CSO’s sue Malawi ruling DPP over Blue Night donations: Demand refund

Five civil society organisations (CSOs) pushing the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to refund money from some State enterprises have  finally filled a lawsuit against the DPP  after terminating the dialogue process.

DPP members dancing during the Blue Nighte.-Photo by Govati Nyirenda, Mana

CSOs, through their lawyer Wesley Mwafulirwa, lodged the court summons at High Couy=rt registry in the eastern city of Zomba in miscellaneous Case number 41 of 2017.

But DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila said the party is yet to be served with the lawsuit and that  it will “get the court processes” when  it gets the summons.

According to the lawsuit, the CSOs are demanding the governing party to pay back all the money it received during the ‘Blue Night’ and that the court should declare that the donations were in contravention  to the doctrine of public trust, the Malawi Constitution as a well as Section 23 and 76 of the Public Finance Management Act and the law generally.

The CSOs also want an order from the court compelling DPP to refund all the money “within a reasonable but specific time-frame.”

The court is also being asked to to issue a “prohibitory order” against DPP from ever souricng  or accepting donations from any public funds or public institutions “unless  the same comply with the relevant legal framework.”

On July 29 2017, DPP held a fundraising dinner and dance at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe where Blantyre City Council (BCC), Mzuzu City Council (MCC) and Lilongwe Water Board (LWB), among others, made financial contributions totaling K13.5 million.

Under Section 178 of the Constitution and Section 23 of the Public Finance Management Act, no single kwacha of public money is supposed to be expended unless such expenditure is authorised by an Appropriation Act or is a statutory expenditure.

The five CSOs pushing for the refund are Youth and Society (YAS), Centre for the Development of People (Cedep), Church and Society Programme, Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Human Rights Consultative Committee (HRCC).

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I’m a Tonga guy by birth. Atonga ndizisilu kwabasi, I can’t believe mumene akunyozeredwa by the people from South but here they are supporting the same people. Dpp has been very racist to the people of Nkhata-Bay oohh I can’t believe this. Dpp is using this stupid and greedy Vuwa kaunda to win support from us. Guys I came from the same village with Vuwa and the same primary school Vuwa went I also went the same school. Ndikunena mowopa mulungu palibe chimene Vuwa achita kwathu. Ineyo pamoyo wanga sindinayambe ndawonapo munthu onama ngati Vuwa. Muzandifunse ine, inu mumati atonga… Read more »

Afune asafune ndalama zibwezedwe basi. And Dr. Chakwera 2019 BooooooooooooooooooomAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Muzilimbitsana mitima choncho pa Nyasa Times pomwe osankha boma ali m’midzi kuyembekeza 2019 kuti wawoyo adzamusankhenso. Ndi chisankho chiti chomwe simunawuze masapota anu kuti mukutenga boma? Munalephera kutenga boma kwa Joyce Banda yemwe analibe maziko a chipani lero mukunamizana kuti mutenga bomali kuchoka ku DPP. Mavoti a chilendo woti mupambane nawo 2019 achokera kuti womwe kunalibe pa zisankho zisanu zapitazi? Mvotiwo adzachokera kumwamba? Chipani chokanika ngakhale kuchithandiza on presidential race. Chihana pamodzi ndi mpoto yonse anachithandiza koma ayi ndithu. Muluzi ndi Eastern region yonse anayesa kuithandiza koma zosatheka. Nanga mukufuna matsenga wotani kuti mudzapambane? Chipani chokanika ichi.

Honestly I don’t think a normal person will aline this issue to tribalism. I know some people think like dogs which barks at anyone without sound thinking. Is the money in question for Tumbukas or Malawians who pay tax? If the mentality of all DPP members is like that of this cockroach “South Note…”, then I agree 100% that God will not allow this blue camp to rule Malawi again. God has heard the cries of Malawians and has seen their tears; He will not allow DPP again in 2019. The signs are eminent… When you see people running away… Read more »
Take Note Southerners
Take Note Southerners
Mukanangonena kuti Tumbukas Sue DPP. Or better yet, Tumbukas Sue the Southern Region. As is always the case. Take into stock this too dear southerners. The CSOs are simply are a front for tumbuka losers. See this example, at Chhr we have Timothy Mtambo, Makhumbo Munthali, Fletcher Simwaka, Patson Gondwe all tumbukas! . What do you expect? Then look through the names of editors ando 99% of the reporters athe Nation Newspaper. Tumbukas!! Now are you surprised with the kind of news is reported? Let’s shame these coakroaches in 2019 again by resoundingly voting our own Apm, Saulos , Atupele… Read more »
one malawi
Its absolutely absurd to promote tribalism over matters of legal and national interest. The public institutions are for every Malawian and are funded by taxes from poor citisezes who pay taxes even on basic necessity such as water. It is is not only DPP or Northeners or what you call Tumbukas who should benefit from these institutions, even Churches, non political institutions, schools in general every citizen of Malawi regardless of tribe, religion, political or belief. I would therefore not expect a well reasoning citizen blame anyone on the idea of seeking accountability of funds in these public institutions. If… Read more »
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
One Malawi, I support your views and got impressed with your objective analysis without being driven by emotions. The curse you alluded to is not by design. Rather that it is the sum total of the behaviour which some people have been inculcate into them by people whose desire is to inflict harm on those they differ with or those who speak a different language or those whose culture runs counter to their values. The painful truth is that species of human beings who speak out the truth are mostly concentrated on the bottom or are mostly those who are… Read more »
The Patriot
Its amazing that in Malawi we still have literate people who talk like barking dogs! To people like you everything in Malawi should be seen through the tribal prism…what a shame! Honestly, the author of this foolish and tribal comment needs his head to be examined.. It is people like this guy or girl who promote mediocrity, tribalism and impunity. People like this imbecile need to get a life. We need ideas to develop Malawi aand not to divide it. If yiu cant see the logic of sueing DPP on this one then go to school and learn to analyse… Read more »
Tenzi Mzungu

How many DPP supporters attended the party? How many voted you into power? Why are you putting the party into problems because of few individuals? Why are creating mess after mess? Do you sit down and weigh the benefits and the disadvantages of your decisions? Some of you who attended the party did not vote for DPP and yet you are busy enjoying and if things go wrong you easily switch. My stand is refund the money.You friends before you lost because of cash gate and you don’t want to learn from them




mbava izi paulendo 2019.

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