Chimunthu back in DPP fold, considered for running mate in 2019 polls

Former National Assembly Speaker Henry Chimunthu Banda is back in the fold of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) after taking a back seat in active politics since he was defeated  by President Peter Mutharika at the first ever party convention in April 2013.

Chimunthu Banda has re-appared on the scene

Chimunthu Banda has reappeared on the scene and is said to be considered as Mutharika’s running mate for 2019 elections

Chimunthu lost to Mutharika 73 to 1 266 votes but said despite facing “intimidation” and other setbacks, he contested for the party presidency to “see democracy work both inside and outside the party.”

After the convention in 2013, Chimunthu Banda went into political hibernation but now the party has reached out to him and is back in the frontline politics.

Chimunthu, a generally respected figure, has been seen in public recently attending Mutharika’s events.

“Viewed as a clean and sober, he hails from Central Region. Many think his appearance a signal that he may become running mate for Mutharika in the next elections, with the aim of countering the MCP’s Reverend Lazarus Chakwera, who is currently dominate in the Central Region,” Africa Confidential reports on the matter.

The influential governance publication reported that DPP has “officially dumped” Vice President Saulos Chilima, citing President’s spin doctor Bright Molande openly telling colleagues that Chilima was “hired for consultancy and paid as Vice-President for five years.”

Chilima, described by Africa Confidential as “a popular figure”, has seen his office budget cut and Public Service Reform removed from his portfolio and returned to Mutharika’s office where a close ally Seodi White is in-charge.

“DPP officials accuse Chilima of having ambitions to take over from Mutharika, a position they expect a Lhomwe to fill,” reports Africa Confidential.

Until Chimunthu re-appeared on the scene, the conventional wisdom was that Mutharika would pair with United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi who is Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in the Mutharika 20-member cabinet, as his running mate in the 2019 polls.

Now, however,  Muluzi has been addressing UDF political rallies touting to make the party which ruled Malawu from 1994 to 2005 great again but maintains his agenda for ‘Malawi First’ with his slogan ’ Dzuka Malawi, Dzuka.’

During the DPP indaba in 2013 Chimunthu Banda was attacked by a Blue Revolution, a four-page publication distributed to all delegates at the start of the convention, blamed the former  Speaker for “indecisiveness”, alleging that he was nowhere near the party at the time people were deserting it.

“He hid in the sanctuary of the neutrality of the Speaker Office yet his predecessors, honourables Louis Chimango, Sam Mpasu and the late Rodwell Munyenyembe used to identify themselves with their parties outside Parliament…,” the publication said.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said he could not comment on the issue of running mate, saying it was a prerogative of a presidential candidate to choose a preferred deputy.

Kasaila said the re-appearing of Chimunthu Banda indicates that DPP remains popular and still attracting political gurus.

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24 thoughts on “Chimunthu back in DPP fold, considered for running mate in 2019 polls”

  1. Mndambala boy says:

    Do you want to tell me that Chimunthu Banda sakudziwa kuti DPP just want to use him? Why we people from Central timakonda kugwiritsidwa ntchito? Chimunthu are your serious? Mutu waukulu ngati Dzungu sumaganiza eti? Aaaaàaaaaah Chimunthu chilibe zeru ntchito eti? Umphawi Kodi? What’s wrong with you? Malawi is not for only you guys!!!! Enough of these fools, Young men and women let’s not allow this stupid spirit in our Country, why the same people running our Country like they are the only ones in this country? No no no no no! Nkhalamba izi zikapume, zipume ndipo zisabwereso . Chimunthu why why why?

  2. bentby says:

    Hello Ada foster chimunthu Banda, ini nge mubali winu waku kaongozi, ndikupemphani chondi kusele DPP chaaa, kumbi mukondwa ndi unkhungu apanga alhomwe awa, kumbi mukondwa ndi masuzgu ngo tikumana nangu? Magesi kubuka usiku peee, apenja kukugwirisani waka ntchitu nge po apangiya ndi grace chiumia, kumuumiliza kuti wakambi ndi wanthu akumupoto kuti asamusiyeku refugee camp. Saniyani chipani chinyaki not Devilish progressive party.

  3. winston msowoya says:

    Chimunthu Banda,you have dipped your whole head in hot water and that is your tragic and foolish end.Why in towards the end of your brilliant political standing,you opted to align yourself with the most hopeless and hated Head of State Peter Muthalika? Chimunthu,you have lost your personality standing and the wide range of respect you commanded throughout the country,politically,you are done.To Malawians,you are another thief and a tribalist that they will never again trust you.AFORD has many capable people who can navigate the Party to a sweep in Northern Region and negociate with the MCP to form a UNITED FRONT.Time has come for Northerners to sweepout political jealousies and tighten our vigour to dominate all the Seats in the North as we did in the first multi-party election.We have good and decent leaders such as Frank Mwenefumbo,A.Kapote Mwakasungura,Thandika Mkandawire,Felic Munthali,Nyagondwe and many others,I would have included Kachale,but he is corrupt and money lover.Northerners,it can be done,play your part.

    1. Dzimwale wamkulu says:

      Chimunthu by coming back to SUPPORT the party that has made him what he is today is a good and wise decision; and that is healthy for our mighty DPP and Malawi. So saying he could have form his own party or join these king maker groupings of the north is a laughing matter, coz the so called gurus of north lined up are such just on paper, inu just support the winning parties and dont ever dream of any party in north taking all parliamentary seats, no! NEVER!

  4. Joseph says:

    I am also coming from south but do not be fooled that if u pair with khumbo,kamlepo,Uladi,sidick,manganya nd chakwera can make it mmmmm.Remember the more u agree to defeat Dpp,the greater the chance of winning for the Dpp bcz u cant expect Uladi , Mia nd kamlepo or khumbo to speak with one voice so craks will be there then people wont believe their mission.Let mcp nd Dpp fight in 2019 nd see which party wins.Chimunthu is good but he wont chabge anything the best will be Atupele nd Chilima.

  5. KAONGOZI says:


  6. Mukanya says:


    1. ellias says:

      @ Makanya, you are right!

  7. kukhala says:


  8. mtete says:

    it’s nice to know Chimunthu is back in DPP because he, as a minister responsible at the time,will assist with investigations into how Malawi was short changed on royalties during Kayerekera negotiations. If you ask me, he will be dumped soon after elections just like Chilumpha, Joyce Banda and, recently, Chilima .This is if, and a big If, they win in 2019. Can’t Chimunthu see DPP just wants to use him? Remember APM’s remark during the run up to DPP leadership? ‘He is Mtonga’

  9. chakwira says:

    i support your point #chibalo if hon chakwera can take nkhumbo am telling you hon chakwera will win and chakwera has my support already #mcp 2019 boma

  10. Yahya Jammeh says:

    So, Atupele is as daft as a chicken which will eat its own eggs when it is hungry? What does he mean by “Malawi first ” as if there is any country outside that benefits from Malawi’s assistance. Why not not say “Kapoloma first” to sound rational? The young man must be original and be creative. When Trump keeps saying America first, he means that America must be prioritized to enjoy their own resources before sharing them with poor countries like Malawi that ends up stealing those resources. To talk about Chimunthu counterring Chakwera, that could be a very misplaced calculation because Chilima is very vibrant and with fresh ideas and also from the Centre as compared to Chimunthichi. There is literally nothing that Chimunthu will offer to DPP., let alone to the Malawi nation. He is coming back because he has seen kuba kwaphweka. He lied to us that he was quiet because he was writing a book, let him show us the book that he has written. This is a mere Diploma secondary school teacher and what kind of a book can he write? Is it in English, Chichewa or Chitonga or he hired the inteligentia to write for him the way Bakili did to involve university lectures and then claimed ownership of the book? I wonder if there will be anybody reading that book, it cannot even find its way into the shelves of community libraries. I will rule Gambia for a billion years.

  11. CARLOS says:


  12. Bouncing back of Chimunthu will not add any value to Dpp and MCP will not be shaken at all, Nobody can beat MCP in the Central Region, Hertherwick Ntaba failed already and Who is Chimunthu Banda? Chilima has been used to protect the interest of Amahito, Unya uwona,

  13. The Analyst says:

    Chimunthu Banda back into DPP? Ha! Laughable! Kodi inu . . .
    . . . Is it not Chimunthu Banda who, after serving as speaker, said could no longer contest as an MP, since that would be a demotion for him?
    . . . Was this not a betrayal of one’s thought-process since a Speaker is just an MP who is given the task of controlling the affairs of the house?
    . . . And what did he do next, if not aspire to be DPP’s torch bearer? And lost to APM?
    . . . And what happened next, if not go into exile, as he could not live with the shame?
    . . . Now he is back just because he smells the vice presidency? Ha!
    Some things are very clear:
    . . . You see, Chimunthu carries himself as a very humble person but truth is, he is arrogant (could no longer serve as an MP).
    . . . Just like in many people, there are some elements of greed in him (coming back after a promise of vice presidency) and cowardice (going into exile after defeat).
    However, in his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela likens leadership to shepherding: “The shepherd stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realising that all along they are being directed from behind.”
    . . . Thus, “One does not need a position of authority or a fancy title to be a great leader.” As long as you are good at what you do hence command people’s attention and respect, you can be a leader, regardless of your title or position.
    . . . If indeed Chimunthu was a leader, he could therefore not have refused to go back and contest as an MP, even as Councillor since it all entails serving the people. After all, “Power is given to those who are ready and willing to lower themselves and pick it up.” – Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings).
    . . . Chimunthu should not have flown into hiding on the wings of shame/embarrassment from the election’s defeat. Otherwise, he only managed to expose the coward he is. After all, no any sane person expected him to win (against APM), anyway.
    . . . He should have known that great leaders accept defeat and learn to cope and live with the shame.
    After all, it is from defeat (poverty) that we learn more, than from victory (riches).

  14. When commenting don’t fool yourself that Manganya and Sidik Mia can change blue color in the southern part. Using last elections when DPP was out of ruling you will find out that it was able to vanquish some parts in the central and North while none of the party made it through in south . So if this was happening while it was out of power what about now? obvious there will be massive destruction. A REMINDER ; SINCE DPP CAME IN POWER IT HAS NEVER LOST ANY ELECTION TO ANY PARTY.

  15. mwachumu chipala says:

    If only this country can rally around Chimunthu’s ideas big strides of development can be made. His type of leadership is just and inclusive!

  16. mwachumu chipala says:

    If only our country can rally around Chimunthu’s ideas this county can make big strides of development. His type of leadership is just and inclusive.

  17. mwachumu chipala says:

    If only our country can rally around Chimunthu’s ideas this country can take big strides of development. He has a just and inclusive type of leadership, this country need desperately at this moment

  18. Achimidzimidzi says:

    To say Dr. Chilima was hired as a consultant it’s being unfair and rude. Can a consultant get VP’s salary and benefits.

  19. ungwelu says:

    CHIMUNTHU BANDA …………………………………………WHAT A WASTE

  20. If I were Chimunthu I would reject any advances from DPP. These people are good at using someone and the dump him as long as they have achieved their mission. Examples are ther to see, Kassim Chilumpha, Joyce Banda and now Chirim. what assurance does Chimunthu have that he’ll survive in the blue cump.

  21. Chibalo says:

    Chimunthu Banda can only win in his constituency. DPP can only amass some votes in Nkhotakota because people there have respect for Chimunthu Banda. What a mistake to allow him become a running mate.Central region as a whole belongs to MCP and there is absolutely none who can change that. In fact this time around,MCP will sweep massively all the votes than last time because of the failure by the President to ran this country seriously.

    DPP has goofed big time by roping in Chimunthu as this will NOT and i repeat this,NOT change/affect MCP. DPP because of your tribalistic agenda, you are failing to accept that the North should be your target because of over 1.5 millions votes that will come from that side?
    Can you imagine if you paired with either Khumbo or Frank Mwenefumbo, you would sway the Northern vote big time.

    DPP, i want to tell you that this time around, you will lose the elections for ignoring the North.Karonga, Chitipa and part of Mzimba supported you in the last elections but now MCP has taken over the region.It will be tough for you, really really tough for you.
    MCP you could take advantage of this by roping in Khumbo who is generally considered big Fish in the region.Generally there is none at the moment who is bigger than Khumbo. Go rush for him please.On the other hand, if you rope in Sidik Mia, you are also okay and you could also disturb the Eastern region a bit because of his religion.
    Rush and pair with Change goal again despite his untrustworthy behaviour but he knows politics in Malawi.

    When you do this Chakwera please read this comment, you will win.Consider also Manganya ndi misala yake ija komanso Kamlepo.Wamisala ndiamene amaona nkhondo.

    1. ALINAFE PHIRI says:


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