Dausi blasts Malawi spy agents over leaks

Head of Malawi’s National Intelligence Bureau (NIB), Nicholous Dausi, summoned state spy agents in Lilongwe last week for a meeting as the bureau intensifies its efforts to combat the leaking of confidential information to journalists, Nyasa Times has been established.

Dausi:   Head spy

Dausi: Head spy

Two senior operatives, who attended the meeting, confided to Nyasa Times that Dausi blasted them, saying some of them were leaking stories forcing the President to shift sands after the online reports.

Dausi was angry with the report of plans to appoint a second vice president, cabinet reshuffle and State House shake-up.

“Those who are leaking information to Nyasa Times will be caught because I am a friend to the  editor who will reveal to me the sources, so stop the transgression and treachery,” Dausi is reported to have told the spy agents.

However, Nyasa Times said it protects its sources to the maximum and would not reveal them – even at gun point .

Dausi said it is illegal to disclose classified information, saying any leakages of classified information undermine the national security of any state.

Meanwhile, according to press reports NIB which has been operating without any legal provision for almost 15 years, is expected to be established as a government institution with a mandate to prevent, contain and counter threats to national security

The proposed law, which was gazetted in March 2014, seeks to define powers, functions and duties, besides regulating the administration and control of the bureau.

NIB was established by the United Democratic Front (UDF) government in 2000 under the Office of the President and Cabinet to replace the Special Branch, which was an arm of the Malawi Police Service notorious during MCP’s rule for targeting the party’s political enemies.

According to what Weekend Nation reported, yhe bill gives the President powers to appoint and dismiss the bureau’s director general and his deputy. It further says a person eligible for the positions should have “high integrity and possess qualifications necessary for the performance of the duties of the office.”

Dausi , former Democratic Progressive Party’s spokesperson, was a former officer of the defunct Malawi Young Pioneers and served as bodyguard to the first president of Malawi, Dr. Kamuzu Banda.

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I mean banda
We need to move away from a stone aged based intelligence system to a smart intelligence. Imagine if Obama was coming to Malawi how much would they rely on our intelligence. We can’t have a non intellectual intelligence. We need a 21 St century state of the art intelligence whose job isn’t to ask public for political suspects and beat them up .But to analyze local and international threat and provide intelligent intelligence to the organisation’s which can benefit. China Russia UK usa use intelligence to prosper in trade. .We’ve got to be able to visualisé what our neuoghbouting countries… Read more »
I mean banda

This I

Mark Markc

Eehe!tiye nazoni!

wakutsina khutu............
wakutsina khutu............
Ada utsi , waiwala kuti ndiwe wemwe unaulula , za Dick Matenje and the rest, komanso iwe nde munthu mmodzi oipisisa in malawi’s politics, u started in the Kamuzu regime , then Bakili Muluzi , Bingu and now you are with Peter Munthalika, monsemo ukuyendamo , umaulula za boma lapitalo, and apa mwanena kale kuti , Nyasatimes Editors ndi anzanu, tiyeni tione chinatsitsa dzaye kuti Njovu ithyoke nyanga, Ndekuti ndi iweyo ukuulula za ku state house ku ma editors aNyasatimes. Osakalipila anyamatawa ukutchinjiliza zina lako. Uyaluka , ma editors ake nde si a nyasatimes , akuulula pompano, amazisaka bad, uziwanso.

thats political indiculation

Atupele is a politician while Chilima is a Marketer. Remember never outshine the boss. Reforms have always been here but they can only succeed if government as a whole embraces it not if it is seen as a one man show. Why pay journalists to say good about you when you have done nothing. Singapore developed because of a different political system that sacrificed personal freedom for economic development. Chilima doesn’t tolerate different views he wants all of us in government to agree with him which is impossible. There must be consensus on the type of reforms we want and… Read more »

Za ugalu munya simudati kkkkkk bola ife kuno kumudzi bola tadya dza mchere.


If there are leakages on the second vice president issue that means its true. How can something which is not there be leaked? Fools paradise

Chemwa Limbani

ukamakondera then there is chistsitsi treat each and every person as malawinian

Dambudzo Mwasanya

Muluzi has been campaigning that seat for his son Atupele.They have been sidelining Saulos because he never came from mainstream politics.Zimawadinya kwabasi mu cycle ya Dpp for an outsider kungofikila pampando wa vice prez while mikhala kale ikutuwa.
Dausi Sanjika gateman threats and intimidation tactics will not stop leakages.Alot more is going to be exposed to show that we are no longer in Kamuzu era. Malawians cannot be held ransom by this bulutu Dausi.Wayiputa Malawi usziwanso.

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