CSOs ask President Mutharika to act on Goodall, Nankhumwa over K4bn payout scandal

Human rights defender Timothy Mtambo has asked President Peter Mutharika to act on both Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Kondwani Nankhumwa if they refuse to resign for their roles in the acquisition and distribution of the contentious K4 billion to members of Parliament (MPs).

Gondwe and his accomplice Nankhumwa: K4 billion political corruption

Mtambo, who heads the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), said  in a statement made available to Nyasa Times that they are calling on President Mutharika to “as a matter of urgency, give an explanation to Malawians as to how he, as CEO [Chief Executive Officer] for the country, approved such a malpractice.”

He said Malawi was in intensive care unit and that people must rise in patriotism to save it from death.

“Each passing say brings with it fresh and painful evidence of the swindlers we have in government. We are at a loss to understand how the opposition in Parliament would leave it just like that and see the leading ministries of this malpractice go free despite committing this huge accountability blunder in history,” reads a statement by Mtambo.

The CHRR boss also accused leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera for acting as an accomplice to government thieving in the payout and later condemn it as hypocritical.

“Instead of standing with the people, the opposition has opted to enter into an evil pact with government, The country is left in confusion as to what is the hope for this country if both the opposition and those in government are the same,” bemoaned Mtambo.

Mtambo said Chakwera “must know that it is wrong to legalise evil and that two wrongs to not make a right.”

Meanwhile, Concerned Citizens group told a news conference that it supports the call made by Chakwera to demand that the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) investigates both Finance Minister Gondwe and Minister of Local Government Nankhumwa.

He said in paving way for the investigations, the two ministers should honourably resign.

Chairperson of the concerned citizens, Phillip Kamangira, said Chakwera as leader of opposition should equally be held accountable, saying he together with opposition lawmaker should have rejected the “funding by-pass” to be shared among all MPs.

“Malawi Congress Party would have rejected the vote and allocate [the money] to other equally important votes such as health or education,” said Kamangira.

The government purse-keeper Gondwe has admitted that the K4 billion was not budgeted but was “an experiment” outside the local government mechanism following complaints of abuse.

“It is a legitimate experiment at new funding modalities for local councils. Our formula was to fund projects identified by the area development committees (ADCs). I think as a country, we should look for other ways of funding local councils because you have complained that CDF [Constituency Development Fund], LDF [Local Development Fund] or DDF [District Development Fund] are being abused. So, we are looking at other ways, we may come to Parliament and say why can’t you make this universal,” said Gondwe.

Some civil society organisation have since asked government to rescind the decision of sharing the K4 billion or face legal implications.

Mzuzu-based youth rights activist Charles Kajoloweka, described the transaction to allocate the funds to MPs unbudgeted as an organised form of corruption aimed at rewarding certain politicians.


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Nanunso this was a planned game ndalama zinapita izi who is going to act. Mukanikatu inu inu dpp mumaidziwa pankhani ya kuba? Ndiye mudziti apange act ndani

Listen and Love
CSO leaders, are you sure the president as you clearly know him will act against Goodall and Kondwani? CSO stop daydreaming. Peter likes to act under intense pressure and not through mere contact and dialogue. I REPEAT, PETER ONLY ACTS WHEN HE FEELS THE HEAT OF PRESSURE NOT OTHERWISE. CSO leaders give us the citizenry a concrete program of ACTION to be done so that Goodall and Kondwani are arrested and are brought before an independent and impartial court of law to answer those criminal charges against them. Peter is inept to act against his own because a pot can… Read more »
The problem is not DPP, it’s is rather the people who make up the DPP party from the leader to all his cronies who are happy to sacrifice people’s lives for their own stomachs. In a democratic system (which Malawi is at the moment) the ordinary people have the utmost power to put in credible, moral and ethical individuals into the government. Although each party has the right to choose who they want in government, it’s is still possible to influence the selection process. If the citizens are wide awake then we should vote correctly in our respective constituencies. If… Read more »

So who is DPP if it is not the people who make up the party?


Its a “shell” just like any company. They both are legal entities in their own right. People recruited in the institutions give a character. Remember that the people sitting in DPP will one day pass on or retire but DPP will still be there probably with a different character.

Mr Mtambo, get real: you think APM will throw Gondwe and Nankhumwa under the bus over this issue? If so, you are, apparently, dreaming in technicolor. With Bwanankubwa Chaponda on the side line, and he may be facing dire consequences, the President can’t afford another major self inflicted wound. Let’s face it: APM has seriously mishandled Bwana Chaponda’s alleged discretion. Chaponda had the gravitas; and I would venture to say, if the next elections were in the next six months, DPP should be scared. But a year is eternity in politics, and the party may be able to salvage support… Read more »
Politics aside, these put we put in positions of power exercise that authority on behalf of the fisherman in Mangochi the farmer in Mchinji the miner in Karong. They are the employees of the citizens of this great nation. Are we really saying HE should be thinking about elections and condone daylight thievery like this? Are we as a nation serious of the plight of the less privileged who cant get medial attention at the local clinic because there isnt medication or their children cant access safe drinking water because govt couldnt drill boreholes in their villages when these our… Read more »

Unless people go for a mass demo or vigil action will be taken otherwise the one to act can not do so without force of the citizenary


Sharing did not cleanse the source, however Dr Chakwera listened to what some of you say that he opposes anything from government because he is a bitter person and for the first time he has managed to avoid MBC -de campaigning him, that DPP constituencies are not developing because Chakwera is blocking funds in Parliament.
CHRR boss, please tell people in the villages that they should not use stolen money, all we need in Malawi is accountability to the electorate.it seems some people still underestimate DPP political tactics


Nkhani si imeneyo apa, nayeso wayifila 20mita yo basi, asamamuziwa nkulu ameneyu ndindani!


So Goodal just woke up one day and decided to give out 40million each to 86 MPs?Even the President and Cabinet did not approve this?Malawi CSO s mukuopa chani ? Call a spade a spade.


who is going to act? this was done by the approval of the president. Do you think Goodall just did this on his own.? DPP knows this.


Stop day dreaming Timothy, you are running away from paying taxes from NGO board. You should start by resigning yourself then it will be Goodall and Nankhumwa


Pedegu! I call Pedegu!How old are you?You are so myopic!A disgrace to humanity

@ Nachisale

@ pedegu . Can you get life . We are talking about our taxes you fool. Why for once can’t you use your brain. Ndinu opusa kwambiri. Ife we are talking about our taxes not NGO money. Silly and pathetic y you.

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