CCAP crisis: Time for United Presbyterian Church

The recent developments within Livingstonia Synod and broadly in Blantyre and Nkhoma Synods of the CCAP may be showing need for a new church, United Presbyterian Church (my proposal)! In the early 90’s there were issues over being born again and then the Presbyterian Church in Malawi was born.

President Prof.Peter Mutharika in a group photo with the leaders of Nkhoma synod at Kamuzu Palace - Pic by Stanley Makuti

President Prof.Peter Mutharika in a group photo with the leaders of Nkhoma synod at Kamuzu Palace – Pic by Stanley Makuti

The boundary feud between Livingstonia and Nkhoma Synods carried its face in the last decade to a point where now NKhoma and Livingstonia Synods are still nursing the effects of “encroaching” into each other’s zones.

Nkhoma Synod has had its issues with some ministers feeling “left out.” Blantyre Synod is fresh in the news over coming elections with some candidates “being sponsored” from State House which also was not happy with a “correct” rebuke by a Prison Chaplain.

Yes these synods have many members who are innocent and possibly angry at the realities both on the ground and the surface.Those who have followed the church events will agree that none of the issues making news now are any new. They started years ago. As they come out now, it may simply be an issue of “enough is enough!”

A few weeks ago on my Facebook page, I joked about CCAP Members saying only if they knew how the name CCAP came about, they would not be silent. Wasn’t it at first meant simply to be Church of Central Africa,…? Please note the comma and the dots. I stand to be corrected.

There are ministers who may be genuine in their ministry yet they are being distracted by their leaders. There also members who genuinely love God and want to see Godly impact in Malawi and beyond yet their church systems and leadership frustrates them. Unfortunately most may have good reasons for staying in the same church “till death do us part” therefore they cry silently.

But these developments may be showing need for a United Presbyterian Church (UPC) where ministers will not have to be from Nkhoma Synod only to speak Chichewa, only from Livingstonia Synod to preach and sing in Chitumbuka and one will not have to claim that their ministry is to the Alomwe because they are from Blantyre Synod.

So it may be that this needs a pioneer and we may soon see many ordained ministers from these Synods come out in the open and join the United Presbyterian Church. I imagine the changes that CCAP in general may have to undergo. Any challenging developments make these churches adjust, often for the good. May be God is saying something to the CCAP members.

Undeniably CCAP regardless of the Synods is a mainline church out of which many new churches were born and are growing. It lost the members as the people migrated to the new ones.

Personally, my spiritual, civilian, professional and Christian life owe a lot to the CCAP. It is a church that is in my prayers and thoughts. It breaks my heart to hear and see what is happening.

What encourages me is that the Body of Christ has never and will never be defeated. These feuds may be there, changes may or may not be made BUT those who fear God will keep carrying God’s glory till Christ comes.

If you are a CCAP member, this is meant to encourage you to know that God is in control and keep praying for your church and the ministers especially. All of them might actually just be doing God’s will!

These are both my low and loud thoughts.

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I fully suport comment #30 by GRM. He is speaking the truth. No single Mbusa can say that I will start my own church just coz he is deceived by anthu (christians). Just bear in mind that those christians are deceiving you. Go and start your own church and see if those poeple will follow you. Bear in mind that you can not FORCE people to follow you. Chi Christu ndi mu mtima


Victor Kaonga, the writer, take note that Blantyre Synod does not belong to the lhlomwes, u can’t find any church under it preaching in lhomwe language.What’s wrong with Mr Kaonga?

The writer needs thumbs up to ignite such a wonderful debate. God guided you. The Church needs to be seen to be source of Love, Peace, and Unity . The Church preaches a lot on these issues but fail to demonstrate the same to its followers. We see greed in the manner church resources are used. We seed no love when appointments are being made often based on bias. We see divisions created among followers to secure leadership positions. These are the least that is expected from an institution like a church. As a CCAP we need a retreat so… Read more »
i dont see the reason why the tensions exist in the name of almighty God.christ has and will never be defeated. Let our pastoralship be done acording to the spirit not flesh. To go deep into the bone of contention we may discover the following contributing factors.jeolousy, Nepotism and selfishnes. Am not a presbeterian but i do salute how mhango uplift the economical and spiritual status of the kanengo congregation. A transfer to mzimba wasnt a right move altho he promised to follow suit. The nkhoma and livingstonia , please lets show love and peace to each other. Lets avoid… Read more »

Where is our mighty CCAP is going?Lets shame the devil tisalole satana to divide us.My fellow church members lets unite & pray to our Lord to bring back UNITY especially to our leaders.Remember united we stand divided we fall.

Straight Talk
O it sounds that u the writer does understand. U dont understand that its a wave of the devil want to divide but the strongest shall remain. Christian churches were/are inspired by God to do will of God but the devil is there attempting its members with money, positions, jelousy etc to breakaway the congregants. What we need is not the united presybterian church thing. If u can scrutinise properly the UPC is equal to CCAP encampassing Scoltland, Dutch and free church namely Blantyre, Nkhoma and Livingstonia Harare, Lusaka. All we need is Christ leadership and deeds to continue amongest… Read more »

Our Lord JESUS did not leave us to guess which is a true church. You will know them by their fruits.Brethren what other warning do you want to hear that this is not the church which our Creator established. Let’s wake from our slamber.

You must know!!!!!!
The best way is to pray for the pastors administering these churches because most of them are professional pastors, spiritualists. Some joined pastorship as refuge becos their career were doomed. There are alot of corruption and political beckering in these CCAP churches. Their leaders are so selfish. How do you expect the church to grow in this respect. I think the soulution is that GVT shud revoke the linsences belonging to CCAP Churches so that they re-register only upon satisyfing certain conditions. Though some may argue to say the church doesnot belong to GVT but to GOD.However, for purpose of… Read more »
karonga bby

these so called churches i dont know whether they are serving GOD or satan. they have just been reduced to mere political groupings and fund raisers. take a good example of SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST PLZ


what/ the ALDUTERANCE 7th Day?


Fellow brothers and sisters,the most important thing is to die knowing Jesus christ as your Lord and personaal saviour and not what i see nowadays stickers on cars in houses or shops saying ‘born presbyterian die presbyterian’ or ‘Iam Catholic and proud’ or ‘ Iam a proud Maslem’.these are just a waste of time.ur churches are indeed important in ushering you on a good path to get to heaven but the most important aspect is your personnal relationship with the son of God Lord Jesus Christ.he is the only way to Heaven.

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