DPP gurus out to fight Chilima: Rolls our smear campaign to implicate Malawi VP in graft

Some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) top brass members are plotting to drag Vice President Saulos Chilima into various cooked up corruption allegations as one way of finishing him off politically and bring a gulf  with President Peter Mutharika.

Chilima: Turbulence over internal power struggles within the DPP

The  scheme has been hatched after realising that DPP’s handpicked successor to President Mutharika, George Chaponda who is Agriculture Minister, has had his reputation damage and  integrity compromised as a result of a number of corruption allegations including the ongoing maize-gate scandal under investigations.

Gloves are now off but the DPP top brass to smear Chilima and  that he should be portrayed as a corrupt person hence their desire to implicate him through propaganda machinery of the regime.

 Nyasa Times  understands from DPP  sources that  the party’s top officials are angry that the Vice President urged Malawians to reject “mediocre leadership” which they suspect was an indirect attack on President Mutharika, who is being criticised by critics  as a clueless and visionless Head of State.

Through the scheme,  the DPP officials want to soil Chilima as a corrupt person soliciting kickbacks from potential government suppliers and investors.

“Soon they will start planting stories that donors, investors visit the Vice President at his official residence in Area 12 to give him bribes. The plan would have been already in motion by now but they are still digging around as they are yet to find anything tangible to crucify him,” said a DPP source familiar with the plan.

One of the planned schemes is to allege that Chilima got kickbacks from suppliers of Maltis at the Road Traffic Directorate, the suppliers of National Identities, constructors of the National Fuel Reserves, constructors for the head office for MERA and relief items in the Department for National Disaster.

However, backed by the source’s scepticism, Nyasa Times investigations through interviews with insiders also revealed the allegations were mere plots to discredit the Vice President.

For example, Maltis was instituted during the Joyce Banda regime hence making allegations of receiving kickbacks by Chilima do not hold water.

Chilima’s involvement and Road Traffic was when he chaired the Public Reforms Commission – which has been stripped from him on allegations that he was becoming popular – simply provided strategic leadership which has made Maltis visible and managed to reform Road Traffic a star performer now.

Another plot is to say that Chilima got kickbacks from suppliers of National Identity Cards, a project which just like Maltis Chilima simply provided leadership which saw it materialising after 12 years of attempts but all financial and supplier contracts were being done by UNDP and the responsible ministry.

Also in the plot is a smear on Chilima that he misused donor money meant for Department of Disaster Management Affairs which, ironically, was highly rated in 2015 and last year for smooth coordination of humanitarian response and relief distribution and there have been any reports of corruption since Chilima became in charge.

But still even if there was a chance of corruption, as Vice President, Chilima is not involved in financial issues as that is done by the PS and respective donors for specific programs and sometimes funding is directly from donors.

As for MERA and National Fuel Reserves, said the source, it defies belief how the Vice President would be involved in the two’s corrupt activities if any but said it was a matter of wait and see how they roll out the campaign.

The source said such plots was just a tip of the iceberg, saying there are many plots being cooked to finish off the Vice President so that he becomes a political liability not to command public outrage once the DPP starts isolating and ill-treating him.

DPP administrative secretary Francis Mphepo  declined to comment , demanding Nyasa Times to reveal the source of the story.

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it’s been 2years now we have beem hearing about bad blood between Chilimba and his friend Petros.
what i have believed in all this is ‘”petros ndi Chilima are still in their positions.

whose one of you readers have seen it?
the bad blood that is been talked by the media.

how much faith do i need to give these guys called media?
they have preached this for long now but no evidence to substantiate their publication.

is it that they are not happy of the pair?
is it that they are been used by some fools?

why do we always wish others ill?

Renford Chapita

A DPP ndi agalu awa alibe zikomo. 2019 munya mulibe strategy

Onani Angon

Chilima has a vision than these visionless pipo.

Victor Mdzinyemba
This issue about bad blood between Chilima and DPP has been in the media domains for sometime now. But both Chilima and DPP keep saying there is no such a thing between them. On the outside there is cordial relationship between Chilima and his boss. Now my question to the people that keep speculation this news is; If the concerned parties keep disassociating themselves from this story, where then do you get it from? Do you have tangible evidence to. support your claims? Or is it mere propaganda so that there indeed should be an irrepairable rift between Chilima and… Read more »

A media mwapwetekesa munthu coz mupamupopa munthuyi zosatira zake amanyoza abwana ake mutchalichi nanga mudimamu amanyoza bwanji abwana akewo don’t blame people in DDP. Kodi munakakhala inu munakatani ? I think you people in the media you are happy now


There are time women abusers will marry, torture and dump tens of women. But times come also when they land on a woman who says “omwewo ukaatolawo not me”.

Honestly someone should not be equated to Chilumpha, Malewezi, Joyce Banda etc.
Someone needs to sober up


Foolish people why should Chilima succeed APM? It doesn’t work like that in world unless the incumbent dies. Chilima was roped in for a purpose and if DPP feels they no longer need him so be it. Remember that Chilima was not forced to join DPP. Don’t try to force DPP to nominate Chilima as their torch bearer it’s unfair let him compete. Chaponda was never ever the chosen one rather he wanted the post and behaved like he was a prince. I wish Chilima well in his quest for the presidency.

Che Wanimiliyoni

Fact 1. APM can not fire Chilima as a Veepee. Fact 2. APM is not tied to pick Chilima as a running mate in 2019. Fact 3. Chilima has not made it public whether he will seek rerun in 2019 or even run as an MP. So for the time being if whatever this story is saying is true then akulimbana ndi mtunda wopanda madzi.

Phillips Chisambo
Chilima was too stupid to believe that these people will change ,just for the sake of him. thats how DPP works,he should have learnt from JB how she was bad treated just so that BWANA PETER WHO FAILED IN EACH AND EVERY DPTS IMPOSED ON HIM,and good for nothing did whatever it takes to become the President,it means now,there is another Mutharika or family friend they want to take over from Peter @ all cost. He must just join PP a real party with real people with leadership skills,its only then its when he will be happy. My appeal to… Read more »

DPP is an evil party, ndiye mwapeza ndani oti adzakuthandizeni kubera mavoti in 2019.

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