Chiefs attack Malawi Police: Declare ‘catch scorch crusade’ in Ndirande

Honeymoon for Malawian criminals, particularly those ‘plying their trade’ in Blantyre city’s populous township, Ndirande, appear to be over. At least if what some traditional leaders in the area have declared is anything to go by.

Ndirande is Malawi’s most popular township for its all sorts of immoral activities and drained by this, chiefs and residents have warned to deal with the criminals in their own manner.

Residents in the populous and most feared location have heaped blame on lackluster functioning by the police in the area, they have described as the most corrupt and unprofessional for deliberately letting crime to thrive.

The chiefs have since said they will end crime in their own style, unless the law enforcers stop conniving with the criminals and start giving them dosage of deterrents.

Scotching mob justice being promoted by chiefs in Ndirande if Police continue to be lax
Scotching mob justice being promoted by chiefs in Ndirande if Police continue to be lax

Making the declaration, a spokesperson for Chief Somanje of Ndirande, while bemoaning the rising crime rate in the township, blasted the law enforcers for conspire with the thugs.

He said criminal acts in the township will not end as long as police do not change their conduct, which has made the residents to lose trust in them.

Said he: “Residing in this township has completely become a nightmare, we are living at the mercy of lawbreakers who when we catch and hand them to police, you get surprised that even before you reach your home, they are back in the streets and terrorize you more.

“And from now onwards, criminals take care! Once we capture you, tikuvekani tayala loyatsa moto kuti anzanu atengerepo phunziro. Ngati pano mulipo mwazimvera nokha. Ngati palibe mukawauze akubawo kuti tiwaveka tayala lamoto, tatopa nawo, (we will put around your neck a burning tyre to act as a lesson to would-be other criminals. If you are around take care, if we don’t have any tell them, we are tired),” he said amid handclapping and ululation from the people who gathered at Chinseu area in the township to mourn one of their kinsmen.

Turning to the law enforcers, the chief’s spokesperson wondered why they fail to deal with the criminals.

“Where is justice? Why do police just let these criminals loose yet people are being terrorized, tortured and live in fear. What’s their duty then?” wondered the traditional leader.

An unidentified preacher at the funeral also took her time to warn law breakers through her quoting of biblical verses.

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