Chakwera says MCP squabbles are sponsored by political competitors

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has called for party unity, saying the problems rocking the oldest party are  sponsored by their political competitors.

Chakwera at an MCP rally in Ntcheu on Sunday

This was the first time Chakwera has indirectly commented on secretary general Gustave Kaliwo’s calls for party convention since his news conference on Saturday.

Speaking in Ntcheu on Saturday, Chakwera did not mention Kaliwo by name but he said external agents were fuelling the problems in MCP in order to destabilise the party.

Chakwera did not mention the elements but it is believed he meant the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

He, however, assured people that the party will come out stronger than ever before and grab the presidency from the DPP which he said has failed Malawians in all spheres of life from economy to corruption.

Chakwera also told the Peter Mutharika administration to stop arbitrary arrests of opposition members using state agents.

He said the opposition would not be cowed and intimidated by the arrests and harassment.

The police arrested sister to former president Cecelia Kumpukwe last week whilst the Malawi Revenue Authority pounced on vehicles belonging to Peoples Party vice president Kamlepo Kalua.

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19 thoughts on “Chakwera says MCP squabbles are sponsored by political competitors”

  1. mtete says:

    Anyone given prominence on MBC TV is a DPP stooge and definitely after monetary rewards and Kaliwo is no exception. How come MCP or Chakwera are never given a chance on the same platform to defend themselves?

    And MBC, are you never ashamed or tired of airing such boring and tedious interviews?

  2. khishi says:

    Chakwera is a genius and the guy has traits for good leadership. This guy has both wisdom and intelligence. Wise people do not just comment and react on any thing that comes and enters their rear. I like the way he is handling these enemies who thought they would destroy the opposition parties in Malawi through divide and rule principle. Am telling u these enemies will end up diving and start fighting themselves. I always get very surprised to see people who do not know God accusing someone who knows God. They show their ignorance of Christianity and spiritual things on a public forum like this. Let’s wait and see how God will save Malawi from these evil people who are heartless and get excited when ordinary people are suffering (a clear sign of evil people)…… God is watching!!!

  3. The Messenger says:

    I think Malawians are used to political parties owned by a particular family. If a party is owned by people, the latter does a mile when given a chance to do an inch

  4. akanyeramtsetere says:

    who is fooling who?chakwera or kaliwo? kaliwo claims has mandate from the pple- 23 district committees endorsed the cause and here is the man called chakwera from a religious background and claims kaliwo has no mandate to call for convention.oh my foot! By the way, who is a learned fellow here, chakwera or kaliwo?

  5. mulala says:

    It is Cristal clear that those people u saw accusing Dr. Laz on MBC TV are sponsored by a party which uses divide and rule method but let me warn u that its not workable in this era u a just wasting time. More especially to u who a being used ur reputation is soiled for ever and u will regret. We a watching.

  6. Achi says:

    U evil guys answer me these simple questions if indeed you believe what u say about MCP and Chakwera, and if indeed u dont believe that its the works of external forces (DPP) at work.
    1. Who sponsors the national MBCTV coverage for Chatinkha’ and Kaliwo’s agenda?
    2. Why is the DPP led govt thru MBCTV only interested to cover whatever the Chatinkhas/Kaliwos say and never what Chakwera and MCP say?
    3. Why does MBCTV never balance the the MCP story for Malawians to decide who omong them is evil?
    4. Who is a true leader, one who deals with evil once it shows it ugly face (relieving the bad eggs, likes of Chatinkha, Jumbe) or one who looks aside when gates shows it ugly face (shielding maizegate, tractorgate, escomgate, MECgate DPP lieutenants,)? TIP: decision making is part of a true leader.
    5. Do u really believe Chakwera is a failed leader? and Peter is a successful leader? Tip: take off ur regional orientation
    6. Do u see a leader in Chatinkha, Jumbe, Kaliwo that u would with no hesitation give them ur vote at a DPP convention?
    7. Would u recommend Chatinkha and Jumbe for any leadership position in the DPP considering that MCP has released them?

    Have you ever seen Chakwera being beamed on the national MBCTV?

    1. Chenguona says:

      IF DPP is able to influence the affairs of the so called biggest opposition party then can you trust that party to lead a country? MCP is not strong as you insinuate it is one of those parties. Why does it fail to influence members of DPP in retaliation? if elected into government don’t you think the same things will happen where outsiders would be able to infiltrate into government systems? To be frank MCP president is pompous, nepostic and selfish when dealing with people in his party. He has replaced all people who were chosen at the convention by his homeboys

      1. gwamba says:

        I don’t agree with you, it’s straight forward that DPP is taking advantage of resources it has to influence these selfish people to disturb MCP. Kwangokhala kudzikonda kwao. But God will help this country coz He doesn’t sleep.

  7. DODODO says:

    Chakweraaaaa, simply you don’t qualify to rule the country…go back ku tchalitchi kapeeee.

  8. G20 says:

    This guy is not serious. how can he blame everything bad happening in MCP to external forces. ngati ukulephera kuthetsa timavuto takachipani toyambitsidwa ndi less than 10 people, will u be able to withstand the heat which comes when u r ruling? all the CSO’s, religious bodies, opposition parties,PAC and others will be putting pressure on u. But the goodness is that you will never rule Malawi. chakwera u r still in Ninive waiting for the shark to bring you back to the house of the Lord.

  9. f.j. Mpinganjira says:

    II still look at the device and rule game. Mainly when you are so insecure and wanting to hold on to your position after weakening your competitor through the devide and rule tactic. Chackwera is right.

  10. Abiti says:

    If the good Reverend thinks its outside forces, why does he not convene a meeting between the dissenters and his committee to resolve this. Otherwise he should get ready to lose in the next elections.

  11. John Maweska says:

    Bvuto ndinu bwana kulola ndi kumupembeza Bwana Sidika Mia ngati ndiye president wa chipani koma asadalowe mu MCP ndipANONG’O POMWE. Inu ndi komiti zanu za Team Chakwera mumakapanga chani kwa Bwana Mia. Sikuti mwapitako ka modzi koma kambili mbili ndi makomiti anuwo. Miting yanu mpaka kunjambulitsa ndi tulutsa muma wasapu momwe kuti chani. Yitsobveni ndinu gemu iyi.

  12. santana says:

    No Sir, it is you who is a problem. Remember in the early days of taking the MCP leadership you sidelined the influencial people in the party in the likes of Njobvuyalema and many others whom you deemed as lieutenants of JZU. Every party has people who are pillars. You jumped at destroying these pillars not knowing that at the same time you are destroying the party. The party is too big for you Mr Pastor. Your failure should not be blamed on external influence unless you accept that your people do not respect you. We have been reminding you that you are a curse starting from the time you dumped the work of God. You needed fast money in politics but God refused to give you a chance. MCP is just wasting time if it thinks it can win the elections through Chakwera.

  13. Becks says:

    In any grouping, where everybody leads nobody leads. For most commentators let me assure you that MCP will hold a national convention sooner or later. Unfortunately every Jim and Jack wants MCP to hold a national convention at the time s/he and their family wants. No no. When the right time for the party arrives, a national convention shall be held.

  14. mwana wa mulomwe says:

    spare our beloved party alone

  15. Gwamula Gwamula says:

    If Chakwera thinks that MCP’s competitors are engaged in predatory anti-competitive practices, let him go and report to the no nonsense lady at the Competition and Fair Trading Commission. Otherwise, it is a waste of time for him to be crying aloud.

    Real leaders find solutions to problems. If Chakwera cannot manage small issues like Chidzanja, G Kaliwo, J Kabwira or Felix Jumbe, will he manage serious government business. Amangwetu, running a Church is different from running matters of state. Chakwera ndi mbola.

  16. nyoni says:

    kuteloko a galu inu simukufuna kumalipira msonkho?

  17. chikoti says:

    Owoooo. Ok..but we don’t see it that way bwana Rev..nanga Ku hotsedwa enmass kwa ma executive members ndi influence kapena sponsorship ya ma competitors? Its dangerous to urgue ,and defend oneself without looking at other side…i hope you not in denial of the fact that you too are part of of the problem and you are also the solution..

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