Chihana says Malawi needs strong leadership to deal with economic turmoil

Alliance for Democracy (Aford ) president Enoch Chihana has said Malawi needs a strong and visionary leadership to deal with the current economic and political problems rocking the impoverished southern African nation.

Chihana:  Malawi needs strong leadership

Chihana: Malawi needs strong leadership

“We need the leadership that can sit down and examine each sector critically and find solutions for each and every problem. That is the only way Malawi can get out of its problems,” said Chihana Monday.

Without directly referring to the Peter Mutharika administration, Chihana said there was no way one person or group can manage to deal with the current woes.

The lone Aford legislator in the National Assembly then paid tribute to former head of state Joyce Banda for incorporating him into the government of national unity which she formed soon after the collapse of the Democratic Progressive Party government following the sudden death of late president, Bingu wa Mutharika.

“I made several proposals to government when I was minister of youth and sports. I proposed an internship programme for graduates so that they would have been placed in government as they waited employment elsewhere. I proposed that former MYP bases turn into agricultural schools where our youth could go and learn agriculture instead of loitering around. i made many proposals, they are there at the ministry,” said Chihana whose party, at its peak in 1994 swept all 33 parliamentary seats in the north.

However, Chihana was still upbeat that one day he will be elected president of the country and his party will be the ruling party.

He said Aford has now brilliant ideas and ideologies very attractive to Malawians.

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Chakufwa what are you talking about? You and Amai were in government for 2 years, what have you done to Malawians and to our economy.

People like you Enoch couldnot stand before the August House to speak about strong Leadership.

Who is a strong leader?
Answer: Is a leader who talk to Donors in a right way for resumption of donor aid but at the back convine with thugs to rob what he/she is suppose to look after = $30 million = mk20 billion within 2 years a shame to Chihana mathematics of Strong Leaders

When Britain went to war with Germany in 1939 a government of national unity, a coalition, was set up to tackle the problems the country would face. In its present state of virtual collapse Malawi would certainly benefit from a government of national unity. The DPP are clearly unable to deal with the problems facing the country. Unfortunately APM is too attached to his position as President and does not seem to want to put the needs of the country before his love of power and prestige. Having stolen the election that put him in power he is clearly unwilling… Read more »
fathi shehaab

Mr chihama is a patriot just leki wakudakamamga prosal sensible to cpol heads…..nazoni!

Joyce Mmbava Yayikulu
Joyce Mmbava Yayikulu

Mukufuna amwalirenso ndani kuti mtumbuka wina alamulire . Mpakana mbwenumbweni kuzalamulira mtsogoleri, over my dead body


I wadada mbwe kalimeni waka , palije ichi mukuchitapo


Building Castles in the air.


A Malawi tsankho bwanji? atumbaka this atumbaka that tinalakwanji abale. A yuda ku ulaya navutika kwambiri chifukwa cha khalidwe la tsankho mukuchita anzathunu. Izi sizikusiyana ndi NAZISM ku Germany. Tsiku lidzafika mulungu akadza loza kuti atumbuka alamulire. Basangalalani anzathunu.


Did you know that Enock Chihana repeated form 4 four times to pass his MSCE?


who is Chihana that can contriibute something to malawians ?

Peter Mathanyula

Analephera malemu a befu kukhala president, nanga iwe uyambira pati????

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