Dausi attacks PAC: Malawi govt has lost confidence in quasi-religious body

Malawi government through its spokesperson, Nicholas Dausi has given the multi-faith  governance watchdog  , Public Affairs Committee (PAC) a vote of no confidence and accused the organization of “departure from the very principles of its existence and consistent demonstration of political biases”.

Flashback: Mutharika and some PAC members in an earlier meeting

PAC leadership: Dausi says the body has rebelled against itself

Dausi, who is Minister of Information and Communications Technolo,  has  argued  PAC is neither the voice of its religious organisations nor “the popular desire” in public affairs.

The vote of no confidence comes almost three weeks after PAC labelled President Peter Mutharika’s administration to have dismally failed on grounds that it is riddled with corruption and fraud, and that it has lost track of its promises.

It is also coming just hours after PAC on Friday took swipe at the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) for postponing by-elections initially set for June 6th.

Dausi took a strong stand against  the reputable  quasi-religious body, accusing the organization of failing to adhere to its constitutional obligations.

“According to the Constitution of the Public Affairs Committee, this organisation was primarily founded on the principle of opening and maintaining a dialogue with Government of the Republic of Malawi in representing the popular desire of the people of Malawi. Pac was set to dialogue with Government and not necessarily with the Head of State,” argued Dausi.

“We are dismayed that the current leadership of Pac has divorced the organization from the very religious bodies whose prophetic role it is supposed to encourage. Public Affairs Committee represents neither the voice of its religious organisations nor ‘the popular desire’ in public affairs.”

Dausi has since accused PAC of mobilizing the mob spirit of revolt against government contrary to promoting unity, peace and tranquility, saying the institution was expected to enter into and maintain dialogue with government but the current leaders of the organization have consistently disrespected dialogue and preferred.

The statement also states that just like opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera, PAC has chosen to ignore positive developments happening in the country.

“PAC has also chosen to ignore any positive developments, including revival of the economy devastated by Cashgate, in order to make a biased conclusion in their statement,” reads the statement in part in reference to a statement PAC made recently on shortfalls in political and economic governance.

In 2016, PAC sought audience with Mutharika after it demanded the President to resign, however Dausi said an interface meeting between government and Pac failed to take place due to the fact that ministers in the special Technical Team were attending Parliament.

“Government continues to be concerned that Pac is a body that claims to be concerned with governance issues in this country and yet they would neither understand nor appreciate the importance of Ministers being available to Parliament to respond to policy queries and questions as Section 96 of the Constitution requires them. This strange behaviour has made Government question the motives of the executive leaders of Pac.

“Pac asked again to meet the President who graciously accepted to grant them audience on 5 April 2017. However, Pac turned away from dialogue and suggestively declared to the public their desire for a revolt to oust the President simply because the President had shifted their meeting to another date. The demand for revolt which can lead to violence and anarchy is neither any “prophetic role” nor the promotion of unity, peace and tranquility in Malawi.”

He said Pac has since 2010 been imposing a series of disrespectful demands and ultimatums on government, including demanding the resignation of President Bingu wa Mutharika and President Arthur Peter Mutharika.

“Strangely, Pac never imposed any ultimatum or demand for resignation to President Joyce Banda in spite of all her mismanagement, state sanctioned Cashgate and its subsequent fiscal vandalism. Pac was silent when the former President Joyce Banda declared that she knew who shot Paul Mphwiyo.”

He added: “Pac has remained quiet when Joster Njanji, the only most senior Government official and former Principal Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet suspiciously died after declaring in court that he would tell the nation what really happened in Joyce Banda’s state sanctioned Cashgate. PAC was silent, and continues to be silent, over the most suspicious sale of the presidential jet. PAC has ignored the fact that Malawians Cashgate has inflicted pain and untold suffering on Malawians.”

Dausi further said Pac’s political biasness only reinforce everybody’s view that the organization has lost its way and has been captured by the opposition.

“Given its departure from the principles and reason of its existence, Government calls upon the trustees of Pac to re-examine this organization which has been the pride of our democracy for many years. We cannot have a Pac that has rebelled against itself by divorcing its own principles, the very reason of its existence, national building values and losing the integrity of independence simply because its executive leadership wants to play politics the wrong way.”

Dausi has blamed PAC for, among others, siding with opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP), citing the call by MCP and PAC for President Peter Mutharika’s resignation which he said was done “in a synchronised manner to whip public anger in preparation of the all-inclusive meeting of PAC”.

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole denied that  the body has rebelled against itself, saying it has mandate to “ pinpoint the failures of those in power, including the opposition.”

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17 thoughts on “Dausi attacks PAC: Malawi govt has lost confidence in quasi-religious body”

  1. mbuzi iwe yamano kunsi, the fact that they kept quite during amayi time does not mean that they should keep quite forever. diphiphi is evil, it has caused alot of untold suffering to the majority of malawians. idiot!!!!!!!

  2. Rift Valley says:

    I entirely agree. PAC need not waste time responding. As the saying goes: ‘Never fight a pig in the mud. He loves it but it enjoys getting you dirty’

  3. sazilala mbuno says:

    a Dausi ingopanilani ujeni wanu nkukhala pasi. ife tingodikila mukazazindikila TAMBALA KULILA KATATU ndi pomwe muzazindikile kuti mwakana kukhulupilila yesu ndi kumugulitsa ndi arogancy yanu. ndlama ikalankhula cilungamo cimakhala cete. PAC IKUIMILILA anthu ose osati a nnyumba mwako wava.. dont you feel ashamed kupita ku misa with all your shit on your bottom?
    corru[prtion thhoooo. mwana wako unamuika ku embassy, kodi anthu ose akusowa nchitowa ndipo ophuzila bwino, sanacite qualify, olo ndi zomwe tikuzionazi zoti olo ulembele nchito komwe kukufunidwa anthu koma umapezeka kuti omwe sanacite apply ana azisuwani acimwene cemwali ankolo ndomwe amazaza mma officemu????????????? ku MCP wasetako, ku DPP ndi izi. remember that sentence in LATIN!!!! I seal my lips.
    ncani a dha cikukusatani??????????? PAC UISIYE you know deep in your heart not to mess around with these people.kuli zooneka zanji zuucitika development kunoku? ZUMA sananname. jag up bit.

  4. vuto says:


  5. Yes, Pac was set to dialogue with Government but mind you our Government system is presidential. Being a presidential system of government its only normal for Pac to engage with the president. Secondly there are violent protest in Venezuela today not because there are no good roads, schools or other infrastructures but simply because the worsening economic crisis in the country. While infrastructures are part of national development, its important that government policies should be designed to ensure improvement of the peoples lives. Development must be people centred, people should see improved livelihood of people and not just counting the number of roads under construction and so on.

  6. ngulenje says:

    Positive developments of DPP kkkkkkkk koma eeee its indeed there in Malawi munthu akakhuta mimba take kumati ndichitukuko cha dziko. Koma a dausi ziwani ichi life tonse a Malawi adzeru ndi oganiza mwa umunthu tili pambuyo pa PAC chifukwa to tikuziwa komanso inunso mukuziwa kuti ndi PAC yomweyi inathandiza kuti open ndi third term bill ilepheleke inu multi Ku MCP ndipo mukaithokoza. Lero poti muli inu kudyelera mwati akulakwa hehehehede dyela Amalawi leader Wanu chonde muuzeni zowona kuti ayambe kukodza zinthu. A president chance musadane ndi okuzuzulani amewa ndi abwezi anu chifukwa akukuchenjezana a Dausiwo akukupusisani monga amapangila ndi a Bingu lawavuta ndi dyera chonde chonde. Zinthu sizilibwino pa Malawi piano. Dausi please go to hell leave men of God alone we trust, Love and always pray for them

  7. Becks says:

    PAC don’t respond to this madness. When you argue with a mad person, people will not see the difference.

  8. chemuyaya says:

    Unfortunately we just talk on social media but we don’t vote. If all of us who condemn this shit government goes to vote then its easy to take out them. People who vote are in the villages – easily cheated by subsidies. Lets wake up malawi register and vote!!

  9. Ngalamayi says:

    ‘Revival of the economy’???!! What revival? It’s still dying! The problem is whether the outcome of any future elections will be free of interference from those in power, and whether other parties have anyone who could do a better job of leadership. Malawi needs leaders with the country’s best interests at heart.

  10. Patrick Phiri says:

    Dausi is very right. The current PAC leadership is a national disgrace.

  11. Jacob says:

    This Dausi guy is a “sh……t”. He needs to learn to engage his brain before he engages his mouth. This Malawi is for all of us. Good leadership spends more time in listening that hearing. You should have been in church at Maula when the Archbishop almost cried when he spoke about corruption and moral decay in this country. People like you who do not see any negatives are not patriotic to this country. The unfortunate part is that you do not have the intelligenve to know that you are being used by the lomwes. You are not leaving by the prayer of St. Francis that you normally quote. You are not an instrument of peace. A pity!

  12. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    You DPP idiots, if you rebel against men of God you will surely collapse one day. just mark may words. Why do you always use chiefs to defend your acts. Parading them on MBC after bribing them?????? Wise Malawians are watching you. take care!!!!!!

  13. Tchoda says:

    Boma ili la DPP lamwano, losafuna kumva zofowoka zao, malemu a Bingu (RIP) nthawi ya campaign mau awo anali sentence imodzi basi “Lolani ntchito za manja anga zindichitire umboni” Kodi bwampiniyu pa campaign azizaloza chiyani? anganene mau amenewa kuti lolani ntchito za……………………

  14. Malawian Mwanavava says:

    The voice of the dieing horse(DPP&Dausi). Only time will tell Mr Dausi, just wait for that time.

  15. Avinty says:

    the fact that they were not doing it doesn’t mean this time they are off target!

  16. Harawara says:

    Mr. Dausi, this is the beginning of the end of DPP. PAC is doing its rightful job by condemning corruption, maladministration, nepotism and man made poverty, unresolved murders.

    Listen to PAC and put your house in order or else your days in Government will not cross 2020. If I were you I would lend my attentive ears and stare at what PAC says and make improvements. Fighting PAC is a curse. No Government in Malawi will survive a fight with PAC not because it is a religious organization but because it has populace behind it. Dare not war against it. I watched the speeches by the greedy chiefs yesterday on MBC TV. It is shame that they too can’t see and feel tears that Malawians are shading. Your Government Mr. Dausi takes advantage that Malawians are quite and they are used to suffering in silence. But one day someone will stand up and say NO to poor governance. Malawians love their country, but it is the Government that is causing untold suffering and they so they hate it.

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