Claim for Malawi regime change plot: Chingota, Mulomole linked

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is said to be advancing a strategy to force out the democratically elected administration of President Peter Mutharika, with PAC Chairperson Reverend Felix Chingota, the organisation’s spokesperson Fr. Peter Mulomole and Executive Director Robert Phiri linked in the regime change push.

 PAC leadership

PAC leadership

Chingota is a senior clerk in the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) and Mulomole a priest in the Zomba Diocese of the Catholic Church.

According to a senior member of the grouping, the trio has been coxing other members of the organization to be steadfast in ensuring that President Mutharika is removed from office within weeks.

Sentiments by the three PAC officials in the organisation’s executive committee meetings have resulted in the division of the grouping with some members calling for dialogue with government.

On 7th February this year, Nyasa Times reported  about another plot for  a regime change in Malawi which linked United State diplomat Virginia Palmer.

The report was vehemently denied by the American envoy  who had that time reportedly  accompanied the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarous Chakwera on a tour of the US.

Change of Strategy

Following a failure to instigate regime change through the PAC Conference held in Blantyre in February, Chingota, Mulomole and Phiri have in the last few weeks been reportedly mobilizing people to go on the streets to hold protests  and ensure the current administration is brought down.

According to a senior member of PAC, the trio is this week expected to meet the other two arms of government, the Legislature and Judiciary to seek their backing for the plot.

The Legislature is headed by Speaker Richard Msowoya who is also opposition MCP Vice President and the Judiciary is led by Justice Andrew Nyirenda.

The source, himself part of the PAC team further disclosed that on Wednesday, 1st June, 2016 the three officials have set up a meeting with the Speaker in Lilongwe where they are to concertize the plan to overthrow the government.

On Thursday, the 2nd of June, team will travel to Blantyre where another appointment has been set with Justice Andrew Nyirenda.

According to the informant, the team together with the opposition MCP has agreed to front Chakwera as the country’s interim leader between this year and 2019 when the next elections will be held.

When contacted for comment, PAC Spokesperson Mulomole said that whatever plans the organization is pursuing are in the interest of Malawians.

“The people of Malawi gave us a mandate to lead PAC and we are only making sure that their wishes are fulfilled,” he said in a telephone interview from his base in Zomba.

According to the PAC Constitution, both Chingota and Mulomole’s term of office expire in a month’s time .

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Jelbin Makamo
Total trash trash trash. And the writer is too foolish to believe that the public would buy this frail and rubbishing story. First of all I want to give the meaning of the word “OVERTHROW” it mean to bring about a downfall of a government especially by the use of force. So in this stupid article the said plotters have not approached the army for that therefore it can’t be an overthrow you foolish writer. And I do wonder what would be the role if a speaker and a chief justice in a coup plot? This is one of many… Read more »

Mnnnnnnnn????? I don’t believe this story. PAC overthrowing government??? Well, well, well…


We respect Dr Chingota its an insult to be spending tax payers money in creating stories that you know are not true.
I miss Bingu these things were not there all I remember(Mulore ntchito za manja anga)

koma Kumeneko

Fear of unknown – this govt up to now they are not sure its them leading/ruling the country , akumadzidzimuka , ukutimati kuthama shadow yakoyomwe. Mantha bwanji?

Walota Wagona

A Chi na Chingota, mukuyendatu mmapazi a nzanu uja Kadawati, mwana wa JB wa kwa Malemia uja. Mukuyesa kulanda boma nkophweka? Mumfunse Jessie kabwira ndi anzake. Ena amene munangozolowera ma handout nkumati you don’t want APM, tayembekezani 2019 mudzaone zosaona. Even with your Judas Iscariot Laza Chatsika, you won’t be able to win. If Laza is a leader worth the name, why is he afraid of 2019? Naye analyst walero wangokhala mbola yeniyeni. Apumbwa inu mwachepa. Nzanu akuitibula campaign kumpotoko inu muli mitu ndwiii ngati mukumetedwa. Choncho mungadzawine? Ngongole zangokuvutani basi!


This is bullshit! Instead of leading the country in dealing with its myriad challenges, you are leading people in trying to believe that the country is (will be) on fire with plots of government overthrow by PAC! Nonsense DPP! In all this, I blame Malawians who voted for this myopic president and its myopic party – the infamous Dikirani President Palibe (DPP)! We aretired of such childish politics of diverting people’s attention from the key issues affecting Malawians!

Lets use this forum to share real issues that will help Malawi. How many ultimatum were given to Muluzi by Chakuamba and others? Was Muluzi pulled out of office? What about Bingu the whole of the opposition parties failed to move him out of office when he had literally no single MP in parliament? Came Joyce again she was not moved out of office now you r talking of Peter. Malawians be able to follow issues properly . Lets wait for 5 yrs MCP and other parties do not be cheated by pple who wud like to make names out… Read more »

The DPP is good at diverting attention from real issues.

Not this time. Malawians attention is on rampant corruption in govt.

Council houses bought at give away prices by DPP party royalists.

Cashgate at Ethiopian Embassy started long way back. The Embassy has been the party’s cashcow. Additions to K577bn.


Yes, PAC can cause trouble to any government but not in such cheap manner as the story is trying to portray.


Aithough I know this whole story isjust fabricated by Dausi National Intellegence Bureau,but l would love it if this was true.I don’t want Peter Munthalika bcoz he has totallay failed Malawians.He is Visionless,Directionless,Planless and nothing ,but chewing Ndalama za a Malawi.He must GO INDEED!!!!!!Peter must FALL!!!!He must va muziiii.2019 is just too far.


Can we really believe this? Another dpp conspiracy propaganda unleashed. This is a really useless govt.

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