Chakwera ordered to appear in court: Judge gives MCP president ‘one last chance’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president  Lazarus Chakwera has been ordered to appear at High Court in Lilongwe on April 10 2018 in a case against the party’s suspended Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo who called for convention.

Chakwera: Given last opportunity to appear in court

Chakwera did not come to court on Monday with his the party lawyer Charles Mhone saying he was away in the Northern Region and could not make it at the hearing.

The lawyer asked the court for “more time” so that Chakwera could attend the hearing.

Kaliwo—a lawyer by profession – was at the court with one of MCP district chairpersons, Lackson Khamalatha and their lawyer Powell Nkhutabasa.

The emergency convention, according to Kaliwo, was proposed following concerns from its regional and district leaders who are not pleased with the party’s leadership.

But in June last year Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition, obtained a court injunction stopping Kaliwo from calling an emergency convention from July 7 to 9 with parallel structures.

In his sworn affidavit, Chakwera said the MCP chairpersons Kaliwo was using to call for the convention , including Khanalatha, who is first defendant, relinquished their positions and had no powers to summon a convention.

But lawyer Nkhutabasa asked the court to strike off Chakwera’s affidavit and dismiss the whole matter, saying it was clear that MCP and Chakwera were not keen to proceed with  it.

“By not  appearing in court today, it shows lack of keenness to prosecute the matter despite a clear order to that effect we requested Chakwera to be available for cross examination in the case,”  Nkhutabasa said.

Judge  Charles Mkandawire adjourned the matter and said he has given Chakwera one last chance to appear before the court on April 10 2018.

“The party and Chakwera would be given a last opportunity to attend court,” said Mkandawire.

If Chakwera fails again to appear before the court , the judge warned that he will be compelled to “issue sanctions , including dismissing or striking out the matter.”

In recent months, MCP has been having internal wrangles that have seen the party divided and it has since called for  elective convention next month  ahead of the 2019 Tripartite Elections.



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We are following with keen interest. You are simply making Chakwera a hero with what you are doing. The convention date was set and now it will be cancelled because Kaliwo is against it. This is what we call swimming against the current


Walira mvula, walira matope. Nkhani yopita Ku khoti adayambitsa ndi Chakwera pokatenga chiletso. Pano asaope, akaonekele basi, iye amaziputiranji? Kaliwo, ukamuphaphalitse ndi mafunso mngelo wakugwayo.
Amayetsa masewera, akalowe mu accused dock. Hatton will be there to hear the American accent.
This Chakwera man looks order and he qualifies to be in a group of nkhalamba. Jumbe would have made a good MCP president osati zinazi.


Chakwela how did you learn how to speak like an American in 12 months!! Komaaaaa my uncle is they 15 years and he does not talk like you, how come brother??

Fake accent guy

Chakwera let’s see how your fake accent works in court!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah prideless fellow

Dear Chakwera and your MPS Explain to the people oof Malawi how you received money From gooda and NYANKHUMWA How and why were your mps Block the 50+ 1 vote Where were you ?? You have been weighed On the balances and You have been found not Worthy for the the big post JUST RESPECT AND HUMBLE YOURSELVES GIVE CHANCE THIS TIME TO BUSHIRI GOD BLESS OUR LAND !!
Patrick Phiri

Chakwera is the biggest nkholokolo. The MCP constitution is very very clear: you don’t relinguish your position in the party until that position has been filled by someone else.


Wadya zambiri Gustavu, pano muon ampkana appeal.

nzeru nkupangwa

Kaliwo si wa DPP. Mavuto a mu MCP asakhuze DPP. Please MCP put your house in order.


………… and stop being cry babies


Kwa zaka 52 MCP inawina chisankho kamodzi kokha mdziko muno chomwenso chinali chisankho choyamba. If multiparty started 40 years ago MCP would have been booted out as earl as 1970.

Binnwell Kachikopa

Santana opanda fundo iwe, cashgate idakupweteka

DPP son of UDF

Kamodzi kokha koma kulamilira zaka 30 ena kuwina kawiri kulamulira 11 years basi with two brothers from same family. Takana family parties. Takana zipani za mmbanja. Kodi anthu a ma banja ena sangalamulire dziko lino?

Mzaka 11 ndalama zabedwa zomwe zikanatha kuthandiza ziko kwa zaka 52. nkumatimata phula ndi miyala ya maziko?? Takana ulendo uno……..

UDF imayiwala msanga momwe Bingu anatayila UDF. Munthu amayiwala msanga.

Ras Mpunga

if I were judge Mkandawire, I could not do that, how on earth is he trying to ridicule man of the moment. Does he know that all his are at stake if he continues to harass our leader. Big Brother is watching!


And see the likes on this comment.

Simunalowe mboma mwayamba kale kuopseza anthu, choncho mungawine?

Man of the moment nde uti?

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