Crossing the Red Line: Mutharika and his DPP cadres must be too arrogant for democracy

I may not know much, but I know the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad.”-Lyndon B. Johnson 36th President of the United States of America from 1963 to 1969

 This Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and its leadership must be insane or just too arrogant to lead any nation in a democracy. The party seems so eager to take us back to its old ways of the late President Bingu Wa Mutharika. The old ways which defined the party and its leader as barbaric, heartless, ruthless, arrogant, violent, wicked, mischievous, corrupt, and full of a membership which enjoys terrorizing and tormenting innocent people. The old ways that made the party synonymous with everything that defines evil and bad governance.

As the country is still grappling to come to a logical conclusion of the DPP’s arrogance-forcing state run companies to gift their hard earned cash to the ruling party and this other violent act in Nsanje, Lalanje; the DPP thinks that this is not enough gloom for the poor citizens. Last Saturday, the party’s youths, who goes by the moniker DPP Cadets, decided to remind the nation of the savagely they are associated with. The Cadets in their wretched wisdom decided to remind us of the unfortunate Blantyre incident when they paraded  the city wielding pangas and all sorts of weaponry in full blue regalia, aboard DPP vehicles (in broad day light but without any arrests effected) in an effort to instil fear in Malawians and a show-off of their being untouchables.

In their usual arrogance, and wicked ways, the DPP Cadets were at it again in Bolero, Rumphi where without any shame or a sense of compunction, and again wielding machetes, unleashed terror and descended on unsuspecting dignitaries and innocent pilgrims, whose sin was joining Themba Chikulamayembe in celebrating this year’s Gonapamuhanya Cultural Festival, a noble Tumbuka ceremony that has nothing to do with politics.

The former Vice President of this country Khumbo Kachali, the respected Paramount Kyungu, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President and Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera, Alliance for Democracy (Aford) President Enock Chihana and many other esteemed personalities had to literary scamper to save their poor souls while several opposition sympathizers were ruthlessly attacked and left with life threatening injuries. We are told that the DPP Cadets were ferried from Mzuzu and other districts of the northern region and deployed at Bolero to prevent opposition political members and their leaders from attending this respectable cultural event.

We are told that Chakwera had to be forced out of his car as the DPP Cadets notoriously blocked his motorcade to the venue of the ceremony while the DPP cadres also pelted stones at Chihana’s car. We are told that Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe had to send his personal vehicle to ferry Chakwera and use another route to avoid these DPP hooligans. What a shame and disgrace! As Malawians, especially the youths, let us avoid to stoop so low and dishonor ourselves in such a manner in exchange for cheap monetary gains. I thought youths are supposed to be taught on the importance of respect to our traditions and culture.

 To me the Bolero violence and the beastly act is beyond politics, but has all to do with the youths being exploited by their evil paymasters-the DPP and its leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika (yes, because as said a fish rot from the head. It is the top leadership to blame). If this was not the work of the DPP and its leader Mutharika, then we expect a strong rebuke of such type of behavior and an apology to all those who were affected from the ruling party and its highest office-Mutharika himself, that is if he cares at all. Let the DPP and Mutharika preach to their Cadets, order and political tolerance. It really boggles the mind, that what would a party or its leader gain from barring political rivals to attend such an apolitical event.

This act amounts to sheer arrogance considering that this is the same DPP which is busy campaigning for the October 17 by-elections with its expectations high that the ‘gullible’ Malawians will still vote for their candidates. It is the same DPP which still has high hopes that come 2019 the ‘foolish’ Malawians will wake up early in the morning, brave the chilling May coldness to cast their precious vote for the party’s candidates across the country, including Mutharika as the President. As much as Malawians are such a ‘gullible’ and ‘foolish’ lot, at least in the eyes and mind of the DPP, I don’t think violence of any nature would win the DPP an election.

As Malawians, we have walked this road before and we know that these dirty and undemocratic violent tactics do not work. The United Democratic Front (a ruling party then and probably where the DPP is learning these dirty acts from) used the same through Marshal the Dukes in Lilongwe and Dedza and through Sam Zimba in Kasungu, to silence the same MCP, but it backfired big time. Marshall and Zimba sent shivers down the spine of many even the Police itself, however, it took a few ordinary citizens to get tired of their acts, these citizens had to find a way of dealing with them and they surely did. And I am afraid to say that at one point the MCP will be tired of these acts as well.

Time is ripe that the DPP, through its actions against these political thugs, should show to the nation (before October 17, this year and May 2019) that it is not a party of violence and that its President is not a champion of violence. Going by history the DPP and Mutharika are just reinforcing the already known truth of their ‘alleged’ involvement in the assassination of a Polytechnic student late Robert Chasowa (remember even Mutharika was mentioned in that report) and one of the directors at the Anti-Corruption Bureau Issa Njaunju (whose brutal death to date is unexplainable) among several other innocent individuals believed to have been sent to their early deaths at the hands of the DPP operatives with all the blessings of the party’s leadership.

We are told that the Malawi Police Service had to fire tear gas to contain the situation, an action that just fueled the commotion even further ending with the DPP Cadets breaking a windscreen of one of the Police vehicles while some Police officers were heavily injured. We are told that the Police Officer-In-Charge for Rumphi Police had to ask for additional man power from Northern Region Police headquarters to galvanize his charges. As much as we may applaud Police action in an attempt to tame the marauding DPP gangsters, it is apparent that this was the only distance the Police could exercise its powers. We are yet to hear of any further action. We are yet to hear, how many of the DPP Cadets have been arrested for their action.

It is the nation’s expectations that the Police should go beyond taming these wayward youths and political hooligans but should hunt them down, arrest them, through the courts take them to task to account for their actions, and send them to prison just like what could be done to any law breaking citizen of this country. Now what everyone is asking is; where is our Grace Chiumia? If she still has a craving for more arrests, she will certainly do herself good, if she weighs down on this one and order the Police do the needful.

This entry was supposed to be welcoming our President from the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), where he went with a promise that soon after the meeting, he would be on the next flight heading back to Malawi. (Now, I hate it so much to remind people that I said so and it has indeed come to pass).

I warned that Mutharika should avoid repeating what he has been doing for the past two years that each UNGA trip end up into unexplained extension of his stay in the USA. Now, Mutharika left the country on September 15th and the the 72nd UNGA started on September 19th; by Friday September 22nd, the meeting was over with most of the Heads of States and Governments who attended, back to their respective countries by Monday September 25. However, by Sunday October 1, our President again was a no show.

To buttress his arrogant mindset, again no explanation. Now, hear this: Malawi government spokesman Nicholas Dausi has the audacity to declare that the issue of when Mutharika will return remains unnecessary; meaning Malawians have no good reasons to know these details. Really, Mr. Spokesperson. If you think that Malawians are being ridiculous in asking these questions, know that it is you who is ridiculous and out of your mind; if not totally insane all together.

There is nothing wrong in coming clean and telling the people the truth but such rude approach leads to unhealthy speculations. Whether, the President decided to extend his stay for his annual holiday or he wanted to see his children, or fulfill his Green Card obligations it is still not fair for Malawians who pays for his trip to be kept in the dark. Please this nonsense of saying that there is NO ISSUE with the President’s whereabouts should stop as it is demeaning the wisdom and thinking of Malawians.

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It would seem that one man’s ‘unleashed terror’ is another man’s youth empowerment.

I love Malawi

As much as I love the mighty DPP,I do not condone violence. My fellow Dppians,plz zomenyanazi sizabwino.I don’t know what really happened bcoz to be honesty, I don’t trust nyasatimes sometimes.But kaya anakuputani,kaya zinayambika bwanji I really don’t care.tisamenyane,tisaphane tonse ndiamodzi,let’s build NAD develop our country together.united we stand, divided we fall.Remember the lake Malawi saga,we have to join hands to keep that which belongs to us.but if we keep on dividing ourselves like this,there’s no way we can fight an enemy and win. 2019 DPP ilamulanso zoona,but let’s abstain from violence please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Longani pyanu

Kkkkk amusukuluzatu dausi apa. Amalawi atopa Nazo zomawatenga for granted. Ndale zofoira za DPP


The only way to respond to violence is thru violence. At-least thus an African way of doing things. Opposition and MCP get organized please let the blood flow. MCP you have well organised and trained people why don,t you use those resources which are at your disposal.

Malemba Folo

Santana you are myopic and stupid. Your reasoning is so shall befitting the man of small head you are. If we have 10% of shallow minded idiots like you this country will continue moving very fast in reverse direction as is the case currently. Why can’t you for once sober up and be objective, Whether you like it or not DPP is gone for good

Fake Petros
Pretty right and you have just comprehensively summarised everything about these dpp thugs. They deliberately create poverty and a situation of desperation on the ground. Then they start seeking royalty and allegiance to their dpp either through their trademark nepotism (muhlakhoism being criterion No. one), or buy favours by appointing boot-lickers to positions they don’t deserve at all. (Just look at Grace Chiumia &jappie). All these people now join the WATHU group. So if one does not fulfill the criteria of WATHU then inadvertently you are an enemy. Dare not say any dissent in their presence they will unleash terror.… Read more »

What went into the minds of those few Malawians to vote for this barbaric kind of party. Of course, DPP did not win but still some few ‘foolish’ idiots voted for it

Longani pyanu

Search me!

Extra Point

Article well analysed. I hope we will realise how important to be gentle and calm in a democratic environment


Wise statement.

Mr Hudson Mphande, you can write a very good essay but what you forget is that Malawians do not vote on principles. If this was so UDF would not win the elections in 1999 and 2004.. These were elections which UDF terrorized Malawians with high brutality. Every Malawian knew that there are people in the name of Marshal the Duke and Zimba who could bruise without fear of the police yet there was government which was allegedly sending them to do this mayhem. Surprisingly UDF won in both elections. Though people in Mangochi, Machinga, Zomba, Balaka, Mwanza, Blantyre knew very… Read more »

pako mbuli iwe. We are mobilising to cut your heads very soon


At least Hudson Mphande has given his real name, but is Santana or Satana your real name? Stupid, useless person! Imbecile!


Santana, you make a good point. Scratch us, and it’s the blood of 1857, not 2017 that oozes out. Our civic education projects have not even scratched the surface.

A visit from a group of party cadets is as welcome as a visit from an Ngoni raiding party used to be. On the other hand, if you were Ngoni, you would welcome back the raiding party with great rejoicing, and with hope of a share of the spoils.


So, you are saying that we are doomed? That we cannot change the way we do things because we have been doing them that way for a long time?

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