Chakwera says Mutharika has failed Malawi: Calls 25-minutes SONA as ‘zero plan’ speech

Leader of opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera has said President Peter Mutharika has completely failed Malawians and should have stepped aside instead of clinging to power.

Chakwera: Responds to Mutharika's SONA
Chakwera: Responds to Mutharika’s SONA

Chakwera, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and now the sworn political foe of Mutharika said this when he was responding to the President’s state of the nation assembly Monday in parliament.

“There is no hope for Malawians in this government. The President has no direction or hope for Malawians,” said Chakwera amid applause from the opposition benches and silence from the government side.

The uncompromising Chakwera said it is unfortunate that Malawians have no means of firing Mutharika and his administration for their failure to put in place an impressive economic recovery to resuscitate the ailing economy which he said has put Malawians in huge suffering.

“We are a nation in big trouble,” said Chakwera who said Mutharika’s administration has been characterised with politics of nepotism, slander, misinformation and contradictions, among others.

Chakwera said donor age is not yet over as claimed by the country’s leadership only that donors cannot give money to people they cannot trust.

He asked Mutharika’s administration to put in place sound economic policies to win back donor confidence.

“We simply can’t afford to let the ship we are sailing in sink into the economic waters just because the President does not know what to do,” he said.

Chakwera then punched holes in Mutharika’s 25-minute speech, describing the State if the Nation Address as “zero speech” which had no substance for the opposition to respond to.

Chakwera said Muntharika’s speech was a “waste of time” to the nation and Palrliament as it was done i na hurry as it lacked substances and instead of giving Malawians hope it only created a lot of fear to the public.

“The President’s failure to take full stock of the state of the country’s economy, food situation, security, social welfare, governance and other national issues is an insult to the Malawians that employed him to say how bad things are and what he is doing about it.

“Even if he decided that it was too early to give a proper State of the Nation address given that his last one was only six months ago, Malawians deserve to hear a full report on the progress being made on the multitude of promises he claimed his government was fulfilling when he stood here in May,” said Chakwera.

“Malawians listened to their President for a sign of relief from the policy decisions that are hurting them, like a plan to end failure to keep the IMF‟s Extended Credit Facility from going off-track as it is now, but the President had nothing to say,” the leader of opposition said.

He observed that the only positive from the President’s address is that it only lasted 25 minutes, “ so at least he was kind enough to not take too much of our time with his Zero Plan Speech.”

The MCP president also asked the government to speed up legislation that would regulate the operations of the National Intelligence Bureau which has been accused of snooping on the opposition leader and civil society leaders.

Chakwera said the President should have tabled a hunger report in the House, saying the situation is dire on the ground but warned donors that they should not contribute in cash but kind saying the current administration cannot be trusted with money.

He also asked the criteria used to identify 80 beneficiaries of the cement subsidy programme in each constituency.--Additional reporting by Owen Khamula, Nyasa Times

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5 years ago

Mtumbuka just wait for your time to come if you wanna rule this country and remember APM didn’t come into power by default so please keep your mouth shut and you tumbukas are racist,and Mr chakwera he needs to speak to Malawians as a man of integrity and one thing he is forgetting is that he’s rulling apaty that killed lots of Malawians and he think inks Malawians forgot about this and to be honest with you Mr chakwera your party will never rule this country again and 20years in opposition ant you ashamed of yourself. And chakwera you’re having… Read more »

5 years ago

I salute my inspiration Chakwera for a well planned, said and helpful speech…I think APM has a lot to learn from Chakwera…. indeed that 25minutes speech had some sense in its Nonsense…….

5 years ago

Tamva zomwe mwanena but your supposed to come up with solutions also tione kuti anena chani. Chifukwa akuti you make noise when they ask you for solutions you run away from them. Think about that and do something Mr LC

5 years ago

My Vote is for MCP 2019 but where will the kwacha be by then DPP 5000 to a dollar

Laurent Simfukwe
5 years ago

chakwera iwe unasiya ntchito yoposa presdent ndukolawa muchimbuzi chazimayi kumachuluka nzeru kuti mumenemu ndizazisa, iwe palibe chanzeru chomwe unganene bora uladi mussa

ChiipiraMbuzi kugundagalu
ChiipiraMbuzi kugundagalu
5 years ago

1. Sometimes, I tend to wonder why people give comments without valid arguments. In the end these brainless fellas always trace back to the move Chakwera made to join politics as point of argument. [ Its water under the bridge] Chakwera is in politics-lets face it : Forget about whatever(Leaving sheep thing). Bring facts here with proper arguments- you don’t even have the guts to judge others anyway. 2. Most of you are saying Chakwera has to bring forward strategies to help government stir the economy back, instead of throwing criticism at the Government. My question is why and for… Read more »

5 years ago

Absultly chakwera wans’t wrong being opposition side realy means he is part of the game he knows what he talking about.”Chakwera!AMP has failed only for 1year and decrare to step down him,yes we agree so you are part of gvt whyn’t derect the presindent to range manner is tym of chances also you opossers you change the way reguard things

5 years ago

Impeach the useless president! We can not have a president whose brains have gathered dust it’s a shame and abomination. Even if voting will be tomorrow lomwe people will still be voting for this useless layman…. For fuck sake’s man, this lunatic needs to go by a bullet or impeachment it doesn’t matter he is a liability to the people and the country.

5 years ago

Thumbs up Chakwera. Tell this good for nothing zinjathropus who call himself APM to pack up his belongings and vacate State House. Mr. APM, it’s good to admit failure. Iwe Pitala mkamwa mopanda manomo usatinyanse namo. chinkhope kunyansa ndi nkati momwe. Chimpazee chenicheni. A good example of human evolution.

5 years ago

Ine sindkuchiona chfukwa chomangolimbana nd nfundo imozmoz yomweyo mmalo mopanga focus on holding hands fo the development of our country. Achakwera as opposition leader why dont u mobilise your fellows to work with tis government ncholinga chot term yao ikatha ngat sanayendese bwino nanu muzalowepo? Musamanamize dziko kut ndinu man of God mmmm! Tiiwale kaye zimenezo coz your speach is full of anger and hatred over this govrnment. you are not electrol body to stop the president from working. Chitukuko chkukanika mMalaw muno chifukwa cha asogoleri ngat inu omangofuna pamwamba bas criticisng fo nothing! Mungozichosera nazo ulemu izi

Bambo a mwana
Bambo a mwana
5 years ago

Yes Chakwera has no experience yobera ndalama za boma ngati APM and his stupid team.

Anthu ena just make comments out of their slumber; tell us what good thing dd your teethless president say in his nation address speech?

U r busy clapping hands for the devil on your empty stomachs. Go to hospital only to be told go buy the dollowing drugs panado inclusive.

one wonders why then is the govt still taxing us while it cannot meet basic social services to its ppo.

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