Chikhwawa district council vote to forcibly evict people from low lands

Chikhwawa district council has resolved, through a vote to forcibly remove people from low lands to upper land where government allocated them land in view of the forthcoming massive floods expected to hit the district this month.

Chief Lundu:  Votes
Chief Lundu:  Deal with Illovo

Only Chief Lundu voted against the use of the police to force the people go upper land, angrily accusing Illovo of digging canals for sugar irrigation that he said flood villages.

“If they have issues, they should deal with Illovo, not the innocent people,” said Chief Lundu.

However chiefs Ngabu, Chapananga, member of parliament for Chikhwawa west Kennedy Maluwa and district commissioner Bester Mandele over ruled chief Lundu.

The vote was carried and all except Chief Lundu agreed to use force to evict people from the low lands prone to flooding.

Last year, a dozen people died there due to floods and displaced thousands of people who depended on relief food and other basics of life. Some say people of Nsanje and Chikwawa go to flood prone areas deliberately to get sympathy during floods so that they are given relief items.

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5 years ago

Lundu in south? Kuzolowera kulandira zaulere asena…mtundu wodabwitsa kodi where are their origins? They should return back to the country of their origins koma akamapita awatengeko alomwe ndi midyomba. Malawi is failing to develop because of these three tribes.

5 years ago

Bravo Lundu for reading between gouvernment eyes.
In fact this is the way gouvernment is using to grab lands.
Mvula ikazatha, muzapesa Illovo yazalako mizimbe kumeneko.

Billy Chilewani
5 years ago

Well done Chikhwawa District council. FORCE THEM OUT of the flood prone areas. Only those genuinely involved in disaster deserve govt. assistance. I believe your sister district
Nsanje shall follow suit. Year in year out floods in the lower shire valley. Thanks for being pro-active. Should you need the military to assist you in forciful evacuation just inform the Head of state for his go ahead.

5 years ago

People should be safe either by force or otherwise

5 years ago

Lundu ndi mchewa wanyau wachabechabe! He benefits when there are floods as his people give him 10% of whatever they get from government and other wellwishers!

He should be dethroned!!!!

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