Chomanika elected board chair of ‘Mgumano Wa Asena Na Amang’anja’: Chief Lundu is patron

Lower Shire cultural grouping, Mgumano Wa Asena Na Amang’anja has ushered in new office bearers of its National Executive Committee during elections that took place in Lilongwe Sunday.

Chomanika: Board chair of Sena and Mang’anja groupig

Owen Chomanika was voted as the new board chairperson of the Association while Eric Trinta was elected as Chairperson of the group and is deputized by Madan Fatch.

Stanley Nthenga has taken over the association’s publicity secretary while Charles Mlendeza was voted as Treasurer with Richard Jingini is General Secretary.

Paramount Chief Lundu was endorsed as patron of the grouping with Senior Chief Malemia as his deputy.

In a realted development the Southern Region Chapter conducted its election Sunday in Blantyre electing Darkson Kampira as the Chairperson while Kingsley Namizinga was voted as vice chairperson.

Hassan Goba is the publicity secretary and Ephraim Ndekha is now fundraising coordinator for the region.

Medson Semba was elected as the association’s treasurer.

In his acceptance speech, the new Sothern Region Chairperson assured the new executive committee and all Malawians that he will always be at their disposal giving any support and guidance and ensuring that the grouping is vibrant.

Kampira said it is important for the Sena and Mang’anja who are present in the Lower Shire and everywhere in the country to live in peaceful co-existence saying joining associations gives a sense of belonging as it helps in times of joy and sadness.

“We are all related because we are all children from the Lower Shire. It helps to join these associations where we can teach our children our way of life as well as let ourselves and our children make friends with others and together learn and teach or remind each other of our traditional and cultural values,” he said.

On his part, the National Vice Chairperson for the grouping Madan Fatch commended the Southern Region chapter for holding peaceful and well organized elections.

He urged the newly appointed committee to foster unity among the Sena’s and Mang’anja’s adding that it is important that people of the same origin should live in harmony.

“We hope the new committee will bring all people on board so that people should be familiar with this grouping. Together we believe that unity among us can help in building a stronger society. We are one people and together we can become stronger,” said Fatch pointed out.

The cultural grouping was formed in 1997 and is headed by Board of Trustees and coordinated by a secretariat.

It is expected to be launched between June and July this year.

Mgumano Wa Asena Na Amang’anja was registered on February 3, 2015.

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shawa fc

The sena tribe is found in the lower shire and the election was supposed to take place in lower shire. Mind you, these things need thorough preparation and publicity to reach the masses. The idea to have the sena grouping is good but dont put politics in it. Also take note that we need to elect people who can bring about innovation.


cing the name Chief Lundu politics comes into my head and disown the group


Madiku omaliza anthu adzakhala okonda ndalama. Umfumu ndi umfumu wina zidzaukirana. Uku ndiye kukwaniritsidwa kwa Mau. Satana akugawanitsa mitundu koma opanda chauzimu sakuonapo vuto


it mattereth not what you say. mgumano will remain mgumano. coexistence is paramount here. Intermarriages have overtaken cultural differences. The Sena and mang’anja are not one but they have intermarried and coexisted for a long time. For example. My father is sena while my mother is mang’anja. If the sena feels their culture would be thwarted then feel free to maintain the sena culture in a very exclusive way! I remain a sena Boniface Luwizhi Nyenyezi

History indicate that the Chewa to Malawi were one block and those who settled along the lake (nyanja) were Anyanja and those who settled in mountains using ng’anja(big stones) on top the mountains for their protection are called the Man’anja. However,these groups are assimilated into other groups from mozambique like the Lhomwe,Yao or Sena.By history,Lundu is the Chewa chief under the kingdom of Malavi whose kings were Kalonga Chidzonzi or Mazizi.Since the Chewa of Southern were assimilated into influencial tribes with assilateted names of nyanja and ng’anja ,the Chewa chiefs in Southern region are either changed or no longer relevant… Read more »
Nyambi The Revolutionary

Kapeni is a Yao chief just like Nsomba, machinjiri, chelundu and kutanja in BT

chancellor wa Chancellor
chancellor wa Chancellor

Chee mmbakuna kuti tijoine ise a mang’anja a thaundi.
Congrats group.


Kweku ndiye kukhala akulumwe. Tendeni tiphatane manja towela tikwize nthemba na Abalyathu.

Alex Mpangowalimba

All the best. Asena/mang’anja oyeeee.


This has been set up to dilute the chewa/manganja linkanges.Politics at play.


Achewafenso tulo kwabasi. How can we continue to recognise Lundu as our paramount chief? Vuto limene liri ndi mafumu athu dyera ndi mantha without principles

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