Chakwera storms police station: Activist condemn Malawi crackdown on ‘WhatsApp coup plot’

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera on Sunday evening stormed Kanengo Police station after learning that police has arrested the party member Ulemu Msungama for treason allegations.

Chakwera at police station to see Msungama - Photo tweeted by MP Juliana Lunguzi of MCP

Chakwera at police station to see Msungama – Photo tweeted by MP Juliana Lunguzi of MCP

Msungama, who’s challenging results of Lilongwe City North East election, allegedly insinuated that there should be a regime change through remarks in a leaked WhatsApp group chat

He however claims the WhatsApp messages were doctored to ensure arbitrary arrests for government critics and opposition MCP members.

Chakwera, who has also fingered in state intelligence that he has been plotting a “coup”, went to the Police and wanted to know why Msungama has been arrested.

“I want to know the reasons why Police have detained our member,” said Chakwera.

MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka confirmed said the party is aware of a crackdown on its members ahead of parliament which sits from Monday.

Mkaka said the arrests are clearly being driven by a political agenda to “instil fear in people.”

Meanwhile, MCP publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila is reportedly seeking refuge after being tipped of the arrest.

Msungama: Arrested

Msungama: Arrested

MCP PRO Alekeni Menyani confirmed two police vehicles went to Kabwila’s mother in Area 36 in Lilongwe Saturday evening looking for her but wasn’t there.

Police are also hunting for MCP lawmaker Peter Chakwantha in relation to the ‘WhatsApp coup plot’.

Police spokesman Nicholous Gondwa had no immediate comment.

Arbitrary arrests

Meanwhile, human rights activist Billy Mayaya the “trumped up” charges of treason being directed towards opposition.

“This is in direct contravention of democratic principles and the rule of law.  The use of intimidatory tactics to thwart the flourishing of a free and democratic society where all citizens can air their views is a stain on this current government,” Mayaya told Nyasa Times.

“The fact of the matter is that both verbal and written submissions were made at the PAC conference that reflected a general disquiet with the current government and its handling of the worsening maize shortage as well as issues related to political and economic governance.

Mayaya: Arbitrary arrests unacceptable

Mayaya: Arbitrary arrests unacceptable

“These submissions included a proposal for a government of national unity to be constituted comprising of all political parties in Parliament to affect an inclusive process that would pave way to early elections. In our view this in no way reflects an act of treason but a democratic right and a recommendation that emerged from the PAC conference,” said Mayaya.

MCP spokesperson demanded last week that President Peter Mutharika should resign.

Mayaya urged government to stop arbitrary arrests on critics and opposition as no act of treason was committed.

“We call on government to fulfil its obligations by respecting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of Malawians by facilitating increased availability and access to maize for the thousands of poor and hungry Malawians who are languishing at ADMARC depots in search of food.”

Police say the MCP members were planning to “organise, strategise and implement the removal of the constitutional government of Malawi … the Egyptian way”.

They say the MCP members discussed how to conduct an insurrection similar to Egyptian revolt that brought down Hosni Mubarak after nearly three decades in power.

Police alleged that the WhatsApp participants took turns calling for a revolt against President Peter Mutharika.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with an estimated 75% of the population living on less than $1 (60p) a day.

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Farooq Alubi Noah
People hv got the rights even talking abt to remove the President and his party, and is warsting time to look onto people’s watsapp thats totaly shows that our netwrks hv a big problem with to all management and must be checked. The govment to use the cel netwrks shows that is their main instrument to that they use to steal elections. All parties must take this insue to parliament and investgate the all netwrks in Malawi so that we can be free. Peter must know that every stole property will be found by the owner no matter hw long,… Read more »
Karonga wantendere
Why can the Govenment Go and arest everyone on Facebook’ ? There are people who talks against the president there…i tell you, they even speak bad names to Apm…chifukwa choti akulankhula zakukhosi ndi MCP then u think of alesting them? Let me ask the Govenment to stop confusing us…Malawi believes in A God that listens…Tomorow we will be Free from This, i tell you our God z alive He listens to the voice of Malawians……i ges this is our starting point…i think this is the smoke the Government wanted, there is fire afterwards…. My Advise, plz sitichotsa zisoso za mu… Read more »

Zizindikiro za masiku omaliza

clement nasoro

Our lord Christ Jesus once said abt blind man leading another blind man. Remember that one. That’s what’s happening in Malawi. Pliz my Pple WAKE up. Take this pple out. Burn them alive! Our pple r dying of hunger while them r full. OUT!!!!;


Kodi nkhani ya mid night six ija ili pati?


DPP needs to fix the economy now, kwacha is like zimbabwe dollar, we need to change the governor Chuka it seems he is a PP sympathiser, saku panga chili chonso kwacha yapita mu madzi

His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza
His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza

Malawi is full of stupid people that is why every leader take us for granted, Amen


Nsungama was here!!! kkkkkk

mahomwa Nyika Republic
mahomwa Nyika Republic

time time Egypt WAY KKKKKK


Chuka is the creator of all this economic mess in Malawi, DPP should fire him, kwacha yagwa 167 to 900, nthawi chuka ali governor, Chuka ndi yamat wa JB afuna kwacha agwa anthu aphya ntima ndi DPP, ndi election za 2019 awina PP. Chuka si wathu, za DPP wa oppossition

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