DPP should address K61bn, as Peter’s arrest is non-existent

The DPP is insulting the intelligence of Malawians by trying to deliberately draw their attention away from the issue at hand—how the party’s former leader, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, amassed such an obscene amount of assets amounting to K61 billion—by talking about a non-event in the name of the possible arrest of Peter Mutharika.

As we were writing this editorial, Peter Mutharika was free and in the comfort of his home and so it is a sheer waste of time for us to comment on something that is not only baseless but  also based of the figment of a very creative imagination and ingenuity in the publicity department of the party, headed by one Nicholus Dausi.

On the other hand, the issue worth our attention is one that has troubled all Malawians this week and it is how Peter’s brother, former president, the late Bingu wa Mutharika, acquired wealth of gargantuan proportions at the time Malawians were struggling with various economic ills ranging from lack of vital supplies in the social sector to shortage of fuel and forex, essential ingredients of any economy.

All the DPP should do at the moment, therefore, if it wants to salvage its reputation which, by the way, is in tatters due to this saga, is to explain to Malawians how this happened on their watch and why Malawians should entrust them with watching over their national kitty when their track record suggests otherwise.editorial

Anything short of the above is a travesty meant to seek public sympathy when what the public wants is an explanation. Who is interested in whether or not Peter Mutharika will be arrested and for what crimes? Is this a way of DPP telling the people of Malawi that Peter Mutharika has committed crimes that would merit his arrest?

We want to remind DPP that the last time we checked Malawi was a democratic state in which anyone is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise by a legal tribunal. If Peter is innocent of any crime, as most Malawians, he has no reason to worry as he will not be tried by PP regional governors or President Joyce Banda but by a competent court of law guided by the principles of separation of powers which Malawians adopted when they voted yes to multiparty politics in 1993.

Finally we have this to say to DPP. It can go on the mountain top today accusing others of practicing handcuff politics as doing so is simply enjoying freedom of expression that once again Malawians voted for in 1993.

Yet this will not make the same Malawians forget that while others today are practicing the so called politics of handcuffs, they are merely taking the cue from the notion that was invented by DPP during its eight years in power. We do not even need to name the people that the DPP-led government locked up on political reasons but whose cases are still pending in court because of lack of evidence.

Worse-still, the taxpayer has even picked the tab in certain cases after those that were locked up by the DPP government sued the state, demanding compensation for unlawful arrest.

The DPP should not construe the fact that some Malawians seem to have forgotten its brutality and other political slippages to mean they are daft to be sidetracked from real national issues.

The matter at hand, we reiterate, is the late Mutharika’s billions which he stole from Malawians and not some baseless behind-the-scenes machinations of an impending arrest.

Other than that we at Nyasa Times wish DPP and all the parties, good wishes as they prepare for electioneering for 2014 tripartite elections- let democracy be the winner all times.

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