Chakwera says Malawi needs to reverse economic turmoil

Leader of the opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, has used his New Year message to say that only a truly caring and transformational leadership can exploit opportunities for a better and prosperous Malawi.


Chakwera: Gloomy future ahead

In his  New Year message, Chakwera piled on the gloom, telling Malawian that they face the worst cost of living crisis in a generation, saying “this festive season has probably been the most difficult ever, for most families in Malawi, due to lack of money.”

“The root causes of the economic turbulence Malawi is reeling from are well known. Most of them are man-made, and can easily be reversed,” said Chakwera

The opposition leader, who has vowed to fight for better living standards, said the welfare of Malawians has become the least in the government’s priorities.

He said adding to poor governance, a penchant for non-essential expenditures and lack of political will in the fight against corruption; means that Malawi should brace for continued poor service delivery in health, education and social welfare.

Chakwera also said there will be hunger, continued electricity blackouts, intermittent availability of water and a private sector that can no longer create wealth or jobs let alone produce enough to reduce our export deficit.

MCP president said the nation should brace for continued “skyrocketing cost of living,”  as families are struggling with bills that are growing faster than their income.

However, Chakwera said Malawi needed profound “change and that government must rise to the challenge in the year ahead” to prevent the country going further in the wrong direction.

“As MCP, we insist that fiscal prudence, better prioritisation, inculcating efficiency and effectiveness in the use of funds collected via taxes, and curtailing wastage and corruption; will all help to reduce budgetary pressure,” said Chakwera.

He continued to implore everyone to join hands in reminding government “on the need to improve spending efficiency and contain future spending pressures, within the confines of reduced support from development partners.”

Said Chakwera: “This should focus on spending levels, spending composition, and spending outcomes; for both development and functional spending (ORT).”

He said rationalised low spending levels, with the attendant budget discipline would thus ensure sustainability in addressing poor social outcomes such as high incomes inequality, poor health, and education service delivery.

Chakwera said other than demanding better governance, more prudence, transparency and maximum accountability; citizens should continue working hard by diversifying crops and diet.

He urged people to start conserving food and where possible making the most of the rains by engaging in rain-harvesting to raise the water table.

Chakwera’s message comes after President Peter Mutharika said in his New Year’s message that he is hopeful that the local currency kwacha will stabilise, more jobs opportunities will be created and new businesses will be opened in 2016 as Malawi moves towards becoming a producing and exporting nation.

Mutharika also called on all Malawians to be positive and start with a collective resolution to believe in themselves and in government.

Striking an optimistic note, President Mutharika said government started the journey of making Malawi a predominantly producing and exporting country and it is entering 2016 with the firm belief that investment is the new road for Malawi’s economy.

Mutharika said he is looking forward to a better 2016 where government will continue to create a favourable environment for private investments and development.

Reacting to Chakwera’s statement, government spokesman Jappie Mhango accused MCP of being “addicted to pessimism.”

He said MCP has been peddling its message of doom ever since it lost the 2014 elections.

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Mark Saoneka

Some of u are used to oppose everything that Chakwera says but know that always he says true facts. In his speech he has even outlined the way-out from this Malawi’s economic turmoil which others have read but deliberately ignored them. A good thing is that he outlines problems and give solutions. Reread his speech u will find the solutions. He is not on driving seat to give pple electricity, food etc no, but his role is just pinpointing a problem and give a solution so that the gvt shud act on that.


Thumb up Chakwera. Assured of one vote from mbwangala community in 2019


Same old story, it seems like no body has a clue in solvoing Malawi problems but anyone is good at reciting the very issues we already know like what Chakwera has done here???? What is missing is leadership and are you the Leader Chakwera? Show us NOW then, don’t fall into same trap of explaining problems that we already know BUT solutions are missing ! TELL US WHAT’S YOUR PLANS TO SOLVE THESE ONCE YOU ARE IN POWER PLEASE!

Don’t remind us of the groom and doom that’s coming upon us, message of hope and solutions Abusa!!!

Mwamadi Dzonzi
Thanks Reverend for the massages on both the xmass and doon of new year. But next time try to be very objective ans sincere in your massages. Are you still not convinced that this country requires our all efforts and energies? The state President has outlined the couses of problems that the county has gone through during the year that has gone and every sane person can agree that some couses were m,an made while the other was natural can you not make statement that can really inspire the pipo of this country rather appeasement statement that shall take the… Read more »
bodza labwino

This is the best comment that the opposition leader can make.


Achakwera…Mungapeleke madzi,magetsi,makhwara,chakudya,maufulu etc kwa a MALAWI mosakhumudwitsa? mudakanika ubusa mungalithe dziko inu. Chilichonse anganene mtsogoleri choipa m’mapempheradi Achakwe!! komanso know dis,this is not 4 campain

Mtsikana sachepa.

Inde bwana!


AJappi mhango mumvereni chakwera a kunena zoona paja certificate yanu ajapi munatenga ya mkulu wanu kodi mukufuna tikuyalutseni kuti mulibe MSCE ?dzipatseni ulemu

Manga MM

Achakwera ingopitani ku ubusa konkuja simungathe kuyendetsa dziko inu.
Ma by election anakukanikani mukanawina ku zomba kuja tikanaziwadi kuti ndinu leader in waiting koma mpaka 242 against 8600 kaya zizakhalako 2019.
Ku lilongwe ndi mcinji maviti simunathawane kwambiri ndi dpp pa by election amakhansala. Watchout abusa.

Charles Tunthuwa
Malawi government or Malawi as such a beautiful country does not need an old over seventy year leader no its such a serious mistake that kills our country. We need a young leader bellow seventy regardless being male or female. These old useless things are there to have last minute palace life so to dictate. Just imagine that the capital city of Malawi has no proper bus depot not even a taxi rank but one person spends k300 million for one overseas trip koma zotithandiza izo. Malawi needs a young fit leader who will not use the word nonsense for… Read more »

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