Chakwera brands Mutharika’s address in Malawi Parliament ‘a public lecture’

Leader of Opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has branded President Peter Mutharika’s address on Friday during the opening of the 47th Session of Parliament in which he did not mention the issue of electoral reforms  as ‘a public lecture’ on what ‘Parliament is all about’.

Chakwera: It was a public lecture

In his immediate response to the president address, Chakwera, while laughing said it was a very good lecture looking at what he said and what he didn’t say.

“It was a very good lecture, in terms of what was said and in terms of what was not said, first of all you have to understand he didn’t come to give state of the national address , nonetheless,  he covered some things about the state of our nation” Chakwera said.

He also expressed shock on what he called ‘the loud silence’ on electoral reforms, despite promises that they would be brought to the House this time around.

“You have allowed silence on electoral reforms despite that his ministers went on record that they will be bringing the bills during this time, now you asking my opinion! I think he just meant to give a public lecture on what parliament is all about,” said Chakwera.

He said since the government assured everyone that they are honorable people they will hold them accountable to see if they can  bring the electoral laws in parliament

Asked on what they intend to do if government does not bring to Parliament the much-touted electoral reforms, Chakwera said he could wait to hear an official position from the Leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa as business resumes on Monday afternoon.

“I am waiting for an official word from the Leader of the House because he told us they were coming. If the President is silent and if that is an indication that this is their manner of doing of doing stuff, then the world must know that there is no reason to even give monies to do consultation, to do seminars, talking about what needs to happen for democracy to be consolidated in this country,” he said.

Traditionally, the president’s speech sets the tone for deliberations in the meeting of Parliament.

With about 18 months to go to the 2019 Tripartite Elections in Malawi, donors have stressed that they expect the newly-opened Parliament to deliberate on electoral reforms for the sake of the country’s democratic growth.

On accountability calls by the president, Chakwera challenged Muntharika that he himself is not accountable to his people who voted him into power by defying constitution to appear before the parliament and answer questions from his electorates representatives (MPs).

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A chakwera ndi phd ndi u professor wao wa fake atikwana!

I disagree with you Hatton, Chakwera is not someone who looks like being hungry for power. If this man was hungry for power the 2014 elections could have ended in court. Truth has to be said. Dpp government has no directions and has now plans for developing our country. I want you to frankly answer me, if I can ask you to post us any physical plan of buildings/infrastructure of Lilongwe city or any other city in Malawi designed by the dpp government that the people of malawi have to achieve in the coming years? If you go in other… Read more »
Billy Chilewani
I have followed all Hon Leader of Opposition responses for now being the third time. The first time it was an empty speech, the second time it was an empty speech this time around it is a Public lecture. My big question is, will there be a time when the President’s speech will contain something worthy your comment. One day if God smiles on you you might be the Head of state-do you expect the same comments from your Leader of opposition??? What plans have you as MCP to end the myriad woes facing Malawi currently so that you shift… Read more »

Electoral reforms are good. But it will be unfair if those pressing for these are targeting at 50+1 reform. It will also be unfair if donors who are pressing for 50+1 are USA, Britain or German who don’t practice this. It will be unfair for them to conduct their experiments in Malawi. However, we need electoral reforms in Malawi.


The Patriot, don’t get concerned with 36%, ena anapeza 27% and have the audacity to brand the winning person’s speech.
The electoral reforms need some clarification such as:
1: any provision for a coalition Gvt where coalition parties have the 50+1 combined.
2: banning of political alliances after the first round of voting.
We don’t want to have the American scenario where a less popular person is governing the country.
Second round of voting is like writing Supplimentary exams and sidzipatsa ulemu. Koma zoona akuluakulu a congress kumalilira SAPU!!!!

Colleagues, we must be able to critically analyse what somebody has said. Are we sure that what the President said was all trash just because he never mentioned anything about the electoral reform? What we need to do is to summarize the speech by isolating its merits and demerits; rather than just concentrating on the negative side, blinded by our need for power. In any case, this is our nation, as such, whatever challenges we are facing, we suffer together. The question is what are your suggested solutions? Malawians should now vet your wisdom based on what you suggest. Potential… Read more »
mbuyanga ovahah

Chakwera is completely mad. He thinks people will show sympathy. You are so arrogant and you can never rule this country. Electoral reforms will not make you State president. MCP wins elections on social media while DPP wins through ballot. Musova anyamata. Ngongole zikuphani. You cant distabilize the government mwachepa kwambiri

Binnwell Kachikopa

Why then dpp is afraid of the electoral reform? As long as God is not Mutharika MCP is winning in 2019 whether you like it or not, simukavota ndinu ndi akazi anu okha but even those who are at pains inflicted by your evil dpp, mark my words no sane Malawian can go for dpp, only cashgated abnormal people can

The Patriot

Surely a President who scored only 36% of the electeral vote should be scared, and very scared about the 50+1 system! It just reminds me of 1994….the ruling Party then did not want multiparty politics for obvious reasons. It had to take aid freeze and people power for the status quo to change. I hope and pray that the DPP government will not wait for people to take it to the streets for them to know that the people have spoken…we want a president voted by the majority of Malawians and NOT one tribe!!! DPP isova 2019!!!

The immediate response of the Leader of Opposition in Parliament to the State President’s speech delivered in parliament yesterday cannot go unchallenged. The leader of opposition in parliament missed the point completely. His response could be described as ‘ a closing remark to a preaching to a Sunday school class’. The leader of opposition is so power hungry such that he always dreams of stiring a revolt. The state president, your president mr leader of opposition in parliament, called for transparency and accountability. Malawians are waiting for your assistance to ask the Malawian who is constructing an obscenely expensive house… Read more »
Longani pyanu

Ndiye zikugwirizana bwanjinso apa? Za ziiii! Koma cadet si munthu


I have never seen a dull person Lille you Hatton! I feel sorry for your writing all the time

Binnwell Kachikopa

Bambo i believe you are suffering from subjective poverty, revist your mentallity, something is very wrong with you


@ the so called hatton ndiwe mbuzi yotheratu zoona you always talk about nyumba ya chakwera osakamba ziphuphu zenizeni zomwe boma la DPP likupanga bwanji? once again you are a useless creature empty headed.


Chakwera is a wise leader Malawi deserves. Not one so called professor, the pathological liar of our times kkkkkkkk

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