Chakwera’s constituency chair backs calls for MCP convection

Some few members of  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) from Lilongwe North West a constituency  that belongs to leader Lazarus Chakwera, have backed beleaguered party secretary general Gustav to demand for a convention scheduled to take place on July 7.

Handful members in Chakwera’s constituency back convention

Led by their Constituency Chairman, Lupiya Mazoni, said on Monday that they are tired of what is happening in the party especially the suspension of  members which has brought disunity in  the party.

“We need unity and peace back in our party. This is why we are calling for an urgent convention to settle such matters because an individual cannot just wake up and suspend party members. They are violating the party’s constitution,” said Mazoni.

According to Kaliwo, the convention was the supreme verdict of the party in order to settle its wrangles.

MCP was supposed to have a convention in 2018 preparing for 2019 General Elections but Kaliwo said the party urgently needs the convention to end the squabbles and bring peace and unity back.

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14 thoughts on “Chakwera’s constituency chair backs calls for MCP convection”

  1. Ulidele mkulinga utayenda naye says:

    15 of them, all cannot read and write. They were beaten up by votes at elections in the constituency. New blood have taken over. All of the 15 old constituency leaders are over 70 years, why should they stand against their leader, President Chakwera. From reliable sources, these were bribed by K5,000 and a phone each so that they can blindly hold the piece of cloth written with those words. They could not even read what was written of the cloth.
    The wise thing Kaliwo should do is to go to the President and reconcile with him the rest will stop talking. Where is your intelligence Kaliwo. Is this the right time to any intelligent man to bring confusions in the party? Instead of fostering unity, you are bringing confusions. I have been attending, organizing MCP conventions for over 30 years now. Differences that have arose of people who have lost elections are not issues for conventions. Our hope is Chakwera. God is not happy with Malawi because people leading the country are not genuine, they store the leadership and are all corrupt. We need someone like Chakwera, a reveland synonimous to John Chilembwe who was a Reveland. Malawi needs to be lead by God Fearing Leader like Chakwera. 2019 Chakwera Boma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. zebede says:

    zitsilu za nyau,ufiti basi

  3. MCPeeeeeeee, New MCP wina alila pena palipose ngati mwadya za Munthu wina kabwezeni ife aziphudzisi takana ndi chakwera basi mpoto yose mwabweresa ma garimoto kuti mzipasa anthu azipanga maphokoso landilani koma nkhani ndi voti m’bale wanga chipani chanunkha Chanu chi even mwana akukamba za chakwera, ndatha ine wanu wanu wokondedwa bwana kaliwo, zimenezo ine ndazikana ndinga lakwitse anthu atopa ndimavuto mwina angapume ndi achakwera.

  4. mary says:

    Mazoni ndi galu ku school sanapite amanunkha nkamwa ndikumudziwa.

  5. mtete says:

    I am not at all surprised that DPP agents being bribed through Kaliwo are now going flat out bringing confusion in MCP after the Afro Barometer Survey.

    I suspect tobacco sales for this Lupiya Mazoni fellow did not go well and he is trying to make up the loss through bribes. Watch out MCP. DPP agents are all over preying on weak MCP constituency leaders.

    Who fooled this Mazoni guy that conventions are forums for resolving party disputes?

  6. Andrew says:

    Mr Gustav Kaliwo, it is too late to change the swing of the pendulum. Look back at the MCP response to the budget. Very powerful, focused, unbiased and Malawians see all these!

  7. MalawiCrocodileParty says:

    Kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kwachaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Mukhalira zomwezo licking your wounds of defeat for five years, then another five years, then another five years, then another five years and so on and so on. Mukatero then kumakhoti ngati Livingstonia Synod.

  8. Mgoloso says:

    MCP at its best with misunderstandings since 2014 elections than any other period before. JZU practised mature politics. People who only wanted to reap the party of its resources, the likes of Chakwera and Mkaka, are the ones bringing problems.

    Let us not talk of DPP here – mukalephera kukonza za m’nyumba mwanu musaloze chala anthu ena. Just fix your problems period.

    Is it DPP that removed the other MCP members from the party? It is Chakwera!!!!!!!!!!!. Please call a spade a spade

  9. mtumbuka says:

    Whether ur bribed to bring confunsion in this partyMCP we say NO to your convetion thing. Be minded that If Chakwera seive to be MCP president, we will also stop being MCP members

  10. Njolinjo says:

    Very sorry that these constituency chairmen don’t see that the more they receive cash from Gustavo and his DPP accomplices the more they make Dr Laz a very loved and popular man by Malawians of goodwill. So I suggest that these brainless accusers should continue with their backwardness while MCP is moving forward at a much higher speed.

  11. Richard Soko says:

    Who had advised Kaliwo that party’s administrative problems are resolved at a Convention? Such issues are resolved at General Conferences. MCP is now poised on a winning posture therefore cannot be tempering with current leadership structures

  12. h says:

    Convention mwawona kale kuti Chakwera adzaluza? Kuganiza mopusa kwambiri

  13. Maunits says:

    There is peace in our party but nkholokolo have no chance. This is new MCP and has its calender of events. The concvention can not be called without being endorsed by the president never and let me tell nkholokolo Kaliwo that splash the money that you have been sponsored by the dpp and MCP is intact we are not shaken at all. All Malawians are happy with Chakwera and not anybody even your financier Pitala Malawians dont want him.

  14. Harawara says:

    Who told these unbapatized pagans that a convention is a panacea for party problems. Conventions are strategic, expensive and regulated. You can not wake up one morning with dreams about nyau chasing you and say lets hold a convention now so that we put back old frail chairmen back in the seats? If improperly done conventions can wreak a party and lay it asunder. When UDF held its convention Bingo was forced on the pipo. Recall what happened to UDF. It is now a very sick party in Malawi. It has no future and no direction. DPP has torn in apart and will swallow its pieces before May 2019. PP failed because it had hastily put wrong pipo in strategic positions and they failed. MCP must learn from these failures and not copy them. Analyze your constituency problems well enough to see how to deal with them. If every time there is misunderstanding in area party committee you call for convention how many of such conventions will be holding in a year. And what is so special with the old disgraced chairmen and GS. Are they indispensable and lifeline of the party. Can they not serve the party without being in positions. The party needs fresh blood as it prepares to lead a government from ICU. Malawi’s political land scap changed and it requires leaders who can see a good future and interpret it to Malawians. We need hope and not hopelessness. Leave the old chairs, they did they part.

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