Bushiri risks deportation to Malawi: Minister says prophet in South Africa illegally

South Africa-based  Malawian self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd ‘Major 1’ Bushiri and his wife, Mary, risk being reported  as the Rainbow nation’s Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi has  said they are in the country illegally.

Bushiri: May be send back home in Malawi

The  Enlightened Christian Gathering  (ECG) Church  leader and wife  currently face  charges which include fraud, money laundering and theft, they are also accused of contravening certain provisions of the Immigration Act.

Home Affairs Minister, Motsoaledi  to SABC  that  Bushiri and his wife are in South Africa illegally .

The Malawian born preacher established the ECG  church in South Africa’s administrative capital Pretoria and has seen the church’s branches mushroom across the country thanks to his antics and ‘miracles’.

Home affairs officials who served notices to the pair during their time of application for residence permit have been suspended by the department pending an investigation.

According to Home Affairs Minister Motsoaledi, the couple arrived in South Africa using the visitor’s Visas in 2009.

Whilst on visitors’ visas, the couple started registering companies and conducting business, something that is not allowed according to the law.

Bushiri could be charged for conducting business whilst on visitors’ Visa.

The Minister went on to reveal Bushiri misrepresented in his application or permanent residence when he revealed he arrived in the country in 2015 when in actual fact he arrived six years earlier in 2009.

With regards to Mary Bushiri, she entered the country with her husband in 2009, and later re-entered in 2012.

The self-proclaimed Prophetess produced a 1997 issued permanent residency visa, long before she even entered the country.

The department has since issued the couple with a notice to explain their immigration discrepancies.

The church leader and his wife will return in court dock on Friday to continue with their bail application.

On Monday,  hundreds of followers protested and prayed “in tongues” outside the court  when the Bushiri’s appeared.

Critics argue that Bushiri’s followers are  misinterpreting the Bible scripture by comparing to the arrest of Jesus, Peter, Paul to Bushiri’s arrest when Jesus, Peter and Paul was arrested for preaching the gospel while ECG Church leader is arrested for fraud and money laundering.

Bushiri and his wife were also arrested in February 2019 and face separate charges of fraud, money laundering and contravening the Prevention of Organised Crime Act for offences they allegedly committed from 2015. The initial case relates to exchange control regulations allegedly about foreign currency amounting to R19 million.

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25 days ago

In the whole bible we have major and minor prophets according to what they performed and no one can come up and proclaim himself that he is Major Prophet Bushiri no no no thats blaspheming against God. Nde ndi zimenezo zikuchitikazi. Nkomwekomwe munthu odalira pa Mulungu sakhala ndi ma bobyguard amadalira pa Mulungu basi

Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

Anthu awa ndi atambwali naturally and I wonder why Malawians and other nationalities are busy with them. In Africa, this now seems to be a business and we saw one false prophet shaving women’s pubic hair. Why are our women so weak that the accept such things to be done on their bodies. The new prophets are not helping us unlike the traditional churches which used to come with schools, hospitals and the church itself. We benefitted from the Catholic Church, Scottish Churches, Anglican Churches and Seventh Day. Recently we saw ABC coming with a college and a hospital. What… Read more »

Ambuje Kukaya
Ambuje Kukaya
27 days ago

My fellow countrymen and women, I suggest we stand with our fellow Malawian. Let us wait until the courts decide otherwise we are judging the man of God and his wife before the case is concluded. If the South African Government was trustworthy they should have registering companies and accept donations from an illegal immigrant with all the evidence around them.

27 days ago

Things Falling Apart

Leader of Opposition
Leader of Opposition
27 days ago

Panopa madzi ali nkhosi mulandu wa fraud and money laundering akutha kuziona yekha ali lu ndende zaka zambirimbiri. Potuluka kumeneko alibe chilichonse atatuwa then deportation. Akulakalaka mulandu wa deportation ukanampeza izi zisanaphulike

27 days ago

South Africa government failed to give proper evidence for money laundering case now home affairs kkkkkk they don’t want him in the country mulandu mpakaka 5years zilibe umboni

Emmanuel means God is With Us.

The false prophet found fertile land in South Africa. South Africans are too superstitious and Bushiri is preying on the financially. Let him come back to Malawi.

Gwede Mantashe
Gwede Mantashe
27 days ago

Zoona munthu kumakhulupilila ma agent aziwanda,kumatsutsa za aneneli enieni.
Bushiri ndimzake TV Joshua ndi ena amadziti ndi aneneliwo,amangokubelani.

28 days ago

Papa finally getting his just deserts ….

28 days ago

South Africans do not want Africans to prosper in their country. South African government is trying hard to find reasons for frustrating Prophet Bushiri and possibly expel him from the country. In Malawi and other African countries South Africans are freely making money without any harassment from the state. They are even grabbing land. If African countries retaliate, South African would feel the pitch. This is also a reflection of xenophobia originating from the racial discrimination incarcerated into our brothers by the whites. SA government cannot do to a white foreigner living in South Africa what is being subjected to… Read more »

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