Chaponda backer named in ‘Tevetgate’ scandal

A woman who came out strongly backing Minister of Agricuture, Irrigation and Water Development  George Chaponda in the infamous ‘maizegate’ saga has herself been named in the K2.4 billion ‘Tevetgate’ scandal.

Chauluka: On forced leave

Joyce Chitsulo held a news conference a fortnight  ago along with Chief Kaomba of Kasungu attacking other local civil society organisations and non governmental organisations of wasting money in attacking Chaponda whom they said was innocent in the whole Zambia maize saga.

Chitsulo said she single handedly funded the news conference.

It has now transpired that Chitsulo is the founder and executive director of Tsogolo Langa Skills Development Project which got an illegal funding of K2.4 billion from Tevet which has led to the forced leave of Tevet executive director Ndione Chauluka and two others.

Nyasa Times investigations show that Chauluka, director of Training Programs Modesto Gomani and director of Finance Elwin Sichola agreed with Chitsulo to siphon off the money from Tevet.

She then founded the Tsogolo Langa Skills Development centre in her home district, Neno which has been used as a conduit for the Tevet stolen money.

It is yet to be seen how Chaponda will bail her out probably in a scratch my back because I scratched yours deal.

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Joyce another idot


There is more about Dr Chauluka. In colussion with Mr Kamanga a DS in Labour and the Minister they are stealing through a Mr Bonongwe of Bonongwe Building Construction Company. On Friday Kamanga and Bonongwe locked themselves in sharing cash. Kamanga is also doing the same with Mr Josia Banda and other supplies. You will be amazed how Bonongwe got MK108 Million. This was shared. among the three. I will tell more through the Nation and Daily Timed.

There is more to this. TEVETA has also been used to as a cash cow by Dr Chauluka, Mr Kamanga the DS in the Ministry of Labour and apparently Hon Henry Mussa through Bonongwe Building Construction Company. On Thursday Mr Bonongwe and Mr Kamanga locked themselves in Kamanga’s office sharing money. From there Bonongwe went to the Ministers office. Every officer in Labour fears Bonongwe as he reports directly to the Minister. I will reveal more about the whole scam particularly the manner in which Bonongwe got his cheque worth MK108 million and how Kamanga has been fooling the PS… Read more »
Tree gate

I know this will not add to anything, but plz assist me. kodi mitengo ankati agawa last year yija anagawa? I can also smell tree gate here……


Dr Ndione Chauluka; its time to be dissecondment and come back to Poly and face Mr Moses who you through Chair Chilinde forced out of Teveta as Director of Admin. Now Moses is Poly University registrar and you wil not escape his muscle

Silver Jubilee

First it was a 24 million funding for a Skills Development Project in T/A Kabudula, Lilongwe. Then i started wondering seeing this woman building a very big house in Area 25 Sector 4 to my utter surprise as to where she is getting all the money. She single handled funded several church evangelistic crusades. I knew something is wrong. This woman is so persistent to the extent of sleeping with an AFRICCI official MR……tha (i deliberately skipped the first part) just to get funding. Oh shame to my people

Chimzimu Chonyasa

It is sad that this lady has been active in funding church programs single handedly to the surprise of many who know her poor background. May God help us live according to His commandments!


We should now clearly see that all those who back the DPP and Chaponda on theft and corruption allegations do so to protect self interests because they know each other. Others simply clap hands blindly but others have been saying it that anthuwa ndi amodzi, even Peter the president himself is a culprit. Ena kumatsutsa.

Mtanga Laston

Zinazi nkungofuna kutchukisa chaponda kapena kufuna kuononga dzina la chaponda.chili chonse chaponda .Amalawi timakonda kukokomeza ma rumours koma kuti umboni upelekedwe aliyense chekacheka.Lembani nkhani zomwe muli ndi umboni wake osalemba nkhani kufuna kugulitsa malonda.


Why are we destroying our country my fellow countrymen, Corruption will take us nowhere. I feel sorry of the President Peter Muthalika seems has lost direction to steer the country out of poverty.

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