DPP blames itself for unpopularity in North Malawi

Minutes of a closed meeting held by ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) politburo in Mzuzu show that the party blames itself for its unpopularity in the northern region, marking the July 20 killings and the party’s stance on quota system as some of the factors that heightened the phenomenon.

Goodall Gondwe: Now DPP vice president

Goodall Gondwe: Attended the meeting

Despite emerging victors in the May 20 tripartite elections, the DPP had an unimpressive stint in the northern region which, ironically, was regarded as the ‘home of DPP’ during the first term of late Pres. Bingu wa Mutharika in office.

A flurry of negative developments including the death of 20 people in the northern region during the July 20, 2011 anti-Bingu protests and the quota system – alleged to be DPP’s plan to block northerners from getting maximum access to institutions of higher learning, are believed to have contributed to the party’s erratic state in the north.

At a review meeting on Saturday, attended by all DPP parliamentarians at St John’s Nursing College Main Hall in Mzuzu, the party’s leaders are said to have taken turns to blame themselves for their lost glory.

Much as the party’s regional governor for the north Kenneth Sanga chased reporters from private media houses citing confidentiality, Nyasa Times was able to follow the deliberations from outside the hall because of the public address system that was being used.

According to Genala Mwachipoka, one of the DPP members who spoke at the meeting, the party may completely have no followers or votes in the 2019 general elections should it not reverse its decisions such as the quota system.

“Our party is slowly dying. The main reason is nothing apart from quota system which segregates northerners. If we are not careful we will get zero votes from the northern region in the next elections,” said Mwachipoka.

Most members from the party’s political districts who attended the meet corroborated the sentiments, calling for a complete overhaul on how the party executed some issues of national importance.

Finance minister Goodall Gondwe and national campaign director Jappie Mhango were also in attendance.

Gondwe, however, failed to provide touching responses on the issues raised and accused the former ruling People’s Party (PP) for rejecting the quota system now that they were out of government.

“They are the ones behind such criticisms to frustrate the DPP government,” he said.

While a similar meeting ended in a mess following disagreements between the party’s youth wing in the region and its leadership about a week ago, the Saturday meeting was calm and visibly democratic as most members reportedly expressed their concerns without fear.

The 20 youth cadets were suspended from the party over the matter.

In the 2014 tripartite elections the majority of the DPP parliamentary candidates who were regarded as the party’s pillars in the northern region including Nick Masebo – the party’s vice president for the region – lost their seats miserably, a situation that prompted the Saturday meeting.

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Mashino amingi

No. 31. you are not only stupid but also SILLY


Those against DPP must go.We won without you and we will do the same without your votes only those voted DPP from the north we alwayz respect you.


Phiri ndwe mbuz yamano kusi.Dpp inangowina sikuyang’ana za owavotera koma ndalama basi.pelekan ndalama za ma mornitor kuno ku lilongwe. Makhansala önse DPP palibe chomwe akuchta.Ntchto kunyambitira k114 000 nditiana take basi.kulilongwe kuno mudzachte kubela vot mwina …….Masaf program palibe cha mzeru ndkuona ikukomera a dpp okha bas.Achnyamata titapita ku mtunthama munat chan?kumbukilan lonjezo lanu.ndyamba kutchula maina


Kumpoto. Kulibe mavoti a DPP timadalira kumwera


Very commendable for DPP to carry out its self evaluation and being spot on for admitting that they are themselves to blame for the party’s unpopularity in the north.

My advice is please listen to what
Gennala is saying.

The next election will be very difficult to cheat and steal votes. Be warned!!! A repeat in 2019 of what happened in the 2014 elections could lead to civil war in the country.

evangelist L Mhango

Chibanja tv,ntchewe iwe. Where on earth can this dpp take us.


What we need is federalism or independence no need for recriminations


Kodi nkhani ya wiota system mumaikoka inu nokha akumpoti why? Mumatinyasa nayo nkhani imeneyi.
Mufune musafune come 2019 Dpp izawinanso mopola muyezo.

Ukanakhala ndi maphunziro okwana amene amakuyenelesa kumvera ndikuwelenga news zosiyana siyana, ukanaziwa kuti Hon Alekeni Menyana a ku Dedza ananeratu pa interview ya Times kuti savomereza qouta system. Ukanamvera, ukanaphunzira zifukwa za maganizo awowa osiyana ndi a iweyo. Olemekezekawa ndi ena mwa a Malawi ambiri a ku mwera ndi pakati amene ali pamene ali chifukwa cha merit, amene akudziwa kuti angathe kuchita compete ndi mMalawi wina aliyense pa maphunziro ndi pa ntchito. Koma iye amene ali ndi mantha ndi competition, amabisalila pothamangila kunyoza mitundu yina ndikuyankhula za kuwina kwa chipani chake. Mukhumudwa nayetu Peter! Kuteleku iwe siukuwelenga zikuchitika ku Kamuzu… Read more »

I don’t think those who voted 4 dpp were doing alert. I believe they were blinded up. How can one family rule us 3 terms? Don’t we have wise people who can serve us better? Mind u, north is not a play ground 4 dpp any more. If u scoop some votes last year its because we didn’t know chakwera well. Let’s wait 4 2019.

happening boy
If mcp Can strategise for North and centre then come up with propre figures in South, then surely the party take over, advocate abolishing of kota system, access to various positions in the governnment and the party itself. I really feel North should have one bloc of identity, say one party then partiner with mcp, reposition itself properly. Aford or something, let Harry, Dan, Mzomera, Enock run Aford including the respected fellows from the North, put Aford in order, Malawi Can ne redeamed and brought to another level. People from centre should look up to mcp leadership, i whole heartedly… Read more »

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