CCAP Nkhoma Synod pastoral letter warns on gays, abortion: ‘Malawi should not legalise sin’

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP), Nkhoma Synod, has issued a pastoral letter in which among other issues, warns its members not to accept gay and abortion laws but speak out against them wherever they find themselves.

Rev. Dr Chatha Msangaambe, Moderator, Nkhoma Synod

Rev. Dr Chatha Msangaambe, Moderator, Nkhoma Synod

The letter read to its congregants on Sunday, January 24, was short but to the point.

Among the issues, the clergy advises its members to continue praying against the legalization of same sex marriages and abortion, warning that God’s wrath comes because of such ills in society.

Tipitilize kupemphelera motsutsana ndi mzimu woipa kuti amuna kapena akazi azikwatirana okhaokha pakuti zimenezi zimabweretsa mkwiyo wa Mulungu,” the letter reads.

The leaders ask its members who are in positions of authority such as chiefs, politicians and many others to be the church’s ambassadors and openly speak out against these issues at any platform they find themselves.

The letter, co-signed by its moderator, Dr Chatha Msangaambe and the General Secretary, Dr Archwells Katani Mwale, opens with best wishes for the New Year, 2016, to its members, says that last year was a tough year to the church as well as to the whole nation of Malawi because of bad economy.

The church is asking its members to pray against the spirit of misuse of public funds in the church as well as in the national coffers.

It continues saying that this year has already started on a sad note with erratic rains and people experiencing hard times due to poor economic performance and hunger.

The Synod urges its members to rely on God for help as the Bible says.

The church leaders are asking their members to love and forgive each another and share the little they have in these hard times, and also appealing to them to pray for good rain.

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Precious Chowe

Great, Nkhoma CCAP No!!! To HomoSex.


The church the gospel malawi is anation not achurch i should remind those who go to the church a church has god commandments and has church rules why is it so malawi should protect every citizen whether christian or apagan are you god that want to judge other or you left the brain where you slept that malawi is a nation there is no one who is traying to bring this but others are doing they have been doing this lets protect them


Let us clap hands for CCAP Mnkhoma Synod, in Jesus’ name. Limeneli ndiye tchalitchi lenileni osati ma tchalitchi enawa ofuna mathanyula. Mulungu safuna Mathanyula. Mathanyula ndi tchimo lalikulu kwa Mulungu. Ngati Boma livomereze Mathanyula, mutsogoleri wa chipani cholamulira adzamwalira posachedwapa, atero Yehova yemwe anawononga Sodom chifukwa anthu ankapanga Mathanyula.

king kong

Blantyre synod what did you do on this issue,are interested to do this.

Isaac kaphuka

May God help us

Ndiyo Synod imene ndimayidziwa ine..
Ndiyo Synod imene ndimayidziwa ine..

This is Nkhoma Synod which I know. Church yoyamba kudzudzula zochitika mkati mwake kenaka mkumadzudzula zakunja. this is Excellent! Blantyre what is your stand on the same??? ndalama za ku scotland zukukanikitsani kuyipa poyera? Nkhoma Synod Thumbs up!!! osadzachitanso koma za ndalama zija zidachitika chaka chatha. Satana amafuna kuti mukhale chete


What is Wangaatha Chaambakatha smoking? It must be something illegal. Mgwireni munthuyu asanalowe mthengo please

History always repeats itself! The Church promoted racism slavery! Even in yahwe himself did that ( if you read your bible in an unbiased way) the Rwandan Genocide was in fact preached from the pulpit! The bottom line is : this is hatred / discrimination is faith based! We have moved on in our view of the world! Rational thought and objective evidence is by far the most superior way than trust ancient dogma! Africa can only develop if the majority become free from the shackles of religion! It’s amazing that people say slavery was abolished but the truth is… Read more »
chriss chimtokoma

Ma gay analipo ndipo alipo mu dziko muno but it shud not reach to an extent of government to approve this to be happening freely!!!! Mpakana zizafikanso pomaoneSera nkumachita poyera ndithu!! let the government Live this in the Hands of God pajatu we are a God fearing Nation as per said!!!!

Masozi Mwenifumbo
Jesus Christ commanded his Church saying iN MARK 16:15-16, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized shall be saved, but whoever DOES NOT BELIEVE WILL BE CONDEMNED!!!!” He also said in Matthew 28:18-20, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Go therefore, and MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THINGS THAT I HAVE COMMANDED YOU. AND BEHOLD, I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU,… Read more »

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