Chinese miner warned on Malawi uranium mine at Kayerekela

Some concerned parties in Karonga say they don’t want to see Chinese Uranium Miner, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), to start operations at the Kayerekela Uranium Mine without a clear Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Simsokwe: This time action will speak

Simsokwe: This time action will speak

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga

Kayelekera Uranium Mine, Karonga

Kayerekela Mine has reportedly been sold CNNC by former miner, Paladin Africa Limited (PAL), whose license technically expired in 2014 after a ten year period.

In December 2015, Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mines principal secretary Ben Botolo confirmed to local press about PAL selling the mine despite the latter refuting.

Nyasa Times understands that CNNC wishes to commence operations this May, a development that has sent shrugs of fear among some people of Karonga.

A Karonga resident, Mathews Mhango, said they were “aware that a Chinese company wants to start its operations on the mine and that it has sent some of our leaders to talk to us on the same.”

Mhango vowed they were ready to deal with the company if it failed to abide by their demands which includes fulfilling a MoU and keeping them well informed on all developments.

Karonga Youth for Justice and Development (KYJD) executive director, Steve Simusokwe, has corroborated Mhango’s sentiments saying “this time action will speak because they have insulted us enough.”

Meanwhile, neither PAL nor CNNC has issued a statement on the matter.

In 2014, Kayerekela Mine was placed under care and maintenance following dwindling global uranium prices.

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Winston Msowoya
It is pity and disgusting to see what is happening in Karonga and the whole North. If Kanyama Chiume,Dunduzu Chisiza,Orton Chirwa , and Levy Zililo Mumba come back to earth,they would happily prepare to go back to their graves for what they would have seen..Frankly,the North as of the present day,there is no authentic leadership they are just the same as those from the South and Central and that they must stop this business of NYIKALAND federalism and tow the line.All potential leaders who could take over from the ex-Ministers who were indeed,the pride and brains of our whole nation,are… Read more »
Mzakwacha N,

Anthu akukalonga,go ahead.Kayelekela made lots of money but karonga is still poor.Akudyelera ndi alomwe/wachewa.Tigawane dziko basi.As far as we wish to develop the north,the north must be a country on its own.Munipulike otherwise wachewa wakutilerya waka vinthu vithu.All monies from nyika,vwaza,kayelekela etc must develop north.U will see a developed north.Apo ayi,we will ever cry.Mzakwacha Nixon;pretoria.+27724922299.

PK pa Kasebwe

What action?Tamwa madzi oyipitsitsa mumtsinje wa north Rukuru kuchokera ku ma Residue a mgodi wa kayerekera simunapangepo chilichonse Moti anthufe sitikudziwa kuti miyoyo yathu ikhala yotani.You just say what you can hardly fulfil.Asiyeni Ma China aiyambe ntchitoyo mwina tingakapezeko kaganyu.

chibweys Joe

Nyamayasauka do not tell people lies. Moses never led Egyptians out of Egypt. He rather led Israelites out of the bondage if slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan

Mphongozidana Ndau

comment # 1 its not all about tribalism every project need to sign MOU.Mind you they have the right to speak out!!!!

Chief Kapoloma

where do u get your information ? paladin has not been sold thats the first but ma china are interested in buying some of the share like they did with Paladin Mine in Namibia which they own 20%. and there is nothing like kusayinilanaso memorandum of understanding and mynd you paladin has got 24 years to mine the uranium so do your maths bhobho. dyela lizakuphani its better you consult DPT of Mines first before tlkng shit they know bettr

Advosory Committee
These are enemies of progress — MOU for what after the company has satisfied all the requirements with the Government. The agreement with the Govt includes social responsibility matters to the surrounding communities hence there is no need for a separate MOU with the communities just because the mine is in their area These NGOs are misleading and mere opportunists All the land and its resources in Malawi are invested on the President on behalf of Malawians and the Govt. The people of where the uranium mine is have no upper hand on the negotiations after the Govt has already… Read more »

Late Kamanya no 2. Ambuye akukhululukire sukuziwa chimene ukuchita.


Alhomwe muli ndi khalidwe lonunkha, sinthani khalidwe lotereri. Egyptians had the same but Moses led them out of Egypt, so avoid tribelisim inu a late kanyama.

masina masina

The difference is that the Chinese are producers while Malawians are mere consumers. As a result, We complain a lot when the producers do not give us free things to consumer. Malawians has become a sick corrupt nation,

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