Controversy surrounds Blantyre Clock Tower roman numeral five

Mixed views have ensued over the newly rehabilitated clock at the renowned Blantyre Clock Tower with Roman numeral five on the multi-million kwacha clock appearing upside down.

Clock tower in Blantyre

However, commenting on the matter in an interview, Public Relations Manager (PRM) for Blantyre City Council (BCC) Anthony Kasunde said there is no problem with the numbering of the clock saying the clock has been there for a while and the city has observed that before.

On his part, in a separate interview on Thursday, Innocent Khembo working at the Mathematical Department at The Polytechnic said that when the Clock Tower was being designed, they followed geographical mapping considering that the highway has four ways hence the use of such a figure to direct people where they are going and coming from.

Khembo added that normally, it is not right for the numeral number to be in that position; however for the sake of the area itself, it is sensible for the Roman numeral to look upside down as a way of directing and providing awareness to people on how they can use the road appropriately.

Therefore, Khembo said that the number was designed like that intentionally with the aim of letting people know how they can use the road properly.

In contrast, Education Activist Benedicto Kondowe said it is not right to use the figure in such a manner because it compromises what many people adhere to through their studies.

Kondowe said putting the Roman numeral number five in an upside down position on the clock will disturb many people and may also affect the young generation since this will contradict with that they learn in school.

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Khembo ndiwe wausilu eti!!! Then that is no longer a five in roman numeral. Stupid man.

Inspectah Deck

Agalu inu, am saddened that such analysis can come from someone entrusted to teach in a higher learning institution. Mr Khembo, are you a clock expert? Please enlighten me how the clock will direct me to Ndirande?


There are rules attached to the writing of roman numerals and one of them says that “a numeral can not be repeated more than three times” which means that III is correct and IIII is wrong. To say that IV=IIII is completely wrong. Something is wrong with the manufacturers who think they can model roman numerals when in essence they can not be modelled! Ask the Romans and you will find the truth.


This shows kuti a Malawi mulibe zochita – the whole human being wasting time with a numeral? It has stayed like that for decades and got to know the anomaly in 2017?

Empty buckets indeed have enough time to make a lot of noise on everything that comes on their sight



be humane

Some discussions are useless. MR. Kondowe, this was put before you were born. Does that confuse you? Which generation then are you talking about? Do you then mean the next generation is more foolish than yourself? Why were you not confused all along up to your age. Yourself even never realized it until now when someone has said it. Don’t be wise in everything my friend. And such are people the country trusted to the useless Malawi Human Rights Commission. Shame on You Benedicto Kondowe


Stop wasting time here. tingoonetsa umbuli wathu apa. Just go on google and search clock with roman numerals, you will see there are so many clocks like that. Palibepo cholakwika apa. Crazy Malawian, aliyense amafuna akhale odziwa.


i have just realized that Malawi is still backwards. there is absolutely nothing wrong with the watch.. IIII and IV is the same in roman numbers…. the is not issue their check all the watches in the world


Tell DPP cadets to attack it


Palibe nkhani apa. I don’t see anything wrong.

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