Chisi says Malawi federalism zealots should stop emotions

President of Umodzi Party (UP), John Chisi has asked those canvassing for federal system of government or North Malawi independence not to let emotions into the debate, saying the federalism zealots are being bankrolled by unknown quarters.

A movement of people of the northern part of the country has been calling for a federal state or for the northern region to secede from the entire country and be a standalone country.

But Chisi, a medical expert turned politician who also comes from the northern region, has argued that federalism is not a national option in the current situation.

Chisi: Of course, debate on federalism is necessary

Chisi: Of course, debate on federalism is necessary

“We have to stop emotions in this country,” said Chisi.

Chisi however said debate on the matter should be encouraged and that an amicable solution will eventually be found.

“We are democratic and we want people to debate it freely. However, we do not want emotions during the debate. We want unity in this country. I see that there is currently a lot of emotions in the way people debate it and that will not bring mature solution,” said Chisi.

Chisi said federalism will not work because North Malawi is also fragmented, saying “it is failing to come together under one leader. This is because of mistrust among the people.”

The UP president said his party is against federalism arguing that dividing the country is not the ultimate solution to problems.

“We cannot move forward if we divide the country because at the end of the day, we miss out on crucial issues that can benefit all of us,” he said.

“Look at South Sudan. When they were fighting for freedom, they were united but after Sudan allowed it to secede; new problems emerged where the president fought against his former vice. Look at Nigeria; they are fighting a war there because federalism has not helped. So dividing the country is not the solution to any problems, be they social, political or economic.”

Chisi strongly believes that money is behind those campaigning for federalism.

“In Malawi, it is money that works whether in politics or anything. It is clear that someone is funding this campaign and this person is not a friend of Malawi.

“I would have loved that there should be two funders of this debate; those for and those against federalism so that people can make their judgment. What I see now is that those that are for federalism are the only ones that are being funded. They seem to have more money. That is why when they want to demonstrate, they can easily do that because they have money,” said Chisi who lost presidential race and his party did not win any parliamentary seat in the May elections


Malawi Government has since said that it will consider calling for a referendum to give a chance to Malawians to decide on the future of the country as a federal state.


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Mphongo Zidana

If you have people calling for cessession it means somethings are not going on well. This calls for solutions. The government must look for long lasting solutions here.

If equitable distribution of development is the solution, government must endeavour to do just that.

I don’t think sending more people from the north to the embassies will be a long lasting solution as it is rumoured. It will only benefit a few individuals.


Mr Chisi if you are confused better be quite on such issues, i think drugs are still accelarating in your brains. Ndiwe ndele chomene

sylvester namale
Federalism in Malawi: 1) it’s a good idea to encourage sharing and equal participation, 2) the idea is like a contraceptive or antibiotic that may prevent or control the state systems, 3) it’s one of the good ideas to those who invest and treasure in dreams, it’s good, healthy and therapeutical to dream by the way. But: 1) With Malawi’s economy it’s not viable, 2) Malawi has not matured yet democratically, 3) Malawi has not healed from past dictatorship, 4) Malawi’s geographical size is a defect or cripple, so no model of federal or province would fit. 5) I would… Read more »
Optic Computer
Wisdom does not come with doctorate degrees or professorship as most disoriented Malawians think. Wisdom comes from fearing God, and Jesus is the origin of it all. All I see are comments from the devil’s incarnate…full of melice, envy, hate and every sort of evil one can think of…Malawi would have been a better, unitary country, if only we seek God in our political decisions. True justice also comes from fearing God; all these policies, bills passed by cabinet and parliament have a lot of injustice in them, so they cannot bring justice to the common Malawian other than the… Read more »

The problem with the northerners is to be in Top positions. Accept change.


From cashgate to votegate ,now its federalgate,why my country ?apa zikufanana ndimunthu yemwe nyumba yake ikudontha, m’malo mokoza pomwe pakudonthapo ,iye akuganiza zongogwetsa nyumbayo, abale ndili pomwe tidzakhale pasi ?mkukoza chomwe chikuyambitsa zonsezi ?


Iwe chisi matongo yako wapulika ndale zakutonda


John Chisi is better than Chakufwa Chihana or Khumbo Kachale. He can be a good president coming from north of Malawi. You have my vote in the next general elections!

wa ku Boma

who can vote for him


The same thing happened in UK. Few individuals stood the ground for session of this great land called SCOLTLAND. Polls were conducted, what happened, was it not a blow.
The same applies here. There are few individuals just because potential positions are not to given them, and forecast nothing of that nature, they start these influences.
Malawi is one since creation and will never separate.

Yes Mr Inu at no. 7.2 you are scaremongering again either because you are doing it deliberately or because you don’t really understand how federalism works in practice or you still want to continue reaping off the north and enriching yourself by perpetually neglecting the north. The economy of the country will still be one and everyone can work anywhere in the three regions or states. So it will be illegal for say the north to say all the jobs in the north will be for northerners only. As far as jobs and employment practices, nothing will change from the… Read more »

great opinion sir, this thug known as inu is a bandit, so he thinks no one works in north from south and central????? we know some 300,000 vendors, tenants working and living that side thats selfish thinking, to me secession is better option than federa!!!!!

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