Bushiri tells US based online news site: ‘African problems need African solutions’

African development challenges can best be solved by African solution, youthful billionaire  South Africa-based Malawian prophet  Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has told a US based online paper, panafricanvisions.com.

Bushiri: What I envision, of course, is an Africa with African solutions

The exclusive interview comes barely a week after Nigeria’s oldest private and independent newspaper, The Tribune, also granted the Prophet space in its publications.

In the interview with panafricanvisions.com, the Prophet—who is the president of the multi-billion worth Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI)—said Africa is a great continent with great potential. He added that opportunities are many and I think they will always be there.

“What I envision, of course, is an Africa with African solutions—be it politics, economics and social life. We need to sit down as a continent and build reasoned, African based solutions to our problems,” he said.

The Prophet, who is popularly known as Major One, challenged young entrepreneurs in Africa not to be afraid of beginning small.

“After I began my ministry in Malawi, I realised that for a ministry to go far, I needed more money. Besides that, I am a father, a husband and a family man. I needed money to take care of my family.

“Using my small savings from personal endeavours, family assistance and well-wishers I ventured into farming. I was growing and selling maize on a family land—by the way, maize is Malawi’s staple food. I started saving and investing every fortune I got from my maize sales. With days, my investments began to grow. These profits afforded me the opportunity to be where I am today. The key word is ‘saving’ and ‘investing wisely,” he said.

He reiterated that Men of God should lead in helping their congregants to understand that wealth creation is biblical and Christians should not be afraid or get dissuaded from engaging in business and investments venture.

“My congregants are heavily encouraged with my success in business. They see me as a source of hope and also the definition of succeeding in doing business even when you are a Christian.

“With the motto ‘At ECG, We Don’t Attract Billionaires, We Produce Billionaires’, I aim to transfer knowledge and skills of doing business in my congregants through the Monday Evening Service called the Diplomatic Service. During this weekly service, I train my congregant on how to begin, grow and manage a business using Godly ways.

“I am telling you we are making unprecedented progress!” he said.

He further said that wealth comes from God because it’s a blessing, a gift that we are all born with.

“What matters is to listen to God for He is the one who has the keys to unlock it for us. The key thing is PRAYER and hard work.

“I have never been involved in exploiting my church members. What they contribute to ECG is for the growth of the ministry—not my personal life. This is the reason I started venturing in business so that I do not meet my needs using money from church,” he said.

  • Read the full interview below on the link below.



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Ayonzo Mtsitsa

Ali ndi makutu abwinobwino amve,Ali ndi maso,wawerenga!

Let him tell us step by step how he became a multi_ billionaire from between 2010_2017. Many people ventured into farming of all sorts but have not grown that rich. Let him invest his full knowledge in fellow malawians so that many can also be rich at that supersonic speed like him. Oftentimes he has championed miracle money and handouts away from the perennial principle of teach a man to fish to support himself for the rest of his life. There is no smallest business to show in Malawi as his beginning prior to migrating to South Africa He has… Read more »

Bushiri , Continue motivating the youth. You are such a great man. These old so cold politians are just exploiting us. Always stealing from poor Malawians. Wish you more progress in life until these haters hate to death kkkkk

Patricia Makhuza

He is a God given genius from Malawi. Bravo Major 1


Major one u are right


Very encouraging. “Mwala wa pa ngodya”. I love and watch this Prophet every sunday on prophetic channel. Miracle worker !!!!!

Kingsley Kanyama

Thank you my fellow Malawians. And I love Papa Bushiri aka Major 1

sayimoni bayisikolo
52 years of eating the queens crumbs under the table. Its time we thought outside the box.This cheap politics of Malawi will never change anything.You will be only seeing the same people with big bellies and fat necks changing party after party to fatten themselves.What Bushiri is saying is right.Its time we changed the mindset of begging and change our continent mainly our impoverished country Malawi through hardworking.Ndale zachimalawi will never change this country. Tizingokhalira kumva lowlives like the jeffries spewing hatred among the malawians dzikoli kumangotitimira.This country belongs to all Malawians not to some few greedy people with their… Read more »
Game kuyiwonera Patali
Game kuyiwonera Patali

Dpp will never let you know that formula so that you become poor forever and you become submissive to them like donkeys.This is not politics but are just there to exploit the docile downtrodden people of Malawi. Stop crapping hands for some useless people like the jeff wa jeffry.These are thieves.Wake up my fellow Malawian.nthawi yodyerana masuku pamutu inapita.
Tsatani mawu a munthu wamkuluyu and Malawi will change.No country was created to poor forever but its the system that deliberatelty works to benefit the few greedy people.Chonde penyani amalawi anzanga!!!!!!!!!

Future entrepreneur

Words of Wisdom.Ulimi ndi deal than labouring in some jobs getting peanuts at the end of month.Kufera kuvala tie ukutenthedwa ndichijekete ngati zenizeni.

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