Chakwera hits at Mutharika’s Sona as ‘copy-and-paste’ speech: ‘Cashgate is still taking place in Malawi’

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has said President Peter Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) at the opening of the Sixth Meeting in the 46th Session of Parliament and the 2017/18 Budget Meeting in Lilongwe on Friday was ‘a copy-and-paste’ statement which did not address how government will push for radical economic transformation.

Chakwera greeting second deputy speaker Dr Clement Chiwaya

“The President has been saying what he said today since 2014 when he came into power. The statement was not a true reflection of what is currently on the ground,” he said.

Chakwera, who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) cited the Phalombe District Hospital and the Zomba-Jali Road as pet projects which the Mutharika’s administration has been using as campaign tools.

The MCP leader said he was disappointed that the President omitted electoral reforms in his one hour and 20 minutes speech. He described the omission as a ‘clear indication that the DPP government does not want any reforms at the Malawi Electoral Commission [MEC]’.

On the resumption of budget support by the World Bank, Chakwera said the  $80 million (about K60 billion) credit to  general budget support was in no way a vote of confidence for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-led government.

“Although the World Bank has shown a good gesture to support the budget, this is not a sign that the government is doing well on fiscal disciple.

“There are still a lot of loopholes in government and Cashgate is still taking place on President Mutharika’s watch,” said Chakwera.

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president cited former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda’s alleged involvement in the importation of maize from Zambia as an example that corruption is still rife in government.

“The truth is we are not disciplined in as far as abuse of resources is concerned. What the World Bank has done is an act of a mercy, we cannot afford to abuse public funds this time around,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera argued that the fight against corruption was “de-emphasised”.

“The president said something on corruption, but he did not say much on high levels of corruption. We know that the big fish are left free while smaller ones are prosecuted,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said the opposition is grateful that Mutharika acknowledged economic challenges that the country has faced in recent times “even though nothing is happening on dealing with corruption”.

Themed ‘Harnessing Economic Gains for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development’, Mutharika focused on strategic achievements the government had made as well as plans for the year.



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Oliver James Chabwera
Oliver James Chabwera

Dr Chakwera is the leader of opposition today but tomorrow will leader the nation. Most of the times a tree that hat good fruits never cease to be stoned, whatever he has said is true and fact. if whatever he has said was out of context i could have been the first person to stone him with words.

Chingwe cha mbuzi

I can see why the MCP is thinking of replacing Chakwera with Juliana Lunguzi. Lunguzi would make an excellent leader of the MCP. This man Chakwera is busy enriching himself. He is now constructing five house in Area 43, 47 and 49. It is high time Chakwera realised that, in politics, you don’t eat alone. You eat with your MPs. Too much greed.

truth pains
Mr. chakwera, the president has already said, for those of you who are used to empty rhetorics continue but he will maintain his focus on development. as leader of opposition mr chakwera learn to present balanced arguments that makes us confident in your role. first recognize the positive strides and punch holes. that is how people argue. you don’t make the whole presentation a fault finding that dilutes your credibility as a leader. a leader should be able to acknowledge what others are doing but see beyond that and bring out oversights. please Mr. Chakwera you can do better than… Read more »

madala chakwera, if u have nothin to offer as an alternative just keep quiet and malawians will respect you. plz buy a leaf from your predecesor, section 5 no. 1 budget no. 2 and how malawi fox reacted to that. y ou cannot fight a just doesnt work here. argue with facts not emptiness and slang pretending to be a white man; mwamva abusa?


All this Chakwela did & saying ndikufuna kuipitsa mbili ya DPP do you think iweyo #Chakwela ungalamulire motani dziko me I do understand nkhani ya ndale,usamabwele ndi mfundo zako zoipitsa dziko nazi zifukwa zomwe Malawi sakutukuka, because #Chakwela akanavomeleza ngati iye oluza kma akufuna kudzitenga ngat iye olamulira aiiitu Ukhalike Chakwela apo biii tikusamutsa dziko lathu lino, what do you want us to do?
Wait mwina udzawina
And ifeyo ngat dziko zimatikhudza andale mukamayamba zosokoneza chomchi!
Where were you m’mene Chipani cha PP chinavumbulutsa kapena kuti Kuba Ndalama za Nkhan nkhan ku Capital hill bwanji sum’kalankhula? Unali usanabadwe tidziti?


Chakwera projects himself as a man of hatred and malice. In my opinion, he is the worst Leader of Opposition Malawi has ever had. He is supposed to give alternative views on how govt ought to be run but all we hear from him is opposing and opposing for the sake of opposing. I have never heard anything good from him about govt. He behaves like an owl, a bird of the night that does not want to see light.

Concerned Mcp
Don’t worry the man Chakwera is finished. He will never see anything good on today’s development. He is worse than the devil yet the devil admitted by seeing good things in Jesus. Those are the kicks of the dying horse. No wonder his party is now going to the grave. Mcp dont we have someone capable to lead than this ignorant person. Mind you Chakwera to run the Government is different from tuning a CHURCH Ooooooooo crocodile party is dead in nchesi river. 2019 its the year for burrial and this party will be wiped on the map Adzukulu be… Read more »
What strides are you talking about when the money has been given as a crisis loan? The funds have been provided through international development association that responds to crisis in poorest countries. Would you really celebrate with such financing as a poorest country and call it a stride? It’s a shame to be associated with poverty. Failing to arrest those that are involved in corrupt practices, you call that stride? The cadets terrorising the country and u call that stride? Sugar running out on the market, you call that stride? Construction of poor roads, you call that stride? The list… Read more »

But i see a missed opportunity in the leader of opposition he could have still acknowledged the strides the country has made. Whether the support of World Bank is an act of mercy or not it has come. This type of opposition will project him as a man of hatred and malice. A good leader does not always oppose what is obvious.

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