Chikwawa DC warns irresponsible leadership: Council elects new chair

In a bid to promote fairness and harmony in management of public resources, Chikwawa District Commissioner has warned all leaders in the district to trade carefully in all government programs and other initiatives by various organizations.

DC Mandere: Warns
DC Mandere: Warns
New  Chikwawa council chair (left) and the vice
New Chikwawa council chair (left) and the vice

Bester Mandere, Chikwawa District Commissioner made the remarks during a full council meeting which was held at Chikwawa Secondary School on Tuesday.

The warning comes at a time when there are reports of mismanagement of public resources in various councils in the country as well as the misconduct by some local leaders in programs meant for communities.

For example, some village headmen in the district have been demanding money from a social cash transfer beneficiaries citing an incident at Ndakwera area where a village headman snatched away money amounting to K15, 0000 from the K33, 400 a household received from the social cash transfer initiative.

Such malpractices are said to be high in the areas of chief Ndakwera, Mulilima and Masache warning that he will not spare anyone caught derailing government interventions which are aimed at reducing poverty among rural communities.

“I call upon my fellow leaders to make sure that beneficiaries are the ones benefitting from the programs meant for them. There have been other leaders that have demanded half even more than that from beneficiaries which is a bad conduct from a good leader.

“There have been other people who were involved in the mess and have accepted the wrong doing believe you me once caught, we will not favour you but you will be arrested. I will take any Group Village Head, Village Head or anyone to task who tampers with government programs and the initiatives meant for other beneficiaries. I have made it clear here let’s follow proper procedures.” indicated Mandere.

The district commissioner added that as another intervention of distributing food to over 43, 000 ultra poor families begins this coming October, there is need for chiefs to be exemplary and try their best to desist from corrupt practices.

Chairmanship elections

After one year in office, Chikwawa council members have elected new chair and his vice to manage the affairs of the council for another period of office.

In his remarks before the elections were conducted, Chikwawa District Commissioner, Mandere asked the council members who included members of parliament as well as councilors to base their votes on individuals who would move the council to another level and not based on personal hates.

Mandere said: “Lets elect a person that will help our council move forward and don’t personalize your votes. Your voting should not be based on personal relationship or hate but on a true sense of leadership that will see us as Chikwawa develop positively.”

As a means of ensuring smooth and thorough voting, council members were given blank papers where they were asked to put a name they voted for with a close supervision of the District Nice Trust Officer, Joseph Chamambala just to make sure the elections were fair.

During the announcement of results, Councilor Betason Tito was elected council chair for Chikwawa District Council with 12 votes against Dyson Manjolo who got 5 votes seconded by Davie Jossamu who got 13 votes as his vice against Collex Nankumba who scored 4 votes.

Both Manjolo and Nankumba were voted out of the council’s chairmanship which they held for one year in a voting segment by the MPs as well as councilors.

In his acceptance speech, Tito appreciated the outgoing team whom he described them as confident and a people of no personal grudges.

He said: “I will work by proceeding from where my fellow colleague stopped, I will ask from other people where I don’t understand and above all I believe to work with the help of God and I am very ready to be corrected wherever necessary.”

Chikwawa DC then further wished the newly elected team all the best whilst advising them to take their roles seriously.

“I would urge you to hold your roles seriously and not rush or delay in issues of importance for a positive result of our council.” he said.

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6 years ago

Bester is one of the competent DC i have known. Wherever he has been people do not want him to leave. This cool guy may have his personal problems but he was born a leader. KEEP IT UP

6 years ago

A Mandere,mpaka na suit mmene kukutenthera ku Chikhwawa muja ?

Chikuse Jere
Chikuse Jere
6 years ago

Wayamba kale kunjenjemera?MP Kennedy Maluwa mpaka kamapeni yokana kukhala ndi council chair ku constituency kwanu,ufiti kapena chani,mukuopa Manjolo nanga akabwera ena aja bwa?1219 Maluwa paulendo basi.

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