DPP cadets attack Lilongwe City deputy mayor in full view of Malawi Police

Regime thugs on Wednesday attacked  Lilongwe City Council deputy mayor Juliana Kaduya  and chased her  from the commissioning of  $23 million (about K16.9 billion) Malawi National Fibre Backbone Project by President Peter Mutharika that seeks to improve internet and mobile telecommunications  in the country.

Lilongwe City Council Deputy Mayor, Juliana Kaduya: Attacked by DPP roughnecks

Kaduya, who is on record to have gone into hiding soon after been elected at deputy mayor in January, alleging that a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) senior member threatened her for messing up mayoral votes last week, was chased when she was seated among invited dignitaries on the front rows.

She explained that a dozen of DPP roughnecks in dark goggles told her to leave the Bingu International Conference Centre, saying they were told by their superiors to chase her.

The deputy mayor, who is linked to opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), obliged to leave as the gang told Kaduya she was risking her life if she stayed put.

She was being threatened in full view of the police.

“I recognised the gang, they are DPP cadets and I know some of them,” she said.

“I told the DPP cadets that I would report the matter to police but they arrogantly replied that they are the police in their own right,” she said.

Kaduya reported the matter to Malawi Police for formality.

“Police told me they would investigate the incident,” Kaduya said.

Kaduya said she is “traumatised” with the incidents as the roughnecks told her they will still haunt the deputy mayor.

Commentators said the conduct of DPP roughnecks should be condemned by the President Mutharika and that the gang be brought to book.

In a related development, the overzealous DPP political psychophants on Tuesday attempted to block MCP supporters from welcoming their president Lazarous Chakwera at Comesa Hall in Blantyre during the body viewing ceremony of late Hellen Singh.

The DPP roughnecks also threatened to deal with MCP official Ulemu Msungama who demanded a re-run in Lilongwe City South Eats Constituency which the Supreme Court of Appeal granted after a protracted legal battle.


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22 thoughts on “DPP cadets attack Lilongwe City deputy mayor in full view of Malawi Police”

  1. DPP take note one day A malawi azakutopelani and will fight back. We know where you stay. If things get tough we knock out your wives or kids. Foseki.

  2. M Sizini says:

    Dear Wanga Gwede

    Thank you for enriching the English language. Your new word – ‘psychophant’ – is exactly right for the kind of people you are describing. Like your new word, such people are a combination of ‘psychopath’ and ‘sycophant’.

    PSYCHOPATH: someone who has a serious and permanent mental illness that makes them behave in a violent or criminal way.

    SYCOPHANT: someone who praises powerful people too much because they want to get something from them.

    PSYCHOPHANT: someone in whom both of the above types of behavior is found.

    I hope that your new word makes it to the dictionaries because it expresses briefly and clearly the type of person to whom you refer.

  3. Ras Dema says:

    Msungama ku maliro a mai Signh
    Kaduya ku BIngu international hall
    Chakwera ku maliro konko
    ……..ma cadet mmakwanambo

  4. mtete says:

    You keep accusing MCP of nkhanza. What do you call this?

  5. Tangwena says:

    I ask again: are u sure u can win people’s love through intimidation? I doubt. Are u sure this is what u dissuss and agree to boost ur party’s support. Think twice b4 its too late. I’m happy God is in full control.

  6. Ndasauka says:

    ZANU izo baswanani. One ndili kudimba kulima tomato kkkkkkkkk

  7. Phsyuta says:

    MCP is wasting time by creating stories. !! Your friends are busy strategizing. You will loose the elections miserably, with your Reverend Chakwera !!

    1. MNDAMBALA BOY says:

      Ulibe manyazi, wawerenga bwino bwino koma?

  8. Jambo says:

    Ine DPP imandipangitsa nselu kwabasi. Ndikamva dzina la DPP ndimafuna kusanza. Kuli umve kuchipani chimenechi. Kupha, Kuba komanso kuwononga. Mtsiii.

    1. Mzakwacha Nixon says:

      Dpp is useless.pliz Mcp get organised and be strong enough to remove this full pit latrine DPP.what kind of Dpp people,they have never accepted they are wrong somewhere.they are always right.PETER MUTHALIKA,u are my persönal friend,watch out,ur front line is spoiling u&the Dpp.2019,u will be out 80% malawians,dont like ur party.ALOMWE ndiwo wakukutemwa weee!kumulomo……kkkk.mzakwacha Nixon,Pretoria.+27724922299.

  9. kathyali says:

    one day wina azafa imfa yowawa!

  10. self centred says:

    Stupid malawian who chose and supported this party to rule us and your vote ,that’s the answer

  11. kings says:

    We are really fed up wid these acts of violence, i wonder why its officials don’t take an action on such scenes, to hell wid ur DPP cadets ur days are numbered indeed.

  12. tsetsefly says:

    This is what DPP is known for. Malawians can now agree with me that we made a big mistake to allow these thugs back to power. With this trend 2019 is a year of blood in Malawi.

  13. Nyerere ndiye ineyo says:

    The end of DPP

  14. Matandani says:

    Vuto losankha matchona mumaudindo ndi limeneli. There are using Dausi`s strategies who was making all these during the one party state and he claims that MCP is bad not knowing he was the one behind the atrocities by MCP then. We refused one party system because of this yet you are practising it in multiparty. Shame on utchona leadership but we know one day it will come to an end that is when you will know how bad you were.

  15. mwera says:

    DPP Yafika pa chiwewe and if they want to gain political mileage ayenera kumakopa anthu pa zinthu za bwino. Mulungu akuona zonsenzi ndipo anzamva kuwawa , mulungu abwezera munjira ina chifuukwa anthuwa ndi zigewenga ndiponso munthu woti uli ndi support suchita kuvutika kumenya anthu . Ngati Mulungu aliko ndithu alangidwa pansi pompano, mark my word . zonsezi akuluakulu a DPP akudziwa and amawatuna anyamatawa. ngati mumazithemba tiyeni timenye ndale pa ground using manifestos

  16. Tembisa says:

    Madam Kaduya, don’t bother to report to police. They will not do anything. My advice is organise your gang to deal with these roughnecks. Have your own security. The police is useless. If Malawi was close, I was going to organise a gang for you from Soweto or Tembisa or Alexandra. The only way to deal with DPP thugs is to have your own gang.

  17. John Black says:

    Thug rule is undemocratic. The President cannot allow this in his party.

  18. Mfulu says:

    U don’t know Dpp up tu now? This is Dpp I know, killers, they have learn’t nothing in two years they were out of government ,they follow the same steps of their rate father,irs time things wll change again & for ever Dpp wll never rule this Mw again.

  19. FUZZO says:

    Koma DPP ndi vuto lalikulu kwambiri pa Nyasaland…..

    1. lawi says:

      This is may prayer to my God who never disappoint me,kupha njoka mkudulamu I believe God will not let his children strugle he will soon deal with these donkes anthu ten sangamasowetse mtendere thousand mark my word this devil will not reach 2019 adazolowera kuthirira maluwa kunja komaso uyu si mmalawi kodi iwe adakuyika pampando uja alikuti Yawe adamutenge kuti mwina ungalape kuba umabaku ndiwe chitsilu kwabasi chifukwa mwalo olapa ukulowetsa anthu muukapolo langa ku Malawi ndidzaponda ukadzamangidwa kapena ukadzatsamaya umve okhaokha kusitetiko udazolowera kulima nthochi kundata lupanga la kwa Yehova ukumana nalo masimba ako chinkhope ngati gweyani only me sindingalamulidwe ndi mbava ukundipangitsa kumachita mseru ndikava kuti Malawi fwetseke khalanaye malawiyo ndi hule lakolo pulofesa wa mbuli

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