Dausi says PAC has pathological hatred with DPP: ‘Govt without integrity has no  right to  govern’

Minister of Information and Communications Technologies Nicholas Dausi has hit at the quasi religious grouping and governance watchdog Public Affairs Committee (PAC) for its assessment that Malawi was currently experiencing mediocrity as poverty levels have been deeply entrenched  among ordinary Malawians.

Dausi: PAC statement unusual

Dausi said the statement by PAC  at a news conference in  Blantyre shows that the governance  watchdog  has “hidden agenda”, saying its assessment is unusual.

The government spokesman said PAC leadership has “pathological hatred” against the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration led by President Peter Mutharika.

“They don’t see anything good in whatever DPP do and say,” said Dausi.

During the news conference, PAC observed that DPP administration has failed wretchedly to fight corruption in the past three years it has been in power and raised doubts if the ruling party can change before the elections due in 2019.

“After  a  careful  examination  on  incidents  of  corruption, we  note  that  the  DPP  administration  has  been  greatly  characterised  by  corrupt  practices,  financial  indiscipline  and  selective justice,” PAC chairperson the Very Reverend Felix Chingota  said.

“As  Malawians  seek  for  the  realisation  of  justice  and  law enforcement, we  note  that  the  DPP  administration continues  to  embark  on selective  justice  in  the  pursuit  of  cashgate  cases,” he added.

Rev Chingota said  all  Malawians  are  equal  before  the  law  and  must  be  treated  as  such.

PAC accused DPP of shielding corrupt fat cats in its rank and file.

“ The  snail’s  pace approach  in  bringing  to  book culprits  , and  failure  to swiftly deal  with  cashgate  matters  is a betrayal  of  justice  and  raises  questions  of  integrity  on  the  DPP  administration.

“We  are  compelled  to  state  that  the  DPP  administration  and its  leadership have dismally  failed  to  perform and that there is lack of vision  to  steer  this  country  into  prosperity,” PAC chairperson said.

PAC also accused DPP of running propaganda machinery on social media and mainstream media.

“We  hold  a  strong  view  that no matter  how much  money  one  invests  in  propaganda groups  to suppress  the will  of  the  people ,  justice and  truth  will  always  triumph,” it said

PAC said the growing corruption  levels  and  economic  malaise that are derailing the transformation of  people’s  lives show  “lack of  strong  leadership and  intention”  to  develop  this country.

“The  poor  people  are  becoming  poorer  as  the  few  are  getting  richer  to  the extent  that  poverty  remains  a  long-term companion  to  the majority  of  Malawians. In  the  current  scenario, the assertion that ‘ if  a  government  does  not  have  integrity  has  no  right  to  govern’  is worth pondering upon lest people are led into saying enough is enough,” PAC said.

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20 thoughts on “Dausi says PAC has pathological hatred with DPP: ‘Govt without integrity has no  right to  govern’”

  1. Waxy Jumbex says:

    Nik has a point. PAC has does not see the big picture Malawi. The nation is stable and peaceful. What can one long for?

  2. chemuyaya says:

    PAC says Mutharika has failed; BUT I say Mutharika has failed with distinction.

  3. Nobel says:

    This country is seriously bleeding and if we continue fairing like this, we will all(except those with fat pockets) be skinned alive by poverty. Dausi is a shameful DPP statue who unknowingly or knowingly tread where even angels fear to step on their feet. Bravo PAC

  4. john says:

    PAC, you have done a good job. Let those who have ears hear.

  5. Stanley says:

    PAC welcome for the move but my worry
    please our Bishops dont allow these corrupt pple to divide you men of God
    Iknow kuti mwangonenamu awa okubawa akupanga maplan kuti pamapeto mgawanike kapena akukhazikeni chete coz they are corrupt frome top to bottom so be carefull You are chosen by The almighty and these pple they are chosen by themselves
    If am not mistaken pple of God,God must be my wittness these pple are failing coz the are ruling astollen government so dont wonder fisi ndi fisi or atabvala chikopa cha mbudzi agwirabe mbuzi
    These untcorruption pple they can deal with these crooks we are tired of this only President can end corruption
    Men of God how can aminister transact billions of kwachas without the knowledge of president or Finance minister.This government has more questions to answer us
    once again you taken agood move bail us please Men of God

  6. mtete says:

    Mr. Dausi,is there anything good in whatever DPP does and says? Cash/ Maize/Tractor/Medicine/Embassy /Gates

    Trouble with this government is that they view any criticism as an attack instead of taking this as an opportunity to correct things.

    Is it any wonder that a recent survey concluded that people trust the president least. This is because of people like you who speak wrongly for him. Please tell him the truth. It hurts, but it is good feedback for him.

  7. gracious gondwe says:

    loud & clear DPP is poor leadership, they have failed to run the country, only corruption in the parliament nothing good in DPP, IFDPP will run again 2019 Malawi will never developed, look at Private sectors the employees paid k20,000 end of a month more especially g4s is world wide company but as government no any action ON IT , think of k20,000 can you make good budget in a family, think of school fees a son or daughter is at secondary level can you manage to pay school fees with k20,000, CAN YOU MANAGE TO PAY RENTAL , thus why in Malawi we are remaining poor of the poorest people, DPP PRESIDENT IS POOR IN THINKING CAPACITY & MINISTER OF FINANCE THEY DO NOT MAKE GOOD BUDGET IN THE CABINET, NOTE : LOOK AT G4S PLEASE MAKE ARESEARCH OF THE SALARIES THEY PAID TO THEIR EPLOYEES K20,000 RETHINK OF THAT AMOUNT IF YOU CAN MANAGE TO MAKE GOOD BUDGET, BYE ?……………………………………..? –

  8. santana says:

    After the many negative things PAC has pointed out which are a copy and paste of the opposition camps let us wait for the reaction from the people themselves. We should not forget that this is the PAC which hated Bingu and his administration up to the extent of giving him ultimatum. Come 2014 after a fight from outside govt the DPP bounced back to power to the shame of this PAC. This time the same PAC is extremely divided because Chingota and Mulomole want to use it for their own political goals. I know that this press for PAC was a reaction to the fellow clergy who met Mutharika at Chikoko bay in Mangochi. I laugh my lungs up when I READ SOME COMMENTS predicting the fall of DPP in 2019. I challenge these guys to mention a strong challenger to Peter in 2019. Mention the candidate so that we weigh him. The problem is that some opposition parties are banking their hope on the runaway pastor who has no any indication that he can make it in 2019. Chakwera is just too dwarf in political fights. Where else will he get the votes if he is failing to pull the muscle in his own home yard? APM has no challenger in 2019, let us accept it please.

  9. Central says:

    Nick akutokota chifukwa ali pamsana pa njomvu…………………………………… akuona ngati anthu onse akulanhulawa akunama!!

    Nick kumbukilani padzana a Malawitu ndi anthu a chikondi ndipo amenenela amene akuvutika zabwino momwe muja anakuthandizila iwe Nick ukutuwa pa Blantyre, mapazi atachita zikang’a ndikuyenda pansi!!

    Pano mwakula mimba a Nick, ndipo mukuoneka simungamvomere kuti kunjaku kwagwa mabvuto atadzaonani ndipo its sad that every problem has been proved to be artificially made by your government!!

  10. NGWAZI says:



  11. Mwanadala says:

    Dausi is a stupid dull guy, he thinks he will be a minister 4ever, where is Chaponda, kaliati? akonyoza anthu a Mulungu, DPP kubatu ndikomwe mwatchuka nako, mmafuna a PAC ayamikire zimenezo? Come out and see how the nation is breeding from DPP failures.

  12. Prof. Malawimotobuuu!! says:

    There is nothing new indeed. PAC must suggest constructive solutions osati misonkhano vuu maallowance vuuuuuuuu Opportunists

    1. Charles says:

      Peter Mutharika’s government does not take any suggestions seriously, no matter how constructive the ideas may be!!! As far as he is concerned, the best ideas are ‘with him’ and those that surround him, hence Malawi’s poor performance in all areas. As far as he is concerned, he is a jack of all trades but clearly he is a specialist of none!!!!!!!

    2. Watipaso says:

      @ Prof malawimotobuuu

      Actually last year PAC presented a whole list of suggestions and solutions but what did your inept president do. Did he listen ?Don’t display your stupidity in public because the fact of the matter is that this president of yours does not take advice. Chakwera did provide solutions. Did you listen.?. The so called prof let me tell you that malawi’s problems require radical remedies and solutions to address the kind of problems that are rampaging through the country and these have been dutifully offered by PAC and chakwera but you never listened. So mr fool stop talking about things that you don’t know about

  13. Wanjiko says:

    Loud and clear for all stupid people like Nick to hear. Keep it up PAC.

  14. Harawara says:

    I understand why Nick responds negatively to PAC’s report. He cannot see corruption we face at Road and Police Traffic, MRA, DCs Offices, almost at every public office. Nick visits foreign medical centres and does know the situation in our public health facilities. Nick has 24/7 power supply,. Nick travels on tarred roads. When he travels he see Malawi transformed, his bank accounts fattened and assets multiplied. Nick’s children do no attend public schools. So he doesn’t know conditions in our public schools. These appalling conditions dont just exist in the Mutharika Republic he resides. Our request is one day get out of the Republic and visit us. You will see lives shattered, broken souls, hopeless men and women. You will see a nation bleeding from poverty, corruptions, tribalism, inefficiencies, collapse of social services. Open your eyes and see tears in our eyes.

  15. Chimanga says:

    dausi himself is a pathological lier……. Ndipo sachita manyazi akamanama

  16. kkkkk says:

    Yes this DPP and its leadership have real failed to run this country. We are all watching and waiting patiently for 2019. Mdala u ndiolephera akapume basi

  17. Coco says:

    well, maybe PAC would have started with commending the government on the little positive things they have done, because once you criticize someone without any compliments, they are bound to defend themselves, its nature! However, I ask myself that what little positive things has DPP done?? hmmmm I am not sure. Otherwise, the criticisms are ON POINT. DPP government should humbly sit down and evaluate themselves basing on what PAC is saying, otherwise we will indeed soon say, enough is enough!!

  18. Omex70 says:

    I salute you PAC for this strong statement. DPP led government has completely failed to run this country. They use MBC to paint a beautiful picture of DPP achievement in the past 3 years. Every sensible Malawian can not trust MBC and its stupid journalists.

Comments are closed.

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