DPP cadets threaten journalists covering Chaponda’s corruption case: ‘We’re same panga-wielding gang’

Malawi’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) notorious youth cadets have warned journalists covering the  case  of l former agriculture minister, George Chaponda, who faces  graft charges over a procurement contract with neighbouring Zambia, saying they will be attacked.

DPP cadets have a history of abductions and killings. Party cadets brandishing pangas a day before the July 20 2011 demonstrations

The DPP rough necks in the presence of party Regional Governor fo South, Charles Mchacha MP, threatened the journalists covering  Chaponda’s bail hearing at Blantyre Magistrate Court.

Threatening the journalists, the DPP cadets were overheard saying: “ Mujambula chnai? Tiphwanya zimenezo, Ndife owe aja azikwanje aja [Why are yoy taking pictures? We will break your cameras. We the same panga-wielding gang].”

They added: “ Mumati mutani inuyo, watulukabe  bwana [you thought the boss would remain in custody, he’s out now.].”

The Panga-wielding gang are known for their notoriety when they  threatened protestors on the streets of Blantyre a day before the July 20 2011  anti-government demonstrations.

The gang of machete-wielding youths took to the streets in DPP branded vehicles and stopped at several points, got out their vehicles and sharpened their pangas. They chanted the DPP war-cry in Malawi’s lingua franca, Chichewa: “Onyoza boma sagona, timpweteka! (“Those opposing government will not sleep, we will deal with them!”).

Chaponda, 74, was arrested by Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officers in the southern city of Blantyre on Tuesday over his role in the procurement of emergency food from Zambia last year.

He accused Malawians of condemning him for doing what he thought was for the benefit of starving Malawians.

Chaponda, who is DPP vice-president responsible for its Southern Region stronghold, could not face the journalists after being branted bail as he was evacuated out of the courtroom through the entry restricted to Magistrates.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika in January ordered an investigation into a $34.5 million government maize order, after a Zambian opposition leader said he had seen documents showing Malawi had been charged $345 per tonne for 100,000 tonnes of Zambian white maize worth $215 a tonne.

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Wilson Nkwanda

It started way back in late 1960s with MCP having Malawi Young Pioneers (MCP) where we told the young guys were undergoing agricultural training, but were able to handle military weapons and put on military-like attire. In UDF era, we had young democrats also so violent and could brutally attack anybody trying to oppose Bakili Muluzi on his political ideologies. In Bingu’s era (MHSRIP), we saw these cadets. Its in the blood of our politicians young or old. These young men threaten democratic values of our nation because the Media is very crucial for good governance in any democratic state


The DPP cadets should not fool themselves that they have a monopoly over violence. They will learn the hard way.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
Malawi Police Crime Investigations Detectives should at all cost apprehend such dangerous wielding panga knives people and bring them before court to answer charges of likely causing conduct to breach peace in an environment in which there is calm, law and order. Where innocent people have assembled should not be used as a field where to exercise political intimidation on those perceived to be opponents. People’s gathering at the court had nothing to do with a political party.If prosecution proves problematic, MDF should disarm those panga militias just in the same way they did with the MYP in December 1993.
Senior Ngongoliwa

Very good point. Why can’t police and our defence force disarm these cadets?


Darkness can never fight Light! come rain or sun shine truth must reign shame on them ‘TIDYENAWO’


It looks like anzathuwa atopa ndi kulamulira

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