Chakwera hits at DPP over failure to resolve Malawi Judiciary strike: ‘Don’t use force’

 Malawi Congress Party (MCP)president  and leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera has expressed disappointment with how government is handling the ongoing Judiciary support staff strike, saying there is a “Constitutional Crisis” that needs urgent attention.

Chakwera: Resolve the strike now amicably .-Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

MCP news conference.-Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

 The striking Judiciary support staff, who include court clerks, court marshals, drivers, interpreters, court reporters as well as those working in the administration and human resource department, went on a nationwide strike on July 31 to force government to commit to resolve their grievances, including housing allowances as is the case with judicial officers, namely magistrates and judges.
Speaking during a news conference which he called at the MCP headquarters in Lilongwe , Chakwera urged the DPP led Government to resolve the impulse now.
Chakwera said the importance of functioning courts in a democratic society cannot be overemphasized.
“Over the years the DPP led executive has failed to competently deal with recurring labour dispute with members of staff in judiciary involving both judicial officers and support staff. The frequency with which out courts are shut down due to these disputes is reflecting of systematic failure to properly define the manner in which remuneration for members of staff of the judiciary,” said Chakwera.
He said his party is greatly concerned and dismayed  with the failure of the Executive to make a firm decision on how it intends to deal with the grievances and bring thee industrial action to an end even though the issue isn’t new as it was aware of it way back before the injunction which was sought by Attorney General refusing the staff to go on strike was lifted.
“The importance of the courts in a democratic society cannot be overemphasized. The  judiciary is mandated by our constitution with the task of interpreting, protecting and enforcing  the Constitution and laws of the land. Indefinite closure of our courts has an adverse impact on rule of law, good governance and enjoyment of human rights by all Malawians as guaranteed by the Constitution”, he said.
He, however, warned the Executive to avoid using force as a way of ending strike.
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I look forward to a day when opposition will offer alternatives rather than pick n enlighten shortfalls and failures of government. Until such a time when we will witness regime change Malawi will continue on this path of economic suffocation. But if regime changes in 2019 would the opposition taking over be in a position to steer this ship from these winds? I strongly feel our opposition is not ready yet, please satisfy me with your manifesto otherwise your friends are busy with infrastructural development, though poorly done but will be used to sway votes in their favour. A Malawian… Read more »
Cheyo muyata

It is hypocritical for an MP, let alone a leader of opposition to feign ignorance on the plight of the judicial support staff when he was recently part of the MPs who debated, allocated funds to different govt. departments and confirmed the budget in parliament. When the MPs were scrutinizing the budget did he not notice the omission? If he was really very concerned why then did he not rectify the anomaly during the budget session to avoid the disruption of the judicial services?


Tell him my dear maybe he is dreaming….

Kanthiti Nzandu

Those going on strike they are following DPP manfestoes what Peter was promising Malawians during campaign period, now he is failing to do what he was promising people. Apa zinthu zavuta basi Dr Chakwera alinyamule dziko. Everything in bad form eeeeeeeeee koma


Can Law experts enlighten me on Malawi’s labour laws.
Do labour laws of Malawi allow employees to continue getting their pay while on strike? When people go on strike, production of goods and services stops. Now in this situation, where does the company (or any other organization) get the money to pay its striking workers?


What Dr Laz is simply saying is asking gov to negotiate with the striking staff and am surprised to read some scathing comments, should we say you are happy seeing people languishing in jails failing to get justice because people are on strike?do you know that its only through people like Dr Chakwera who can inject sense in govt. dont” waist time attacking his condemnation of govt failure to address striking staff bravo Chakwera keep pumping sense in the arrogant govt

MCP Weni Weni.

O Chakwela, mowatumatu yawa. Madilaivala house allowance nanga ine dilavala mzawo kuno ku ministere ya jenda nsintha kuwongolela kodi? Nanenso anpase basi.

Independent Diplomat

I can foresee this idiot crying like Raila Odinga in 2019.

Mr Chakwera, you are telling government not to do this or that. The situation here is that government has failed to source money which could be given to the striking staff. If by chance money is found from some other sources and given to the strikers, two days will not pass before we hear that another government department is on strike demanding the same things the judiciary is looking for. So the government will be at it again looking for something to appease the strikers. For how long will government satisfy people in this way? The MCP leadership as the… Read more »
Mr. Chakwere or Chakwera is far from convincing to be a leader. Last time he held a press conference if am not mistaken that the economy is not functioning , somewhere in Limbe. I felt the guy is intellectually bankrupt!!! He has to attend the National Trade Working Group which I belong and we will pump sense in him. There are several Trade Forums that can basically train him by way of participating in deliberations. He has to register for a basic Economic Education . Otherwise he is in another world of dreams. The issue of the Support staff in… Read more »

Apparently this guy has no idea about what he is talking about.

I hope honourable Chakwera needs to empathize with people whose cases are in court and in police custody requiring court attention than siding with heartless people busy trampling on human rights of other people. Honourable Chakwera and MCP need to side with the voiceless who are the people being obstructed to access the courts since they cannot stage their own strike against the inhumane action of the judiciary support staff. I urge Dr Chakwera and his agents to be proactive(responsive) and not reactive to issues negatively affecting the voiceless. He has to note that the judiciary support staff have a… Read more »
Patrick Phiri

Chakwera is simply useless. The workers’ demands are clearly unreasonable. Why do they want house allowance when all other public servants don’t get that?


iwe nde uli useful?
Cant u see kuti justice is being denied here?
Anthu ena your full of crap ndithu, criticize him with a tangible reason not what your saying here

Patrick Phiri

Don’t be useless like Chakwera. Can’t you see that justice is being denied because of the striking workers. Work up iwe!

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