Chikwawa Secondary School boarding facilities not fit for purpose- Alumni

Chikwawa Secondary School Alumni Association has described the state at which the school is as worrisome and de-motivating to most students, saying it is no fit for purpose as boarding institution.

Chikwawa secondary school hostels

Chikwawa secondary school hostels

Rudi: School is not fit for purpose

Rudi: School is not fit for purpose

During the visit by the Alumni to the school recently, it was revealed that the school infrastructure is very old, classes’ condition is poor, the windows are broken, and the laboratory has nothing in it for experiment which most students find it very difficult to do science practical lessons.

“If students have to perform better we expect a provision of these things because even when we look at the library we have here in the campus, there are no books in it. The school is not fit for a boarding school and students are at risk according to the assessment we have made to the hostels, classes and many other places we have checked,” said Kingsley Norman Rudi, president of the Alumni Association.

He said “We have not come here as donors but we wanted to appreciate the situation students are going through and help voice out their concerns because we know and believe there are people out there, government and other companies who would wish to come and assist.”

Rudi said there was a need for the improvement of the school so that teachers as well as students were all motivated and committed to the school.

“We are going back to the drawing board and have strategic plan where we will look at a challenge one by one because we are worried also looking at the fact that the statistics indicate that this year no student has been selected to a university from the school and previous performances have not been very positive.

“But the major concern here is that the school has no fence which mostly puts the lives of our students at stake and thus as alumni we will firstly consider to make sure that security wise of the school is enhanced,” he added.

On their part, Godfrey Richard and Suzen Mitiwi both Chikwawa Secondary School prefects said the problems revealed were indeed issues of concern to the students at the school, adding the instutition has no car to refer student patients to the hospital which is at a distance of 2 Kilometers.

The students said during rainy season, the hostels lik which most of the time affect them and that the school has no borehole which would assist them when there is no running water from the taps a thing that negatively affect their health.

While acknowledging the problems faced by the institution, Head teacher of the school Flora Kaphamtengo said government was aware of the problems as her school received the inspection teams and that at any time to come, the school will undergo major rehabilitation works.

She said the coming in of the alumni was a welcome development as most students were motivated by most high official figures holding various positions both in government and other NGOs who form part of the association.

Kaphamtengo added:“The fact that we don’t have a fence should not make students misbehave but rather be responsible enough to police themselves.”

On top of the items the alumni gave to students such as 50 kilograms of rice, 28 crates of soft drinks and 7 goats they also organized lunch together with students.

Chikwawa Secondary School was opened in 1967 and according to reports it has never gone under any maintenance and has so far about 400 students.

Some of the officials that form part of the alumni association include; Simon Sikwese who is the Executive Director of Pakachere, Grain Malunga who is Senior Advisor of Paladin Africa, Steward Ligomeka Principal Secretary for Housing, Dr Geofrey Kananji Country Director of Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa, Dr Martin Mwayiponya owner of Heart for Life Hospital in Lilongwe as well as Professor Fanuel Lampiyawo who is Dean of Students at College of Medicine among others.

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Primary Schools do afford brick fences. Surprising!


Akakhala Grain Malunga kuumila kwabasi

lonjezo mainjeni

ndaphunzirapo ine pamenepo koma anthu dyera funding imabwera but thy put on there pocket kuzunza chilengedwe

Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri
Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri

Rudi polish kapena chani? While you are thinking of maintaining the school also tame your piston. Leave other peoples wives alone. Never ever pester me again. Am married to handsome youngman. Concentrate on your wife.


Guys, aluminous grp ndi yonse koma inu mwanyanya! Kungonyamula zongokukwanani pa lunch, kulalalata lalata wautali! Aaaah at least konzani pogomphokapo msangamsanga. Isiiiii


Ndinaona ati ku ma hostel madzi akumabafa ku ma toilet akulowa ku ma room.ndimakhala ku zomba naziona pamene ndimakagwira ncthito zina 2014.Kumati mwana ali ku xool kumeneko? Bola pa community.NDIKONYASA NDIKUTI .

Chikwawa and Nsanje are the most neglected places as far as Schools are concerned. These districts have no National Secondary or Govt assisted mission Schools, as a result these districts have been neglected thru and thru and there is a very bad prejudice against these schools at the Ministry of Education. The people from these districts have suffered discrimination in Malawi, this happens in work places also. There are also very intelligent people there but due to difficulties in accessing good schools most of the people are struggling to get a decent education. Those that are in Authority must see… Read more »

All this is happening because of sick minds and lazy bodies. It is just like building a house for your sister and expecting you to come a be sweeping every day.
I remember when I was at the primary school during the 60s to 70s, we used to pay building fund on top if school fees. This was being banked and was used for maintenance when need arose. We had school boards which ensured the schools received attention at all times.
You still expect the government to fend for you really?

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