Clergy give Malawi VP Chilima rare praise on reform programme

Vice president Saulos Chilima on Thursday received rare applause from religious leaders for religiously executing President Peter Mutharika’s public sector reform programme with zeal.

Vice President Chilima greets Bishop Bvumbwe of Evangelical Lutheran
Vice President Chilima greets Bishop Bvumbwe of Evangelical Lutheran

Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe said he was impressed wih Chilima’s deep knowledge of the reforms he is undertaking in government.

“What is happening in the country politically, socially and econonomically is discouraging but what the Right Honourable Chilima said today is encouraging, it gives hope to hopeless Malawians,” said Bvumbwe.

Chilima had a busy schedule on Wednesday and Thursday meeting civil society organisation leaders and religious leaders to update them how government has so far gone with Mutharika’s dream programme, the public sector reform.

Bvumbwe said Chilima was very articulate on the reforms.

“He has really impressed us, he was eloquent, he knows the subject very well, we are impressed with the pace of the reforms. The reforms will improve the government service delivery,” he said.

Bvumbwe’s sentiments were echoed by Livingstonia synod Church and Society’s Moses Mkandawire.

He said so far, the reforms have been impressive and tge government need to continue with them.

Principal secretary in the office of the vice president responsible for the reforms Nwazi Nthambala said the reforms are already bearing fruits citing changes at Immigration Department and Road Traffic and Safety directorate, saying there are more advantages coming on the way.

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5 years ago

I dont see anything worth applausing here! If the reforms are working, could we have the Kwacha trailing at K653 to a dollar? Could we have the passport raised from K15 000 to K85 000? A driving Licence from K15 000 to K55 000? Why having the people spending days just to get documents at RTD? If the reforms are working, could we have the opposition blocking the sec and university fees raised? If the reformes are working, why do we have 16- 18hrs of black out? If the reforms are working, why do we have 96 Principle Secretaries on… Read more »

5 years ago

Mukuyamikira chinthu chopanda nzeru komanso cha nkhanza.

1. Mukunena zoona kuti education reform yoti mayeso a JCE athe ndi yabwino?

2. Mukunena zoona kuti health reform yoti anthu odwala azidya kamodzi ku chipatala ndi yabwino?

3. Mukunena zoona kuti health reform yoti anthu wamba azilipira ku Chipatala ndipo ma Civil Servants azidulidwa ndalama ku malipiro awo moumirizidwa ndi zabwino?

4. Mukunena zoona kuti education reform yothetsa university loans and bursary ndi yabwino?

5. Mukunena zoona kuti Public Service reform yoti anthu asamapange upgrade pa maphunziro awo ndipo aliyense oyerekeza kutero adzachotsedwa ntchito, ndi zabwino?

de summer blow
de summer blow
5 years ago

you are spot on clergymen,chilima is very Sharp and smart,and when he is speaking to the public he doesn’t lose focus,just like the way Barak obama does. I wish if our President was like him or if he (chilima) was the actual President,Malawi could have shined to the world because what I have observed recently is that the world is silently and secretly laughing at how Malawian President speaks to the public. Swallow your pride Mr president,hire a Public speaking Coach to help you improve your oratory skills,look at Bakili Muluzi,he came in as a president speaking like a Standard… Read more »

5 years ago

if it was not for chilima being in gvt m
alawi would have died.this man is an eyed man amongst the blind. 2018 dump dpp and form ur own party we will be there for you.komanso kupenphera ndi mpingo omwe aki shapes him to be a good leader. Bravo clause.

5 years ago

Impressed with what exactly? Speeches? Mediocre nation indeed! Amipingonso nthawi zinanso mumakhumudwitsanso. Why does someone have to call you to impress you if what they are doing is impressive zinakaoneka zokha.

5 years ago

Zoti Chilima is my agemate is unbelievable. Wakalambiratu tizaka tiwiri tomweti. That’s the business of running govt AdaBwana. It looks simple when you are just a mere CSO commentetor. But when you get into govt, nthawi yomweyo imvi yoooooo! Ask Saulosi. Chonde awonjezereni malipiro ma civil slaves.

5 years ago

I am a senior government civil servant. What the clergy are saying is true. The only problem that we Malawians have is jealous which is retarding development in the country. Another one is patience which of course is a gift of the Holy Spirit which is given to the chosen few. As Malawians we need to work together in order for the country to grow economically, politically and socially. We must join hands, understand the direction our country is going and the path is has taken to reach there. I urge the Ministry of Information, Tourism and Civic Education to… Read more »

5 years ago

If the reforms are about putting restrictions to public services by raising user fees as what is happening now at Road Traffic Directorate then iam sure they are useless and a huge waste of public resources!

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