DPP are shedding crocodile tears

The Citizens Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance would like to express shock and surprise to hear the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) condemn President Joyce Banda for arrests of individuals that are reputed to have plundered the tax-payers money and about dismissals of some prominent public servants, who misbehaved during the Mutharika regime.

The Citizens Committee would wish to advise the DPP to commence their new lease of life by accepting the truth that during the DPP’s reign, this country belonged to one tribe and one ethnic grouping. As a result, the DPP arrested several Malawians that didn’t hail from the Lomwe belt on flimsy reasons. Additionally several qualified and experienced Malawians were dismissed from the public and Private Sectors to accommodate the Members from the late Presidents home.

The DPP through their own leader in Parliament Dr. Geroge Chaponda admitted and justified the decision by the late President to employ people from his home on the premise that “he needed to work with people that he could trust.” The Committee would like to ask the DPP, how does JB work with people that shamely advised the late President to convert himself into a demigod, a self righteously and tribalism man?

Chaponda: Admitted about naked nepotism

The Citizens Committee’s researchers have well documented lists of individuals that were arrested on politically trumped up charges and dismissed during the DPP era. The Committee has the pleasure to produce a list as follows;


His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi, UDF Former National Chairman and former President of the Republic of Malawi, Right Honourable Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, Former Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Hon. Gwanda Chakuamba, President of the New Republican Party, Hon. Kennedy Makwangwala, UDF Secretary General, Hon. Friday Jumbe, UDF President and Former Minister of Finance, Mr. John Chikago, former Ambassador to Japan, Mr.  Ziliro Chibambo, former Ambassador to Mozambique, Mr Humphrey Mvula, UDF Director of Research and former Chief Executive Officer for Shire Bus Lines, Mr Yusuf Mwawa, Former Minister of Education and former Leader of the House in Parliament, Mr Sam Mpasu, UDF Publicity Secretary, Mr. Hophmally Makande, UDF Former Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Harry Thomson, UDFFormer NEC member, Hon. Roy Comsy, former Deputy Minister for Education, Mr. Jordan Kanyerere, Late District Governor Mangochi, Hon. Alfred Mwechumu, Member of Parliament for Mangochi, Mr. Kamlepo Kalua, MDP President, Mr. Mkumba, Businessman, Mr. David Kambilonje, Former Chief Immigration Officer, Mr. Kandi Padambo, Former Acting Chief Executive, Escom, Mr. Rodrick Mulonya, Former Director General, TVM, Yusuf Matumula, Former UDF NEC member, Rashid Nembo, Former UDF NEC member, Late Morris Kachimbwinda, UDF NEC member, Mrs. Kadango, wife of UDF member, Lucius Banda, Former UDF Balaka MP, John Banda, Former UDF Regional Governor and UDF NEC member, Muhammad Kulesi, UDF NEC member and former Ambassador to Libya, Late Ndaila Onani, UDF NEC member and former Ambassador to Egypt, Hon. Maxwell Milanzi, UDF MP, Mr. Ernest Mtingwi, former Commissioner General of the MRA, John Chikakwiya, former UDF Regional Governor and Mayor of the City of Blantyre,Shabani KadangoFormer Personal Assistants of the Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Eladi Faki, Former Personal Assistants of the Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Mr. Chilemba, former security operative of President Mutharika, Late Mr. Killa, UDF Youth member in Lilongwe, Alex Ndhlovu,  UDF Youth member in Kasungu, Hon. Henry Moyo, UDF Director for the Youth, Mr. Salim Bagus, former cabinet minister, Jika Nkolokosa, Late journalist and General Manager, Blantyre Newspapers Limited, Mr. Mabvuto Banda, Journalist, Reuters and The Nation, Mr. Raphael Tenthani, local Journalist, BBC, Mr. Rob Jamieson, Publisher, The Chronicle newspaper and Chairman of the Publishers Association of Malawi, Mr. Maxwell N’gambi, journalist, Blantyre Newspapers Limited, Mr. Dickson Kashoti, journalist Blantyre Newspapers Limited, Mr. Horace Nyaka, journalist and Former media officer in Veep’s office, Mr. Arnold Mnelemba, The Chronicle newspaper, Mr. Robson Jangiya, UDF Deputy Director for the Youth, Mr. Enock Chihana, current Minister and Aford Member of Parliament, Mr. Yeremiah Chihana, former Aford MP, Mr. Kananji, UDF District Governor for Kasungu, Mr. Kambalame,Former UDF Governor for Lilongwe East, Hon. Clement Chiwaya, UDF NEC member  and UDF MP in Mangochi, Hon. Abubaker M’baya, UDF MP in Mangochi and Regional Governor for the South, Hon. Machado, Former UDF MP Ntcheu South, Mr. MacDonald Symon, UDF Organizing Secretary (South), Hon. Phillip Bwanali, former UDF minister and MP and NEC member, Mr. Abdul Pillane, Former Chairman, Macra, Mr. Khuze Kapeta, prominent lawyer, Benard &Harris,Mr. David KadwaFormer Chief Resident Magistrate, Blantyre, Mr. Makileni, former Chief Executive, Kasungu District Assembly, Al Haji Kalisinje, UDF NEC member, Mr. Samson Msosa, former UDF Deputy Regional Governor, Dr. Milton Kutengule, former Secretary to the Treasury, Mr. William Chinula, former UDF Regional Treasurer, North, Chief Mazengera of Lilongwe, Chief Chisemphere of Kasungu, Chief Chikowi of Zomba, Chief Chitukula of Lilongwe, Chief Sitola of Machinga, Chief Mpando of Ntcheu, Mr. Vincent Mpaluko, former General Manager MITCO, A Mr. Chimenya, former Finance Director, NFRA, Hon. Joseph Njobvuyalema, MCP MP and Chairman of Public Appointments Committee, Rev. Levi Nyondo, General Secretary, Livingstonia Synod, Harry Mkandawire, Former DPP Director of Political Affairs, Ralph Kasambara, current Attorney General, Atupele Muluzi,current Minister,  Uladi Mussa, current Minister, Billy Mayaya, Miss Habiba Osman, Mr Ben Chiza Mkandawire, Mr John Kapito, among many other Malawians.

Notable and highly qualified Malawians

who were unfairly dismissed by the DPP regime


  1. Former Inspector General of Police, Mr. Joseph Aironi
  2. Former Malawi Army Commander, Late General Joseph Chimbayo
  3. Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr.Fahad Assani
  4. Former National Intelligence Bureau Director, Mr. Chitsulo Gama
  5. Former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Richard Pendame
  6. Former Director of Preventive Health Services, Dr. Wesley Sangala
  7. Former Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lucius Chikuni
  8. Former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Z. Chikhosi
  9. Former Principal Secretary for Environmental Affairs, Dr. Chrissie Mwiyeriwa

10. Former Shire Bus Lines Chief Executive, Mr. Humphrey Mvula

11. Former Principal Secretary for Trade and Commerce, Ms. C. Zamba

12. Former Principal Secretary for Treasury, Mr. Z. Soko

13. Former Acting  Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. K. Kaphaizi

14. Former Executive Director for Masaf, Mr. S. Kakhobwe

15. Former Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor, Dr. Elias Ngalande

16. Former Commissioner General of the MRA, Mr. Ernest Mtingwi

17. Former General Manager of the Reserve Bank, Mr. E. Kambalame

18. Former Assistant General of ADMARC, Mr. Kuthemba Mwale

19. Former Operations Manager for MDC, Lucius Mandala

20. Former Principal Secretary for Gender, Mrs. B. Kumangilana

21. Former Executive Director of Privatization Commission, Mr. Sauti Maziko Phiri

22. Former Air Malawi Chief Executive, Mrs. Esther Chioko

23. Former Air Malawi Finance Director, Mr. James Kumwenda

24. Former Director General of Macra, Mr. E. Namanja

25. Former Acting Inspector General of Police, Mrs. M. Nangwale

26. Former Acting Inspector General of Police, Mr. Often Thyolani

27. Former Assistant General Manager, ADMARC, Mr. Cosmo Kawelama

28. Former Deputy General Manager, ADMARC, Dr. Kuthemba Mwale

29. Former Director of operations, ADMARC, Mr. Maluwa

30. Former Human Resources Manager, ADMARC, Mr. Maliro

31. Former Director General of Road Safety Council, Mr. W. Gumbo

32. Former State House Deputy Chief of Staff, Mr. J. Nthakomwa

33. Former Principal Secretary Statutory Corporation, Mr. John Juma

34. Former General Manager of the National Food Reserve Agency, Mr. Patrick Makina

35. Former Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Masanza

36. Former Deputy Chief Elections Officer, Mr. Willie Kalonga

37. Former General Manager, MITCO, Mr. Vincent Mpaluko

38. Former Chief Executive, MTL, Mr. Emmanuel Mahuka

39. Former University Finance Officer, Mr. Y. A. Malunga

40. Former State House Chief of Staff, Mr. Zikhale Ng’oma

41. Former Attorney General, Mr. Ralph Kasambara

42. Former General Manager, Indefund, Mr. Mike Sosola

43. Commissioners of Police, Mr. Hudson Nyirenda

44. Former Director of ACB, Mr. Gustave Kaliwo

45. Former Deputy Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Bilson Itaye

46. Former Diplomat to Namibia, Mr. Akwete Sande

47. Former Ambassador to South Africa, Mr. Kamphambe Nkhoma

48. Former Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Malisita

49. Former Ambassador to Japan, Mr. John Chikago

50. Former Ambassador to Libya, Mr. Muhammad Kulesi

51. Former Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr. Joseph Kubwalo

52. Former Ambassador to Egypt, late Mr. Ndaila Onani

53. Former Deputy Ambassador to EU, Mr. Namisengo

54. Former Deputy Ambassador to AU, Mr. Gondwe

55. Former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr. Ishmael Wadi

56. Former General Manager ADMARC Investments, late Dr. Zakkie Chalira

57. Former ADMARC Investments Acting General Manager, Ms. Evelyn Mwapasa

58. Former ADMARC Investments Financial Controller, Mr. Mike Kadumbo

59. Former ADMARC Investments Projects Manager, Mr. A. Chapota

60. Former MRA Director of Administration, Mr. Martin Jawadu

61. Former Army Brigadiers, Cosgrove Mituka, Mtende and Marcel Chirwa

62. Former General Manager for Lilongwe water Board, Mr. Msisha

63. Former Postmaster General, Mr. Mike M. Makawa

64. Former Director of Engineering for MTL, Mr. Chipendo

65. Former Director General for TVM, Mr. Rhodrick Mulonya

66. Former Deputy  Director General for TVM, Mr. Victor Mphande

67. Former Director General of MBC, Late Mr. Owen Maunde

68. Former Deputy Director General for MBC, Mrs. Eunice Chipangula

69. Former Finance Director for MBC, Mr. Allan Nyahoda

70. Former General Manager for Airport Development Limited, Mr. Lewis Mbilizi

71. Former Deputy General Manager for Airport Development Limited, Mr. Wonga

72. Highly qualified research scientists from ministry of Agriculture based at Chitedze Research Station, Mr. E. M. Chinthu, Master of Science (Msc);

73. Mr. M. N. Nsanjama, Master of Science (Msc);

74. Mr. H. N. Soko, PhD;

75. Mr. W. G. Nhlane, PhD;

76. Mr. C. T. Kisyombe, PhD;

77. Mr. A. R. Saka, PhD;

78. Mr. L. W. Lowole, PhD; and

79. Mr. A. B. M. Chilembo, PhD

80. Former diplomat in Zambia, Mr. Chande Mhone

81. Former diplomat in Libya, Mr. Omar Ndeketa

82. Former diplomat in Kenya, Pastor Bilima,

83. Former District Commissioner in Lilongwe, Mr. Davis Sado

84. Former District Commissioner in Kasungu, Mr. George Makileni

85. Former Acting Director for Central Medical Stores, Mr. A. Khuwi

86. Former Principal Accountant, Central Medical Stores, Mr. J. Lewanika

87. Former Procurement Pharmacist for CMS, Mr. E. Chimwenje

88. Former Principal Procurement Officer, CMS, Mr. Amin Banda

89. Former Procurement Officer, CMS, Mr. J. C. Banda

90. Former Director of Finance, Ministry of Affairs, Mr. Chimwemwe Ngwira

91. Former Chief executive Officer, ESCOM, Mr. Peter Zambezi

92. Former Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Benson Tembo

93. Former Director General, MBC, Mr. Patrick Khoza

94. Former Chairman of Human Rights Commission, Mr. John Kapito

95. Former Presidential Religious Advisors, Messrs. Malani Mtonga and Omar

96. Over 200 employees of MRA

97. Over 200 employees of MBC and TVM

98. All lecturers of Chancellor College and the Polytechnic

The only crime those arrested committed was to say something against the late President or to be labelled as rebels. And those dismissed, were mostly perceived to be sympathisers of the opposition. The DPP should not lose sight of these facts and the people of Malawi should also remember these facts.

The DPP should understand that the very policy that they so prompted would one day haunt them. It is a popular adage that, if you live by the “Sword” you will die by it. Literally translated in this debate to mean if you are a political appoint operating outside the rules of normal employment and when another political government takes over, and your employment will be subject to political audit by that new government.

The Citizens Committee would wish to ask the DPP to explain why the dismissed so many capable Malawians and today there crying foul.

The Citizens Committee would like to encourage Madame Joyce Banda to proceed with the clean-up campaign that should create a new Malawi that will provide equal opportunities based on merit. This country doesn’t belong to one tribe, and it should not be just one tribe benefitting from the national case.

Many Malawians would like to urge you Madam Joyce Banda, to move with speed because some of the problems that will stand in the way of your performance will emanate from the same ex- DPP individuals who are still controlling the true levers of power.

For example, the former Inspector General Mkhito is still controlling certain aspects of the Police and managing the Malawians version of ‘AL-Shababu’ which the DPP regime is operating using cadets that it had trained in China.

Madam Joyce Banda is advised to know that by the time of the late President’s death. The DPP regime had incorporated on the silent payroll of the State House about 50 cadets, some of whom were caught on their first assignment at Ralph Kasambara’s office. The Pseudo – Leader Commander of the group was former IG who was assisted by Chisale, who is now Peter Mutharika’s body guard. The citizen Committee like most Malawians have adequate information about the existence of these people.

The Citizens Committee is surprised by the arrogance demonstrated by the suspended and servant (COP), who abused his office during the late Presidents tenure of office. It is true that the COP was involved in corrupt practices and there is also true that the late President acknowledged the crime by pardoning her before she was taken through a due court process. A President does not pardon an individual before he/she is convicted in a court of law. There is no crime that has been committed by arresting her. The committee would urge government to quickly take these people to court.

Meanwhile, the JB government should move quickly to interdict this fellow and find a good replacement. Her claims about terminal benefits can be contested in court like all other cases that remain pending in court.

The Citizens Committee would like to remind the JB government that, this same Katopola signed a bill that was not debated in parliament. Besides Katopola has enough corruption allegations on her laps to be challenging government in the public media the way, she is going about……. Even her social, moral standing as COP does not inspire confidence and respect for the office of COP.

The Citizens Committee would also like to urge government for moving too slowly on the July 20 assassins, those that torched the houses of Sembereka, Hajat, Salim Bagus and those that attached Ralph Kasambara amongst many other cases. The people behind these cases are aware that the long arm of the law, will soon catch-up with them. The longer, the JB plays a hide and seek game with suspected criminals; it will be difficult to deal with them later.

The Citizens Committee has noted that some have joined the Peoples Party as a way of running away from the DPP afraid of the party they played during the DPP regime.

The Citizen Committee condemns DPP for shading Crocodile tears and trying to seek public sympathy before the wounds of so many Malawians that suffered during their regime have healed. The Committee will hold JB squarely accountable if she fails to deal with the DPP assassins and all those that were at the heart of the operations of the DPP. Finally the Citizens Committee would wish to warn the PP government to be aware that DPP are regrouping to wrestle power in 2014.

Blessings Thosi                                   John Matululu


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