DPP accused of ‘manupulating’ voters for linking development to ruling MPs

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials  have come under commentators fire over their remarks that voters should vote for  DPP candidates in the October 17 by-elections if they want development , saying it is anti-democratic.

Ntaba: Manipulating voters

Commentators have pointed out that development is a human right for all citizens and that Malawi Constitution enshrines in Section 30 that the State has a responsibility to  respect the right to development and to justify its policies in accordance with this responsibility.

During a campaign rally in Lilongwe Mszoi North Constituency on Wednesday ahead of the Tuesday’s by-elections, President Peter Mutharika asked people to vote for DPP candidate  Bruno Daka  as that would help transform the area in terms of development..

“I will inform Admarc to open another market within next wee… We will construct girls’ hostels, a police unit, roads and many more development programmes will come in this area. But first, vote  Bruno Daka of DPP as your MP,” campaigned Mutharika.

The President said plans are underway to upgrade roads in the constituency including the Nayele-Chadza road which would be bituminized.

DPP Vice President for the Central Region, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba also stressed that Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency will only see meaningful development if the people elect DPP candidate.

Mzuzu-based socio-political commendator Emily Mkamanga said  remarks by President Mutharika and Ntaba were “manipulation of people” which  is unacceptable in a democracy.

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)  is holding parliamentary by-elections October 17  in Nsanje Lalanje, Lilongwe South East and Lilongwe Msozi North constituencies.

In Nsanje Lalanje and Lilongwe Msozi North the by-elections are being held following the death of former parliamentarians Sam Ganda of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and Highton Jiya (Malawi Congress Party-MCP) respectively.  In Lilongwe South East, the by-elections are as a result of the Supreme Court of Appeal order to have a re-run after nullifying the 2014 outcome.


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The President doesn’t know politics, he speaks like a child. -I did not expect him to speak like that. In a democracy we have people who support the ruling party as well as people who support the opposition parties. People of the both camps need equal treatment because there is only one president at a time. It is unfortunate for a whole president to say if people want development in their area should vote for a ruling party candidate that is cheap politics by all standards and total failure. I am not surprised that this is coming from Peter. No… Read more »
Uncle Mugabe

Kodi inu a Nyasa times, m comments amenewa mmapita nawo kuti? Peope keeping talking here and then but i dont known where these comments end up to. And after these comments, what do u do???


This is indeed undemocratic and MEC must strongly discourage parties from use of such manipulative statements that are aimed at bringing fear in the electorate.
What is the president trying to tell Malawians on the citizens’ right to development?
Shud we say those constituencies where there are DPP MPs will not need to be financed once DPP goes out of power cos they are better served than where there are oppositiin MPs?
Mr President pray for wisdom and God will surely grant you

Joe M
A Ntaba, why have you never been an MP since you left MCP. U would have changed the strategy because this one is the reason you perform miserably against Willard Gwengwe. Ife a school yamasiku ano knows a change in strategy can bring results which are normally good against competitors. Dont fool us that you dont want to be an MP again but people from Nkhoma know you kuti ndinu wokonda ndalama hence can not take anything from your mouth. Akufuna adye nao ndalama za corruption zo bambo Ntaba. Sosten Gwengwe is coming back to Parliament whether you like it… Read more »

Salvation was first for Israel then to the gentiles the same goes to the rest of us, development for DPP then after that to others. Thank you


Baba I think you are very ignorant do you want to tell me that tax payers money belong to DPP or all Malawians. You can not speak that vote Daka first and I will contract roads that is being useless and waste of time by Head of State


Its called campaigning, you do not vote because someone said this or that. You weight the issues.


A Muthalika alibe fundo and he will loose miserably, kuli bwino chitukukocho akachite kwao ku Thyolo, misonkho yathu izingopita, munthu watsankho uyu!!! Kukhala otsutsa is not a crime—-nonsense

Patrick Phiri

There is no issue here. DPP is simply cleverer than the the sleeping opposition.


what a calamity in speech atchona


Every Malawian pay tax regardless of political affiliation. I also didn’t expect such sentiments from the whole head of state. This shows how undemocratic DPP is. This is why they demand money from parastatals bringing state agencies into note.


It is called campaigning, are you telling me Malawian voters are so stupid, they do what Muthalika says?

Your comment is very telling of what sort of people Malawians are. People vote in private, what someone says during campaign should not matter, unless you are trying to find reasons for disputing the results when DPP wins.
Everyone is saying DPP can not win, so why are you worried about what Muthalika says?


Sometimes in many constituencies in Malawi people do not vote for political parties but they vote for people who they love because of individual’s behaviours eg helping people in their area materially, financially, etc. So, don’t about APM’s rhetoric in his campaign. Ever seen/heard the Head of State vigorously campaigning for a candidate and that candidate fails miserably? We had that scenario in Zomba Malosa Constituency in 2013.

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