CSOs interprets that Chaponda has implicated President Mutharika in Zambia maize saga

Civil society organisations (CSOs) have called on President Peter Mutharika to come out and spell out his role in the Zambia maize saga.

President Peter Mutharikawith Minister of Agriculture Dr.George Chaponda

Robert Mkwezalamba : The President may be compromised in this matter

A representative of CSOs  Robert Mkwezalamba said the embattled Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda has constantly mentioned Mutharika in the whole maize saga.

Chaponda told the parliamentary inquiry that he met Zambia’ President Edgar Lungu at the order of Mutharika as a special envoy to the Zambia President.

Mkwezalamba also said pronouncements of Mutharika shows the President knows more on the maize saga.

“He has some information on the matter. He has to come up with a statement on the issue,” said Mkwezalamba.

Presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani could not comment on the matter.

But Chaponda told the members of parliament that he went to Zambia to negotiate on the maize matters with the full blessing of the President.

Zambia opposition leader Saviour Chishimba also told the parliamentary inquiry from Malawi that Mutharika had a role in the maize deal that has gone sour between Admarc and two Zambian companies —Kaloswe Commuters and Courier Limited and Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF).

So far, the inquiry has managed to expose anomalies in the way the government wanted to procure the 100 metric tonnes of the maize but it is yet to be proved how Chaponda and Admarc CEO  Foster Mulumeb were engaged in suspicious dealings in the procurement of the Zambia maize.

The purchase of the maize by the Malawi government was meant to salvage a hunger situation that threatened 6.5 million people at its peak late last year.

Questions have been raised as to why Admarc bought maize at a higher price across the border when it could have sourced affordably locally.

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We are the best in Africa when it comes to corruption

Nelson Mandela

it is true they stole


Malawians, we are a very dull people indeed. Look at us wasting time and money on this useless non story. Fully grown men and women running around barking, barking, barking and barking some more…for nothing!

Zander mutiuze
If APM was not a thief and was good leader he could fired Chaponda but because he is also a thief how can he fire Chaponda. APM is afraid of the outcome of firing Chaponda. APM promised Malawian that he will not shield anyone in his government Who is corrupted. How many has he named that they are corrupted despite donors request and cut of budget support. Instead he says there are NO corrupted ministers in his cabinet. What kind of a leader is he? A Malawi we can not has this party any more. This old man is worst… Read more »
charlie hebdo

Raise-the-belt….are you sane? What’s wrong with you? You are making the CSOs seem like they are fuck’all. How educated are you?

JBC Atate

If APM had not acted on the looming hunger, people like Mkwezalamba would say the President is unconcerned with the plight of Malawians. Let’s accept the whole issue about maize gate was fueled by petty jealousy. I never knew CSOs are this useless.


Mkwezalamba is a huge disgrace. USD 345 per ton at that time was translating into K248.40 per kilogram. At that time maize in Malawi was going at K250 per kilogram? Dull Mkwezalamba, which is higher?
Mr Mkwezalamba, your noise will not reverse donor fatigue with CSOs. Mungodwala, mudzikadya ku chipatala kikikikiki!!!


I throught the aim of forming these enquiries were to find out if Chaponda and his colleagues pocketed 9 billion kwacha.Now it seems the Kamlepo enquiry has changed tune that they enquiring if procedures were followed. Mr Chaponfa tried to complain to the committee that it was unfair that he was accused pocketing the said money but he was stopped by chairman of the committee that those were rumors from newspapers.I fill it was waste of time and resources


Koma a mkwezalamba mwandichititsa manyazi ndithu.. koma ngati munapita ku sukulu ayi ndithu sinakuthandizeni. I have now lost my trust in CSO’s they are just there to cause commotion even where there is nothing. Jelous si umuna baba vomerezani kuti a Times anakugeiritsani bibi.. ingopitani mukasambe m’manja.


If this is the caliber of CSOs in Malawi, the country is heading for disaster, I’m afraid.

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