Call for Malawi federalism should not be dismissed -MCP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is encouraging the debate on issues of national importance such as federalism.

PAC 's Phiri: Debate of federalism resumes in April

PAC ‘s Phiri: Debate of federalism resumes in April

MCP through its president Lazarus Chakwera told reporters in Lilongwe on Thursday, that some sections of the society calls for the adoption of a system that would guarantee development as a right for all Malawians, not a reward for those who belong to the party in power.

Chakwera said the calls for the adoption of a federal system of government may not be the solution but said such calls should not be dismissed lightly, “for they are a symptom of a disease namely the politicization of development and resources.”

He said citizens should be left to debate federalism issue freely.

“Both the strength and survival of our democracy depend on our ability to debate such matters with civility and openness,” said Chakwera.

He asked the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to release a report of the consultations and debate it facilitated on the topic.

“We acknowledge the steps taken by Public Affairs Committee in initiating interaction, understanding and analysis of the matter. We also acknowledge that the President has said that Malawians should debate the issue.

“There is however an urgent need for a timeline or the structure that that debate should take. We expect that this issue will be addressed urgently, fully and with the objectivity and sensitivity it deserves,” said Chakwera.

According to PAC executive director Robert Phiri said the federalism debate would resume in April.

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Malawians!Let’s stop personal attacks and look objectively at issues of national interest.Malawi needs sensible and patriotic politicians who can take Malawi forward and not backward as have done the successors after Kamuzu.Malawi is currently in reverse gear.Don’t you see it people?Who will prosecute the 1.7, 92, 20 billion and the Cash/BEAM/Mulhakho gate cases when the current government is yet a beneficiary of this nusieating evil?Let’s push for justice.One day is one day.The truth shall prevail.

lazarus chinkhota

When Dr Chakwera raises a certain issue dont blame him because he represents people and iweyo gambatula dont talk rubbish about Chakwera He is our next president. AMENEYU KAYA WINA AFUNE KAYA ASAFUNE KOMA DR CHAKWERA ADZALAMULA.


We don’t have to go overseas to be schooled on federalism.Simply go to South Africa and learn how effective is a federal government as opposed to our unitary one.


a keen listener will see the double sided verbal gymnastics employed by Chakwera. ‘although Fed… Is not a solution, the debate should go on… Why encourage something which you don’t believe in? For whose benefit? What are his interests now? Would he encourage this if he was President?


Who is supposed to be involved in this debate? Who said that the debate stopped? What is the interest of MCP from this debate? Is the unitary system of government the only reason why Malawi is failing to develop?

Yosefe gambatula

Kaya iwekuti Dickson ufune usafune Federalism ikubwera basi ku Malawi.Even if Chakwera never built anything we are still going to support federalism to be introduced in Malawi.The time for partying on donor and taxpayers money by southerners is over.Bingu and Muluzi never used their own money to build those structures.They were employed to be overseers for those done funded projects and pasting their names on those buildings as if they used the money from their own pockets.We need equal sharing over donor funds to have equal projects in all regions.Pamberi na Chakwera!! Pamberi na Federalism.


Amalawi Ngati Dzikoli Mukufuna Litukuke Musiye Ulemu Wanuwo Wopusawo.Dziko Kuti Litukuke Limafuna Nzika Nzochangamuka Osati Zomangowonelera Zinthu Zikuwonongeka,ngati Mukuti Malawi Ndi Wa Ng’ono Mwakanika Bwanji Kuntukula Pa Dzaka 50?Fedoloyo mukambirane Kuba Kwachuluka Ndi Andalewa.


With or without federation, MCP will never rule Malawi.


What is federalism? What is a unitary government? Does federalism mean deviding? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these system of governments? Can federalism really work in Malawi?Can it not work because Malawi is poor? Civic education is required here because most of us seem not to understand all this. The sooner we understand the better.

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