Chakwera says under Kamuzu there was no ‘Mulakholism’

With the cacophony of accusations levelled against President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government on nepotism and ethnicity favouritism, leader of the opposition Lazarus Chakwera has said founding president Kamuzu Banda w as a unifying pillar who never played a tribal card.

Chakwera and John Tembo at the function

Chakwera and John Tembo at the function

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe greets former presidet Bakili Muluzi at the Kamuzu memorial

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe greets former presidet Bakili Muluzi at the Kamuzu memorial

Chakwera speaking at Kamuzu Day events in Lilongwe on May 14, said Kamuzu’s principles should be embraced by everyone in the pursuit of unity.

“Throughout his rule, Kamuzu emphasised the fact that Malawi is one nation with united people despite cultural diversity. He said there is no Tumbuka, no Chewa, no Lomwe, no Yao, no Sena. He never marginalised people based on tribe and region or religion,” Chakwera pointed out.

Mutharika has come under heavy criticism from opposition in the way he has selected his cabinet and some public appointments. Critics accuse him of practising nepotism by giving top positions in government to people from his southern region, loyalists and his tribesmen.

They argue that the new appointments and cabinet has exposed rationalistic agenda of the DPP-led administration.

The previous DPP government led by Mutharika’s brother, late Bingu wa Mutharika, also faced widespread criticism on nepotism.

In his tribute to Kamuzu, the genuine Ngwazi (Bingu wa Mutharika was a copy-cat Ngwazi), Chakwera argued that because of his love for peace and unity, Malawi has relatively remained united, calm and peaceful even during the most contentious and troubling moments.

According to the Chendawaka Family, May 14 is Kamuzu’s official birthday. It is also a public holiday in Malawi which is set aside to celebrate his life.

, Finance Minister Goodal l Gondwe – who represented President Peter Mutharika – agreed that Kamuzu was a great statesman and that there are “too many” development projects that Kamuzu accomplished which he said are benefitting the nation up to this day.

“We are here in Lilongwe. That’s his creation. We were in Zomba before but he decided that we should be here. Now we have seen how convenient it is [to have the capital city here],” said Gondwe.

He also cited the M1 road, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) and the University of Malawi as some landmark development projects that Kamuzu undertook.

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Vitu Dunga

Dpp Ndiyausilu


We are better off now than during Kamuzu time. Nowadays people have Televisions and are building big houses which was not possible during Kamuzu time. Do not fool us. Zachamba eti?


It’s very unfortunate that comments from our leader in waiting is so nepotistic that I tend to wonder given a chance he will nillate the mulhahhos.Do you expect any vote from mulhahhos? Please be mature.

Ma, your first point I have already responded to that in my earlier posting. Your second point about quota system is not straight forward. Kamuzu had to wait more than 20 years to introduce it in 1988 why? He was too old in his late 80s or early 90s depending on which birthday you take and decisions were mostly being made by the likes of tembo and Cecilia. Just like Ben today !! This was done purely because most of the people threatening the govt and in exile were northerners. It is not because northerners were dominating everywhere, if that… Read more »
cash gate

Amene amatsatila DPP ndi munthu amene ali ndi nzeru zobwerela, sayang’ana patali komanso samaganiza mwakuya za dziko lake. Kumbukani Eviso Matafale, nanga Chasowa osaiwalanso anthu 20 pa 20 july paja. Ndizodabwitsa mukunena kuti MCP inkapha anthu, nanga DPP bwa? nanga UDF bwa? muziyankhula zinthu zolikonda dziko lanu. Umphawi umene unalipo munthawi ya malemu Kamuzu Banda ndi umphawi omwe tili nawo panowu ndizosiyana, umphawi wapanowu ndi woipa kwambiri chifukwa anthu akusowa chakudya chokwanila pamene nthawi ya malemu Kamuzu anthu ankadya ndikukhuta. mmidzimu munali ziweto zochuluka koma lero zinathaitha. Dziwani izi: umodzi, kukhulupilika, kumvera ndi kusunga mwambo, ndizokhazo zingathandize kutukula dziko lathu

I am privilaged to have stayed from one party dictatorship state to multiparty system of government. There has never been a political party in power which has never showed nepotism. Let’s start from Kamuzu era. Kamuzu was nepotismistic. There was a time where by people in the south were killed and exiled because they had the southern accent. At the same time people in the central region were rewarded not because they were most capable but because the were homemates to Kamuzu. People in the North Were also sent back to North because they were northerners. Cashgate was also there.… Read more »
Kamuzu didn’t chase north teachers. He said every teacher should go to their regions. It was for all teachers. It just happened that the other two regions didn’t have many teachers in the north while the north had many teachers in the other two regions. So there were more movements of north teachers returning to the north than the other way round. In other words more north teachers were disturbed than their counter parts. As regards the death of the four ministers, just look where they were killed and it tells you who might have done it. They say a… Read more »

chakwera iweyonso you are tribalistic usaBowe! Remember during the campaign you said MCP is only for the centre and north? What is that? During your tenure as President of AG, you appointed many Tumbuka and Chewa pastors into prosperous churches in towns. Galu iwe! Chifukwa umachinda ku North umakondera atumbuka and you are bent on creating a tribal divide between northeners and southerners to your political advantage: Satana! Umati DPP isankhe agalu inu mu cabinet? Asankhire mantha? Pa mtumbo!


Chakwera I dont agree with you here.

1- Kamuzu chased all teachers from North to go back, where were you? Why only teachers from NORTH sent back? If this is not tribalism, then I need Chakwera’s special dictionally.

2- Kamuzu imposed quoter syystem to sampress the Tumbukas saying they are are getting all places in UNIMA,,,,if this was not tribal tendences, am sorry Abusa, then you need to consult Christ to enlighten you.

I guess 2 examples above are enough.

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