‘Captain G’ Mulli takes over Mulhako wa Alhomwe leadership

Business gulu, Leston Mulli has been appointed as chairperson for the Lhomwe cultural grouping, Mulhako Wa Alhomwe’s board of trustees.

Lomwe power: Mulli and President Mutharika

Leston Mulli: Now chairperson of Mulhakho wa Alhomwe

Mulli was unveiled as chairperson at Balaka LEA School in Balaka district during a meeting the cultural grouping held.

Known as Captain G in the Lomwe circles (Gongonyeka-a Lomwe word meaning ‘somebody who is not docile) he denounced accusations of nepotism, saying such vocabulary does not exist in the lomwe dictionary of co-existence.

“We all know that our president Professor Peter Mutharika advocates for co-existence of all Malawians despite cultural or religious beliefs, who am I to champion the opposite? We should all be united to develop our nation,” said Mulli a business tycoon.

But as Mulli was speaking, a message came that the State President who was going to Blantyre from Lilongwe would pass by.

President Mutharika in a brief speech urged all Malawians in the country to preserve their specific cultures.

“We should have more groupings such as these, (Mulhakho wa Ahlomwe) the Yaos, Senas, Chewas, Tumbuka and all tribes, to strengthen our cultural heritage but these should works towards uniting us not a catalyst of divisions.”

The meeting was attended by President Peter Mutharika, Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa, Senior Chief Sawali and Tradional Authority Msamala from Balaka among others.

Paramount Chief Ngolongoliwa said they opted for Mulli as chairperson to ensure a strong drive towards the activities of the organisation.

Ngolongoliwa called upon all the Lhomwes to support the new National Chairperson.

Mulli has since pledged take Mulhako Wa Alhomwe to greater levels for the good of all Lhomwes in the country.

Also present at the ceremony were some board of trustees members for Mulhako Wa Alhomwe, regional chairpersons for the grouping from all the regions.

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Chief mabuwa

Kaya zanu izo. mulhakho wa Arhomwe sichipani. Ngakhale MCP, UDF, AFORD AND PP Alhomwe tilimo ndipo tonse timasiya za zipani nkuzapanga za Mulhakho.
Arhomwe nophiya.

Amanani Niwakogoya
KUSOWA YAKUPANGANYA ETI? When did Bakaka became one of nguru dominated area…. The area us for Yao whose mascles has been spread to gule wamkulu area including kasungu revisit your history nothing will change. I don’t see any tribe apart from chewa who have more traditional chiefs than THE MIGHTY YAO TRIBE, even the so called nguru – mbwiye area is dominated by Yào. Instead of focusing the ailing economy you are busy wasting our resources, who do you think you are fooling. Are you trying to buy a lip after your corruptly shooting down the electro reform that could… Read more »

Tribalist bastards. you have no love for the country but your own foolish people


He should repay the K5bn MSB debt first before we can call him a business tycoon.


Alhomwe eish eish they have hate and their level of hate is poisonous. The day this country was given to them was our day of curse, the day it shall be taken away will be our day of liberation. I hate muluzi for introducing this shit of tribe into ruling circles

Amanani Niwakogoya

True this the greatest mistake Dr. Muluzi made in choosing this hynas. Any way amati zamkati mwa mtima mwa munthu wina sungadziwe. Komabe zimatiwawa nfi kukhuzidwa mmumtima seeing how people are suffering, talk corruption,nepotism, poor leadershi are issues of the day. Now days respecting the religious leaders was thrown to dogs. Even those who voted these mbwiyes to power are regreting that they made a mustake , just look the issue power which 80% frim both sides depend is nothing happening only boasting that he gonna win elections come 2019. Are taking Malawians for a ride?

Listen and Love

God save Malawi

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