CCAP Livingstonia Synod to discipline Rev Nyondo over Ngoni culture remarks on polygamy, booze

Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod’ has made a decision to discipline its firebrand general secretary, the Reverend Levi Nyondo, over the remarks he made about Ngoni culture and traditions  on booze and polygamy.

Rev Nyondo: Biblical teachings

During the enthronement of Inkosi Mzukuzuku recently, Rev Nyondo irked ngoni chiefs when he spoke against drinking and polygamy because it is sinful and against the doctrine of the Presbyterian church.

Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V, the tribe’s king of kings, has threatened to expel the synod from his territory unless it upholds the social contract Scottish missionaries signed to evangelise Mzimba without abolishing their drunken and polygamous ways.

Traditional leaders in northern Malawi have maintained they would not abandon consumption of beer and marrying many wives, challenging church leaders to bar them from sacraments as prescribed by the church.

The synod’s spiritual father, Moderator John Gondwe and Deputy GS Joseph Mwale held a meeting a fortnight ago with representatives of the Ngoni chiefs and Mzimba Heritage Group where they distanced themselves from Nyondo’s remarks.

They said Nyondo spoke in a personal capacity contrary to what he claimed in his speech.

The Synod, according to Moderator Gondwe,  has decided to discipline Nyondo, to reconcile by correcting what each party feels went wrong.

“A church is for the weak, the sick and sinners,” Gondwe said, accusing Nyondo of insubordination.

But Nyondo said he stands by what he said at Ephawemi, adding that his words are guided by biblical principles.and the Church would continue to advocate against any practices that contradict its teachings

Ngoni’s argue that the earliest missionary, Dr Robert Laws who introduced Christianity to the area  in the 1880s, signed an agreement with M’mbelwa II which stipulated that the Ngonis, can drink beer, marry several wives and enjoy full church benefits.

The Ngoni was a warrior tribe that originated from South Africa and is renown for its legendary liking for alcohol, meat and acquiring several spouses.

History was told that in the olden days a lot of husbands died at war leaving behind large populations of women who became widows.

Traditional leaders therefore advised the surviving men to marry the widows so they did not lack care and support.

Although the Ngoni persistently assert their culture, Nyondo insists Livingstonia Synod would continue to advocate against any practices that contradict its teachings.

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Za atumbuka izi ife zisatikhuze

Mangochi Kabwafu

What does the Bible say? Sin sin no matter who commits it.

kinanasi 1
Hey,what kind of men of God are you Mr Gondwe and Mwale.Let me school you since it looks like you have totally missed the point here.Dont blame Nyondo in any way as he is just echoing words already spoken by somebody in the Holy Bible and this somebody is God Himself.It is God who forbids alcohol and polygamy and not Nyondo as you seem to potray.So if anything, the disciplinary action that you want to vet on Nyondo is totally missplaced as it has to be directed to God Himself.Ndiye ngati inuyo muli a nzeru kwambiri kuposa Mulungu amene akuletsa… Read more »

DISCIPLINING Nyondo over now?So you want to bow down to the Ngonis with there sins.Polygamy is a sin on the eyes of God why are you tolerating it?History tells us that they you to inherit someones wife when the husband has passed on while in a battle not while he is still alive.Are you telling me these Ngonis are still fighting?If NO,why are they not fighting since its their culture of fighting with other tribes?Its high time to stop these nonsensitical culture for our country to go forward

Nzika Yeni Yeni
I doubt if what the Ngonis are claiming is as straight forward as they put it that they should be Allowed to be drinking beers and marry many wives as they want , but should still be recognized as CCAP Livingstonia Synod Members based on the MOU of 1880 with M’mbelwa 2. I have a problem with this. I take the MOU of 1880 was based on the Principle of ” In the times of Ignorance God allowed this, but now that Light and Truth has been preached to them, they need to repent and be Baptized”. Then they are… Read more »

Go deeper Man of God Rev Levi Nyondo


If the Church is in support of polygamy, drunkenness, etc,it means MWASANDUTSA NYUMBA YA ATATE WANGA KUKHALA PHANGA LA ZIFWAMBA. You want tp please men rather than God. Where are the true God’s servants who MUST SAY, ‘WE WILL OBEY GOD RATHER THAN MEN (Acts 5:29)


Livingstonia synod leaders be principled in the decision making in the word of God. Which bible are you following Mr Gondwe and Mwale in your work? DON’T worship mortal gods and you’re bound to mislead the whole congregation and even whole xian community in Malawi and world. DON’T link your work to your tribe but be men of Living God. By the way, you will pay for sins you’re promoting now by nursing your clan instead of being sheep’s herdsman.
Sorry, men of God or satan?

Mlomwe original

The churches of this day want to dine and wine with sinners


I wonder if the Moderator John Gondwe and the Deputy General Secreatry Joseph Mwale are real servant of God.. Rev Nyondo has done nothing wrong warranting discipline. If anything Gondwe and Mwale are the ones to be disciplined for encouraging people to commit sin. If church leaders encourage members to commit sin in an effort to appease them what is the purpose of that church? Is it to take people to hell? The truth of the matter is that the purpose of the church is to preach the Gospel with the aim of preventing people from going to hell.

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