Chakwera hits at DPP’s ‘abuse of state resources’ 

Leader of opposition and presiden t of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lazarous Chakwera has hit at President Peter Mutharika anf his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of using state resources and tax funds  for its election campaign in the November 1 Parliamentary and Local Government Election (LGE) by-elections.

Chakwera says party camapign should not be used on tax payers funds

Chakwera says party camapign should not be used on tax payers funds

DPP has been seen using government resources in all five areas such as distribution of rice and use of government vehicles to the displeasure of MCP leader Chakwera who openly told people of Mchinji to eat whatever the ruling brings because they are from the national coffers – their own money.

Pointing out that Malawi had yet to regulate political party financing or even request parties to publicly explain where their funding came from, Chakwera said ruling DPP therefore inevitably enjoyed unfair advantages over election competitors.

“DPP is distributing various campaign materials using State resources . The question that you should ask is; where were they all this time, expose them by not voting for them,” said Chakwera during his whistle stop tours in Mchinji.

He accused President Mutharika os leading a “dirty campaign” in attempting to win by-elections.

Chakwera said DPP HAS  indulging in “fear mongering, vote buying and lying.”

He contended that DPP has been “unfairly spending state resources in order to win their votes, which is wrong .”

Prior to the elections; DPP through ADMARC, opened maize selling points in all five areas where bye elections are taking place while parastatal vehicles were also seen ferrying  members of the ruling DPP to Mchinji on Thursday where Mutharika addressed the campaign rally a norm which contradicts public reform program.

But DPP secretary general Eclem Kudontoni dismissed Chakwera complaint, saying it is “admission of failure.”

Four candidates are sorting each other in Mchinji West constituency following the death of MCP Parliamentarian Kanjira Banda.

The four candidates according to acting Malawi Electoral Commission deputy chief electoral commission, Thandi Nkovole include; Jephter Fackson  Mwale of MCP, Stephano Mwale Kamwani of DPP, Arnold Malingamoyo Lyson of People’s Party and an independent candidate Peter Dominica Sinosi Driver Mbakuwaku Kuwani.

In Kasungu Bunda ward there are five candidates who include Mark Chiwawalu of UDF, Patrick Mbale an independent, Gerald Bornface Phiri an independent candidate, Jonathan Kayafa Tembo of MCP and Phillimon Mbalale of DPP.

In Zomba Sadzi ward; Seven candidates including  musician Limbani Bandah who is standing on independent ticket, Mary Nkhoma Chaputula of DPP,Melaka Jamu of UDF, George Kasugale also an independent candidate, John Mwenyemasi of MCP, Charles Simbani of PP and Jackson Twaliki who is an independent candidate.

While in Kaliyeka ward, three candidates are sorting each other. These are Richard Banda of MCP, Said Yusuf Kalulu of PP and Stella Mlooka Nyasulu of DPP.

Eight candidates battling each other in Dedza Bembeke ward. These include independent candidates; Fin Chibweya, Obster Dzungu and Joseph Kumbuwa.

Other Dedza Bembeke ward candidates are ; Wilfred Tsangala of MCP, Moses Sunday of MUP (Full name not established), Noel Mbengo of UDF and Patrick Chimlambe of PP.

Meanwhile, Malawi electoral support network (MESN) is reminding all stakeholders , Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Civil Society and political parties to fully implement the newly signed non electoral legislative reforms during the forth coming bye elections in order to ensure free and fair elections.

On 14 October, 2016, electoral stakeholders met in Lilongwe where they signed a communique on resolutions passing non legislative electoral reforms.

In an interview, Mesn Chairperson, Steven Duwa said the non legislative reforms should be observed starting with the current bye elections slated for 1 November.

Duwa said with support from Department for International Development through National Democratic Institute and Centre for Multi Party Democracy, it has been agreed and signed that in any elections MEC will use the data from National Registration Bureau but in the event that data from NRB is not available, MEC will carry out its own voter registration using biometric voter registration system.

According to Duwa other non legislative electoral reforms include making available voter’s roll in electronic format for public viewing at least six months before the polling day.

Duwa said it has also been agreed upon that MEC will ensure that all polling centres are stocked with sufficient electoral materials on the basis of voters roll and that ballot papers be delivered straight to the district councils from airport.

On reforms to do with improving management and transmission of results presiding officers shall record and display election results per polling stream and that there shall be constituency tally centres which will be established at the central point of any constituency.

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Bristone Mabichi
MCP might have failed in many things during the aNgwazi’s era but it is the only party in the country which not owned by an individual. Formed by late O. Chirwa, it ushered aNgwazi into power which means ONgwazi anachipeza. Who owns UDF? When Bakili retired, he called himself Part Chairman. People were duped thinking they were in control. At turn of events it was his son who became leader. Leaders in transirion felt cheated and wanted to come up with theirs but i was too and it is too late till now. Acheya funds UDF, make no mistake. Money… Read more »
MCP die hard supporter
MCP die hard supporter

Chakwera stop playing blame game. Kamuzu was doing similar things building houses for women
I don’t understand this fallen Reverend
I thought the vehicle he is using was bought to him by the Government
Know this Camera that you will be in the opposition bench for the rest of your life until MCP disappears if you continue blaming on everything .
When one is loosing he or she comes with a lot of excuses.
Watch out Malawians Chakwera is another Donald Trump of Malawi
Ndale simuzittha Ngozo bwelelani Ku mpingo

Why Malawi is so poor among all African countries is because of people like u. U attack opposition because u have never lived in a country where there is democracy. What has DDP given u? U can not compare DDP and Kamuzu. Let me ask u how old are u? All houses Kamuzu built are state houses which Peter is enjoying living in. He APM was not in Malawi during Kamuzu. He let Malawians to be intermided by young pioneers. He comes when people fought for democracy. Kamuzu built houses for government staffs. Come Muluzi and Bingu sell them cheap… Read more »
Che Singano

Iweso ndiye chitsilu.

be humane

Sakudziwa inu munthuyu chimene akunena. Galimoto yakeyo its not party funded koma tax payers money. Ayamba kunjenjemera. EEEEEEh nyasa koma ndiye mwalembatu article ngati MCP manifesto kapena ndi campaign nanunso?

Ziw Boy

This Mesn Chairperson, Steven Duwa is a DPP die-hard. Wait for the results. Then the DPP will not know what hit them in Mchinji.

Stupid MPs

This guy is stupid he is using a GVT vehicle and he is accusing his boss …..mutu ukugwira koma


Kodi nawo obusa onyenga o Chakwera iyo okwerayo si VX ya Boma?

In TZ the new president has asked all ministers to buy their own vehicles. Government will provide fuel. This what they do in Europe and America rich countries. If the ministers managed during Kamuzu not to have expensive government cars why can they not manage now? The president can have the cab. In Malawi the poorest countries without electricity and water each minister has expensive prado. Body guard, driver, house allowance , expensive school fees for his/he children, electricity and water bills paid by government. Healthy insurance abroad. Name it? Ask American or European minister if they have all these… Read more »
Che Singano

Zithsilu inu osakonda dziko lanu

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