CSOs condemn DPP’s ‘Lhomwelisation’ of Malawi top jobs, public service

A group of civil society organisations (CSOs)  has accused President Peter Mutharika’s administration of favouring his Lhomwe tribe, an accusation that triggered talk of secession and federalism led by legislators and professionals from Central and Northern regions following the ruling DPP’s trend of appointments of public officers since the party returned to power in May this year.

Dorothy Ngoma: DPP diluting  whole essence of doing things on merit but on Lhomwelisation

Holding key positions on Lhomwelisation

At a news conference, representing nurses’ organisations in the country, Dorothy Ngoma said the CSOs are concerned by the “Lhomwelisation” of the public service and public appointments.

The CSOs noted that the last five key appointments in government are based on ‘Lhomwelisation’ other than merit.

They include chief secretary to government Lloyd Muhara (Phalombe), Secretary to Treasury Ben Botolo (Mulanje) Malawi Defence Force commander  Supuni Phiri (Mulanje), Reserve Bank of Malawi governor Daliso Kabambe (Thyolo), National Intelligence Bureau Elvis Thodi (Thyolo).

The activists also observed that all key positions in government are being held by people from the Lhomwe Belt—where Mutharika also comes from,  diluting the whole essence of national meritocracy— doing things on merit.

“Why is it that all the key positions, including PS (Principal Secretary) Treasury, Chief Secretary, PS Health and the vast majority of boards are full of Lhomwes?

“I want to categorically condemn this despicable practice, as it is undermining the issue of meritocracy. We want to provide an example of nepotism by reading out this list,” Ngoma said.

Minister of Information, Communication and Technology Nicholas Dausi, merely said there is no grain of truth in what the CSO activists have alleged.

Dausi said  DPP-led administration had managed to include Cabinet ministers from across the country.

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46 thoughts on “CSOs condemn DPP’s ‘Lhomwelisation’ of Malawi top jobs, public service”

  1. Owen Kamzati says:

    Kamuzu anapanga zomwezi muulamuliro wake,musiyeniAPM,Atumbuka pa ezy zanu zyera bolani man of God azayeseleko.Zosatheka kose.shaaaaa!!

  2. If they were they? says:

    Its only Tumbukas that look at any appointments on tribal angle for they practice the same. I will share 50 institutions in Malawi whose employees are 80% tumbukas. I will be listing 15 institutions daily starting today with the following:
    1. Save the Children
    2. World Food Programme
    3. Standard bank
    4. MANASO
    5. MASAF
    6. Total Land Care
    7. Welcome trust College of medicine
    8. Nurses and midwife council of Malawi
    9.National Council for Higher education
    10. Kamuzu College of Nursing
    11. Total Mw
    12. Eye of the Child
    13. Word Alive Ministries
    14. Malawi Bureau of Standards
    15. CCAP Synod Livingistonia Development and relief

    Verified institutions under Wakwithu concept. The list to continue ………….

    1. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

      Please include information if the posts they hold were internally or were published in newspapers. Include candidates that attended the interviews and out come of the results of the such interviews. Mere listing of institutions where northern Malawians from the north work is not enough. It could just be perceived as a targeting exercise for ulterior motive, and that may cause fear or anxiety. You ought to go to the recruitment process to lay bare if employment regulations were flouted. No one should cloud his mind about specific people because competition leads to conflict, and conflict leads to disunity. In any institution Team work is required and co-operation is the key. Smarter workers should be commended BUT, weaker workers should definitely be assisted, and NOT pressurized. If they come under to much pressure they will feel discouraged and will not perform at their level best.

  3. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda, Qumayo Mzekezeke and Hurston Makungwa says:

    On Chibalo’s comment on Malawi … where jobs are very few … education systems … slow with very limited spaces for accommodation and classes, we have stumbled on this information from A HISTORY OF MALAWI 1859 – 1966″: Chapter 10 Age of Development by John McCracker of Stirling University and it is shared here as written by the author:
    Education expansion reduced regional diversity but by no means eliminated it entirely. Many of the new schools founded in the 1950s were established by the Roman Catholic missions responding to a new drive within the Catholic Church aimed at improving education standards. Nevertheless, areas exposed at an early stage to Scottish Presbyterian influence tended to keep their lead. In 1959, according to figures produced by the Department of Education, the Northern Province with a population of 379 644 had 304 primary schools (a ration of 1:1 239). By comparison the Central Province with a population of 983 814 had 258 primary schools (a ration of 3 813) and the Southern Region with a population of 1 296 522 had 303 schools (a ration of 1: 4 279). In 1966, 55% of the population in the North had attended schools as compared with 35% from the Centre and 32% from the South. More striking was the evidence of variation between districts. Whereas in that year only 6.8% of the children in the predominantly Muslim Fort Johnston district were at school, the percentage in Blantyre District was a respectable 34.3% and that in Rumphi District, Livingstonia’s heartland, was 54.9%. It is hardly surprising that when the University of Malawi was opened in 1965, the Northern Province with less than a fifth of the population produced the highest proportion of eligible candidates.

    For all but a tiny handful of Malawians, higher education remained an unattainable dream. In the mid 1920s, Robert Laws had planned to found a University of Livingstonia but with his retirement, the vision was allowed to fade. In 1941, however, the Governor, Edmund Richards, decided to provide bursaries for Malawians to attend Makerere College at Kampala in Uganda …While Makerere had its advocates, some Malawians, led by senior government clerk, James Sangala, argued in favour of Fort Hare in South Africa’s Eastern Cape as cheaper and culturally more attractive alternative. Two students at Fort Hare could be educated for the price of one at Makerere, Sangala asserted in 1944.

  4. diks says:

    God is watching, and 2019 things will turn around nde mdzaone mchokocho wakewo

  5. A Man from the Moon says:

    It’s unimaginable to imagine that appointments can be based on merit other than tribalism, nepotism and regionalism in a country ravaged by the levels of poverty like Malawi. The poorer a country is the more limited space there is for innovation that grows the economy. In fact Malawi is a point where there is no single strategy targeted at growing the economy. A country like ours that only thinks of consumption can not prioritize development which corollary means meritocracy can not be the virtue that motivates society. Countries and societies that have advanced have used meritocracy as a basis for innovation and advancement. In Malawi we are doing things in reverse. In the late 80s the government consciously began to work against meritocracy with the introduction of quota system as a fundamental criteria for entry into university education. The consequences of that policy are very evident today in Malawi. There is no dispute amongst education and development pundits that education standards are terribly compromised in Malawi. As a nation we have come to accept and sustain our own mediocrity because we are not a country that is focused on developing ourselves. These appointments are a reflection of a broader society decadence. There are so many things that are upside down in this country of ours. If your home village is Mlolo in Nsanje the political systems that we have entrenched do not permit you to contest as an MP in Mlowe in Rumphi. These practices actually perpetuate a mental framework that is tribal inclined. The only way out for Malawi is for us to begin our sustainable businesses like Indians where employment in government becomes optional.

  6. Mediocrity says:

    The discussions shouldn’t be emotional; let’s find out whether there’s grain of truth from the CSOs leaders. Let’s take the message and leave the messenger alone.
    Isn’t it strange to note that Chiradzulu district have three cabinet ministers while Lilongwe and or Mzimba have none? U call it normal? Look at the population sizes of the districts which have cabinet ministers as compared to those having none.
    For starters; Kamuzu regime might also be faulted on such appointments but one thing was clear; ppl were appointed into by also considering some other factors, population size of their district of origin.
    In sober situation, Chiradzulu district can not have three cabinet ministers while Lilongwe has one or zero. U can not have four cabinet ministers from Mulanje while Mzimba, Kasungu has nil; this is strange and unthinkable political sin.
    These are examples of some of the strange appointments that are also puzzling the devil himself eeish

  7. Chibalo says:

    Iam a Malawi and i know we all found Malawi empty.The Chewas are not the orgins of Malawi, we all know they came from Katanga in Zaire, the Tumbukas,the likes of Chikulamayembe,they also came form somewhere.The Lhomwe people are from Mozambique,we know that.The yao also partly from Mozambique.So who is the owner of Malawi? The Indians, hahaha, their land and right portions are in India.
    The fact that Tumbukas settled in the Northern part of Malawi, does not and will not prevent them from living everywhere and getting jobs anywhere in Malawi even in Thyolo.The fact that most Chewas are in the Central cannot prevent them from living and building houses or secure jobs in all regions of Malawi.Likewise all the Lhmwes and the Yaos.If a Chewa is educated,it means a Malawian is educated,this should be the message for all Malawians and mostly to our children.If a Lhomwe is appointed to a particualar position actually the appointing authority should not ask in anyway where a partucular individual is coming from before the appointment.We are all Malawians.Can we seriously argue with all the truth that people from the North amawauzira mayeso kuti azikhoza and we think it is true?Is this not a laughable statement coming from poverty minded individuals?Can we seriously argue also that only Tumbukas are intelligent? Is this also a very laughable statement? Can we state here that the Chewas are backward people that are only prospering in Gulewamkulu and we all agree that it is true? When you see people arguing in the man we are doing, just know that you are living in one of the poorest countries of the world where jobs are very few, education systems are slow with very limited spaces for accommodation and classes.
    One day, maybe when we are all gone, when Malawi developes with many jobs in the offing that will employ almost all qualified people, who will have time to look at how many people from a particualr region have been employed as even those from your tribe will have been employed somewhere.Poeple will no longer look at which region is bringing in alot of candidates and block them with Quota system since all qualified candidates irrespective of regions will have a chance.TRIBALISM in Malawi is a great disease and Malawians must seriously guard against it.But Politicians have a bigger responsibility to end it.God bless Malawi

  8. Dzambo says:

    Actually Muluzi was very different. He had no pathological ties with Yaoism.

  9. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Secession? Mukafike bwino.

  10. Dodolido. says:

    Vindere inu. Lhomwes are the only intelligent people in the country. They are smart and hard working.

  11. mphatso says:

    People from the dead north are the ones who practice nepotism from way back.Ever heard of Wakwithu?Bakukaya?The education system in Malawi favors them because amaonetsana mayeso chaka chonse kumaphunzitsana mayeso nkumati ndi anzeru,rubbish.During the time of Kamuzu when Maxwell Pashane was minister of education,why were all northern teachers chased away to the north?The whole reason why this Ngoma girl is making noise is because in every area they are busy counting how many tumbukas are there.In the truest sense go and conduct a census of all the workers in Malawi public or private you will be shocked that tumbukas are the worst people in this regard.If the general manager is from the North even a garden boy,driver comes from the north in that institution.Thanks that Malwi will never be ruled by these minority people,it would have been worse.Bwanji Bushiri sakutukura north poti ali ndi mbongo?

    1. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

      No, no, no, Mphatso. Almost all tribes in Malawi practice nepotism. It could be that Mang’anjas, Lambyas, Nkhondes and Nyakyusas are the ones who do not practice it. But if federated regions are formed, I believe northern Malawians will be happy to take refuge in the north to develop it to their aspirations, and at the same they will be away from those who look at them with disdain. Prejudice being exalted towards them is understandable. Politicians and parents should join hands to eradicate it so that Malawi remains united.

    2. Chalume says:

      Ever heard of wakumudzi? Malume? If one thinks like you do, you will waste time pointing fingers instead of seeking solutions to equalize education in the country. Sort your problems out and offer solutions. All regions of Malawi are the same, when it comes to tribalism. It’s just that many individual Malawians choose not to look at tribalism as your foolish idle brain is sending you to think. Be responsible for the development of the whole country, which Central and Southern leaders have failed to do.

  12. Rift Valley says:

    If only these Lhomwes used their intelligence( and there are some intelligent ones) to develope the country!!!! But alas, they are a bunch of mafias bent on stripping the country naked while the going is good. Unfortunately, they have roped in a few Tumbukas and Chewas to dupe the nation and make people believe they are acting innocently.

  13. Rift Valley says:

    If only these Lhomwes used their intelligence( and there are some intelligent ones) to developed the country!!!! But alas, they are a bunch of mafias bent on stripping the country naked while the going is good. Unfortunately, they have roped in a few Tumbukas and Chewas to dupe the nation and make people believe they are acting innocently.

  14. Nice says:

    Anthuwa mwawalemba ngati ma themu themu muzinyumbamu nthawi yayitali kumangowazunza. Nawonso ndi nthawi yawo abwenzele nanu mumve pheni

  15. nyamwera says:

    things should not be lomwe or tumbuka all of as we are malawian. My father is from Nthalire in northern region and my mum is from the southern region of which from lomwe belt. These called CSO should have ideas what should we do for Malawi to develop. Hope mayi Dorophy Ngoma should came up clear on what Malawian should do for them to develop.

    These CSO have got their own interest.

  16. Mwinithako says:

    The whole essence is about Thumbukaz infestation.Tumbukaz are very selfish.Dorothy Ngoma is an idiot.90 % of good job possessions are in the hands of Tumbukaz.Mukuopa kuti mphamvu zikuchepelachepela eti!!Pamusundunyoko Dorothy!!

  17. Thenx says:

    Multhako Mwa Alhomwe is taking over; sadly when a new government comes in, they will be all over sacking these guys and taxpayer footing the bill.

  18. Rebel says:

    The hypocrisy of people from the northern region never ceases to amaze me. am a chewy and proud of it but I can’t stand the self aggrandizement of people from the north who think they are the best thing that ever happened to this country. Go around the civil service, these so called CSOs, NGOs and most of the donor organizations and you will find they are the ones running the show and they hardly make noise about it. And don’t get me started with the we are the most educated people crap. you are the most nepotistic beings in this country. The Lhomwes are just trying to get even and I don’t see anything wrong with that. Chitukuko chikulephera pa Malawi pano chifukwa cha anthem Aku mpoto inu who look at anything along tribal lines

  19. Hlabezulu Ngonoonda says:

    In the run up to elections in 1994 people were inundated with “Chewanisation” issue. During Bakili Muluzi regime people got indoctrinated with “Yaonisation”. Now we have this noise about “Lhomwenisation”. Noise on “Tumbikanisation” has been there since Malawi attained independence. It is a big problem. It shows that in Malawi people are fortified in their mind to look at appointments based on ethnicity and not on one’s ability to perform with merit for the best of the country of Malawi.

    Had a culture of merit been inculcated in parents and children way back in 1875 when missionary schools were introduced, parents or so called civil society organisations would not be crying on appointments as is the case now. Meritocracy would have been embedded in their minds for many years. By now it would have been transmitted from generation to generation in various ways, and appointments would not have raised eye brows. But somewhere things went wrong.

    Nevertheless, people must know that life will always be a competition and political power will always dictate things. Besides, life will never be fair to all. It takes those with a competitive edge and hard work to do better in life. Am happy that there is no such thing as Ngoninisation, Mang’anjanisation, Nyanjanisation and Lambyanisation!!

    Aston Villa FC boss Remi Garde once said that “everybody has to accept … criticism … everybody has to keep calm, face their responsibility , look into the mirror and ask … what they can do to get out of this … situation”. In life we learn from our mistakes. By working together to achieve something, we work effectively with the same people. This improves our communication skills to solve other problems. The ones who put in the necessary effort achieve their goals.

  20. ANALYST says:

    Opusa ndi anthu ena amene mumavotera chipani cha DPP! Tisanamizanepo apa – DPP ndi chipani cha Alhomwe; ndiye enanu (makamaka anthu a ku Chitipa, Karonga, Dowa Central (Mponela), Salima, Nkhota-Kota, Ntcheu, Balaka, Mangochi, Machinga, Mwanza, Blantyre ndi Neno) mukamavotera DPP kaya mumaganiza zichani kaya! Mukuona momwe akupangira tsankho a DPP? Koma mudzaona anthu a maboma ndatchulawa adzavotera DPP mu 2019! Mxiiiiii

  21. Andrew says:

    Best way to kill a country is to put people in strategic position who do not deserve it.

  22. Waxy Jumbex says:

    Dorothy kodi siukona merit mu ma appointments. If you want to make credible accusation please list all key public figures by tribe and rank which tribes are getting the most. You will be surprised

    1. Alubi Wawo says:

      Are sure there is merit in the appointment of Dr. Namalika as PS for Health. When we have very capable people in the ministry?

  23. Nyima says:

    Even when Kamuzu was at the helm of his power Achewa ndi amene anadyelera Kwambiri,Kamuzu Had Mc William Lunguzi as the Inspector general of Police for over 10 years ,this guy was from Dedza,he also had JZU Tembo as the Reserve bank governor for over 20 years,this guy was from Dedza ,he had Louis Chimango as one of the Senior Ministers in his cabinet,this guy was from Lilongwe,the list is endless ,the only problem ,most of the guyz you are making noise here including the CSO ,you were young during that time,but if you can ask your grand pa ,they will tell you that nepotism here in Malawi started with MCP .Ndiye zisiyeni zimenezi ,this is the pay back time.

  24. including three ministers from one district of chiladzulu namely, Henery Mussa, Fabiano and mwananvenkha and yet dausi sees this as no problem. Zamanyazi.

  25. hatton says:

    Tumbuka’s are even worse. Think of the old days of Lever Brothers Ltd, Oilcom, Total Malawi and many more were infested with Tumbuka’s. Over 99% of the filling stations in Blantyre and Lilongwe are run by the Tumbuka’s. They have even gone shamelessly by Tumbukalising Nkhoma synod territory by bringing the stinking Livingstonia synod there.
    Dorothy Ng’oma demonstrate that you are not Tumbukalising Lilongwe by Relocating your office to Mzuzu.
    Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango is being persecuted by the Tumbuka’s clergy because of his christian treatment of the chewas by accommodating them. Why are Tumbuka’s building houses in Blantyre and Lilongwe and not Mzuzu? Is this an attempt to Tumbukalising the two cities? Mwagwa nayo, simutitha.
    Atumbuka, mwaiwala momwe inalili executive committee ya AFORD nthawi ya Chakufwa Chihana. The Tumbukas are 61% of human beings by conduct, of course not all. There are some like Rev. Chimwemwe Mhango who are really human beings and Christians. I salute you, Reverend.

    1. Gome says:

      We are talking about ruling party its government formation. Tumbukas have not ruled this country so why accuse them of regionalism. Its nonsense to compare those who have rule with the ones who have never ruled

    2. Rebel says:

      Check around the CSOs making noise, the NGOs worth their name and most of the donor organizations in Malawi, they are dominated by Tumbukas and people from the north. These guys are hypocrites

    3. Machiavelli says:

      Inweso ndi mbuzi, your statement shows that you are one stinking human being who hates Tumbukas for no apparent reason and I am sure you are a Lhomwe. Why do you Lomwes hate Tumbukas so much? Is it that many of you are poor, mumagwira ntchito za mnyumba kwa mabwana achi Tumbuka komanso mamapita kukagwira ntchito yolima fodya kumpoto. Is that what makes you angry. Osangoyamika bwanji! Palibe mtundu umadana ndi aTumbuka kwambiri ngati inu. This was envidenced in Bingu’s statements pa issue yaku chancellor college, Peter Muntharika in a leaked conversation yomunena Chumunthu Banda and recently Chaponda in his interview pa Capitol FM. Mudzapindulanji podana nda a Tumbuka? Ndakwiya nawe and ukanakhalapo ndikanakupasa mambama. Tazingodya kalingonda wako apa. Analakwa nda azungu kubweretsa ma tea estate kwanuko nkukayuka ma school kumpoto. So hate the whites and not Tumbukas. Ukamati a kamange nyumba ku Mzuzu ukutanthauza chani? Malawi is for everyone and aliyense ali ndi choice pokhala. Mwina sudziwa, inu munachokera ku Mozambique kuthawa njala and betwwen you and Tumbukas, the Tumbukas came first here in Malawi. After all its not the Lomwes omwe atukula Blantyre or Lilongwe, udzapezaso kuti ambiri ndi a Tumbuka omwewo. Osamayankhula ngati wa khunyu.

  26. Why not mentioning The Inspector General,is Kachama from Thyolo?If merit means people from central region and northern region fine.Wamva iwe Dorothy clarify on this please.sikuti anthu a ku Thyolo asamawire ntchito mMalawi muno chifukwa choti ndi a ku Thyolo.

  27. lady gaga says:

    The stupidity lies in the other tribes that overwhelmingly vote for the DPP. During Bingu’s reign it was apparent that the Munthalika family are the worst tribalists one can ever thing of. Malawi, please wash your face and start seeing things. Name any major parastatals that is led by a non Lhomwe. By 2019 you will get a shock of your life when even cleaners are chosen on the basis of tribe.

  28. chipeta says:

    Very true. Mayi ngoma. We are observing this with the seriousness it deserves. This is very worisome development. Also very unfortunate that mr dausi os now always defending even the indefensible, he cant see it because he is in the system. Muzatipeza baba mukazasila mumtego mulimo.

  29. Nadzimbiri says:

    a opposition mumangokhalira kutukwana boma nde olo atakusankhani mma udindo akuluakulu abomawo simuligwetsa dala? Njoka sitiweta. muzanjoya nthawi yanu ikazakwana just make your house in order.

    1. mary says:

      I thought it’s about tribalism not partisan?

    2. Rebel says:

      tawauzani makape awa. avenge boma 2019 azasankhe amo

  30. Stella says:

    Minister of Finance ndindani? For how long? No complaints? OK. Becos he’s qualified with experience eti?
    Instead of writing the district only pliz also write these recent ones qualifications and experience so readers can decide if they are “qualified or not qualified”.

    1. Goodall says:

      Dziko lino silikutukuka coz of atumbuka. There are every where pa maudind akuluakulu and they are decision makers. Koma hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii machismo enieni kudzikonda too much. They are everywhere u can imagine. Unless north adzaakhale paokha Malawi adzatukuka komaso dziko lakumpoto azizangokhalira nkhondo coz of kusalolerana kufuna kukhala patsogolo ndi iwo.

      1. Machiavelli says:

        Limbikirani sukulu akulu, mudzanjoya, mmalo motaya nthawi ndi kudana ndi a Tumbuka

  31. Alinafe Phiri says:

    Pitala ndi Mfiti youma mtima ndipo ndi munthu watsakho loyipa.A Dausi musamakhule ngati muuza ana sadziwa ndi ndani za momwe mudasakhira nduna zanu.

  32. winston msowoya says:

    Why not imposing quota system over the sadistic and tribalists Lomwes?

  33. Generation of Vipers says:

    Tinanena kale kuti Mulhako is more or less the same as a cancerous tumor that needed to be wiped away before it affects the whole nation. Apatu zayamba kuvuta. You find that those appointed from other regions are also puppets to the regime.

  34. Makwiti says:

    Alomwes are very selfish and rude, look at the way they defend themselves, they can’t see anything wrong in this, the country is for us all not one tribe having a lion’s share like this …. President woyipa mtima ngati uyu sanaonekeso — kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Bliss says:


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