DPP turns Malawi into a Republic of Foundation Stones

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is  governing Malawi under panic to impress the electorate as the countdown to 2019 elections has started.  And President Peter Mutharika has tasted the glory of the presidency and his greatest worry,  is the fear of losing it.

Mutharika laying a foundation stone

The fear in is too deep and if you watch DPP leaders closely, you can see the attitude of ‘we can’t keep calm, there are elections next year’. Or, ‘I can’t keep calm, Chakwera and Mia are plotting to steal my glory.’

If it were Bakili Muluzi in Limbe Market toying with Matemba and cracking silly jokes to every lady there, we would all laugh it up and find nothing unusual. Bakili, we all know, is a first rate Kapoloma joker of reckon—a down to earth politician whose appetite for simplicity and breaking social barriers is beyond comprehension.

Not some elitist, socially detached, Washington bred professor of law named Arthur Peter Mutharika. Those pictures of him and the gorgeous  First Lady at Limbe Market revives an old English story of little Alice in Wonderland learning even the art of separating Matemba from Usipa.

Frankly, the pictures tells a story of a leader who is poles-apart from the people he leads—the people he wants to get a vote of reelection next year.

In that PR stunt, we learn of a restless leader, led by frightened strategists who are pulling a strategy of increased public visibility and audibility of their boss solely aimed at making him seen to be doing something.

That is why, as of today, those that count are making an empty killing putting foundation stones, led by His Excellency, at not less than 13 just in three weeks. More is coming, we are told.

Further to that, the frightened strategists are dragging the old and tired man to expansive papers artistic impressions of development projects that only heavens, not voters, knows when they will move from sweetly designs to an actual stadium in Blantyre.

In my little studies of politics and development, the DPP, with Mutharika on the lead, is only playing a psychological game of trying to be seen to be doing something because they know they haven’t done something expected of them.

To win 2014, the DPP, yes on their own, defined their perimeters of their measure through a sexy Manifesto that, truth be told, was close to promising snow in the heat of Shire Valley.

Three years down the line, the reality is catching up. They have to face the people they fooled in 2014 with new lies and, hey, it’s never easy out there these days. The publics are waking up and politicians need to think better in designing working lies worth getting a nod of a vote.

But Mutharika, as already put, has already tasted the glory of the presidency. I am sure his three years in power is much sweeter than the 30 years he taught law wherever he did. Trust me, 2019—we know he will be on the ballot—he need to act smarter.

But why, all of over sudden, Mutharika and his DPP appear on gear four of their panic mode—with relentless foundation stones which, as argued earlier, aims at fooling the public to see them as doing something?

Let’s face it: since winning 2014 from Joyce Banda, DPP went to a long weekend of partying and begged God to keep the troubling Monday away from them.

With MCP still failing to pull a shocker to stir the DPP from their long weekend of too much champagne, the DPP knew they would still party hard to 2019 for one reason: their nemesis, MCP, is too central to claim a national vote and win.

Well, Sidik Mia sudden deep romance with MCP stirred the DPP to the core. Mia’s unexpected knot with Chakwera changed the face of MCP to the exhilarating shock of DPP.

The impact, even tragic to DPP, was too quick and furious—DPP losing a parliamentary seat to MCP in Southern Region meant a herald of the unthinkable.

Yes, it happened.

Now Mutharika and DPP know they have an emerging challenge in MCP on quite an equal footing. For all the adjectives of being described as a recycled politician, Mia carries the backing of a fat wallet, Muslim faith and a Shire Valley loyalist.

Much of MCP’s disgrace sprung from its failure to just pull a complementary vote from the populous region—Mia, luckily, is filling that gap and he is doing fine.

Surely, Mutharika, who now for weeks, is camping tirelessly in Southern Region will, really, have to recast from symbolic development gestures of foundation stones and buying Matemba. Soon he will have laid foundation stones everywhere and, guess what, we will have turned into a Republic of Foundation Stones!

Whoever designed this strategy for the old man is only helping the old man to an early retirement. Malawians have gone too far to settle for this less. DPP must work, in these trying times, to actualize what they promised in their 2014 Manifesto. The Foundation Stones only tells us that DPP wants to start implementing their Manifesto now. I don’t know about you, but it sounds a bit late.

Otherwise, welcome ladies and gentlemen to a Republic of Foundation Stones!

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Its true kunena chatsitsa dzaye ithyoke nyanga njobvu.

Winston Msowoya
President Muthalika,you can fool some people some time,but you can not fool all the people all the time.Over 50 years of independence,Malawians have undergone all sorts of governments and,under these governments,people have not been served authentically as it is supposed to be carried out.What do you mean by REPUBLIC OF FOUNDATION STONES? However,the overwhelming majority of Malawians,have now been convinced that the leaders of the nation have failed to deliver the goods.For your information,the international economic INDEX points that Malawi is among the poorest nations on earth while its leaders and their serviles,swim in the golden waters.The main problems Malawi… Read more »

I am tempted to believe APM strategists are advising him wrongly deliberately. Giving him a rope to hang himself while they have one hand on MCP cup! Watch out APM. There are too many MCP Old guards in DPP, Dausi,Ntaba, Henry Mussa, etcetc


I can boldly lament : Mr President you have wasted our 5 Years with nothing to show for only colorful lies spiced up with corruption.

Well ariculated facts. Every Malawian who is not a pretender or who is not pretending to be Mayopic knows pretty well that these foundation stones are aimed at fooling Malawians as the general elections are just around the corner. Why were these initiatives in 2015,2016 or 2017? How can these projects be completed in one year? It is an old gimmick that has lost it steam. It can not perfectly work today. Have you forgotten what happened in October 2017? This gimmick was used but yielded nothing. Ku area 23 wina mpaka anaika chigayo chaulere to fool voters koma sizinagwire.… Read more »

“…welcome ladies and gentlemen to a Republic of Foundation Stones!…. end of quote


keep on laying foundation stones. Enawo azamanga. Akuti manifesto imeneyo inali yobwereka. they will be laying a foundation stone soon to unveil their own manifesto.


Spot on! His elder brother Bingu did very well in his first term without these foundation stones and he still has a lot of infrastructure to show for. Malawians are not daft and will not be fooled by these foundation stones. The Mombera University one stands out!!! Lay those stones and we will meet at the ballot. Unfortunately, the so called stronghold in the South is now split – DPP, UDF, PP & MCP and unless a miracle happens in the remaining 15 months the ruling party is in for some jazz.

This is an article well written. The problem with DPP is that it doesn’t realise that it’s governing people with brains. They think people are so bluff that they can’t tell stupidity from reality. It’s really silly to think you can prop up a battered image using such childish strategies such as visiting markets to buy tomatoes, masamba bonya etc and laying stones everywhere. Our problems are more than tomatoes and foundation stones that you have fallen in love with. I surely request you to read the article done by George kasakula in the last edition of malawi. I know… Read more »
Mr Reporter, this post has exposed you as an immature reporter who does not follow Malawi politics. I will not be surprised if you will tell me that you are writing from any country outside Malawi. You are not a reporter in the field. With your immature journalism you you have come to believe that the joining of Mia in MCP and a win of the Lalanje constituency is an indication that MCP will win the 2019 votes. We had in the past the real giant of the Lower states in the name of Gwanda. He was not the second… Read more »

The answer to your question is simple Mr Satana for that Is your real name. 2014 elections were rigged. Do you want evidence? Mbendera Wept!!!!! , another evidence is that nyumba yosungilamo mavoti muna otcha. Satana I know you are felling hot mu ng’anjo ine DPP ya ti ikamo


Ade, please i beg you; stop responding to Santana, he’s mad and he’s been repeating his arguements over and over again still doesn’t make any sense. Truth is people are really tired and frustrated this time around and dpp and Santana should expect the unexpected.

Satana, you have used these arguments before but you are failing to understand many things. I suspect that you are too old to analysi things properly. Let me tell you this: Malawians are no longer fools. They know that things are not okay in Malawi and they want someone else to rule this country regardless of where that person is coming from. Your party has been cheating people for so long and there is no any other gimmick that you can use to fool Malawians again. Since the time of Gwanda Chakwamba and now the dynamics have changed yet your… Read more »

Poor network.


5-1 Satana iwe

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