In fact this is not the first time that Kamuzu Stadium has been declared not fit to host matches. It is believed that for FAM to come up with this decision the consulted structural engineers who did proper assessment and we do not expect Honorable Henry Mussa to overturn this just because he wants to be popular among football fraternity and please other pundits. It is well understood and appreciated that Kamuzu Stadium takes more people than any other stadiums in the southern region on any match day involving Bullets and Wanderers but that should not be reason enough to continue using it at the expense of safety for players and fans. It is also a known fact that the decision to close Kamuzu Stadium will have a negative impact on revenue to Bullets and Wanderers if their games will be shifted to other smaller stadia like Sure Stream, Nchalo, Mulanje, Zomba and Balaka whose capacity is relative small. The best decision for both Wanderers and Bullets is to lobby FAM and Sports Council to replace the artificial turf and do other maintenance works on the toilets and security fence around the pitch during the first round of Super League and have their first round game (Nomads vs Bullets) played in Lilongwe while other games with other can be played at any other stadiums in the southern region…………..this is a win win situation. After all the closure of Kamuzu Stadium will affect all other Super League teams in southern region who use Kamuzu Stadium as their home ground. It’s not about popularity and revenue only. Albert and Mike, Bullets and Nomads are not your personal estates and don’t mislead supporters into something that is beyond their comprehension.

  3. Waganyu says:

    Food for thought have your own grounds govt can’t accept putting lives at risk that stadia has passed its life span basi, palibe zoikana Moyo pa chiswe

  4. KHATHO says:

    Mbuzi ndi abankha ndinuyo a noma ndi bullets

    mulibe manyazi zaka zones mwakhala pa Malawi pano opanda ground

    osatinyasa ife , FAM siyolakwa, government siyolakwa, kuba basi ndikumene mumaziwa inu

    do a soul searching first before you throw a blame to innocent souls like FAM

    Who are you to challenge expert advise, are you engineers?

  5. daniel phiri wa mutharika says:

    why did they put the artificial turf in the first place knowing they can’t maintain it?

  6. he he he says:

    wise up guys!! That stadium is a ticking bomb you will kill people. How do you mean it is better off, are you structural engineers?

  7. Ngondo says:

    Adziwa liti kuti bwaloli silibwino?

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